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For You Terraria

Terraria npc 
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We Love Bryan Lee O'Malley art

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Pretty accurate drawings.

Oh my godness!! they all look incredibly cute! Especially Dryad, Party Girl and Nurse, they look so precious! <3

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I really love the Brian Lee O'Malley art style, especially the eyes. 
This is so good and its cute
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The party girl reminds me of pinkie pie, from mlp
Notebook-The-Cat's avatar
You made them all look so cute! I thought fleas were jumping off of the Dryad at first though no offense ;^~^
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i love it but the mechanic is a boy... meh, still awesome

She's not a boy though man

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I like them all. Except I’m not a fan Dryad though. No offence. 
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Is it because she's not wearing enough clothing
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no offence, yes. But she's good when it comes to enemies, she heals the NPC's so there some thing I like about her.

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the steampunker is my favorite
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najlepsze przedstawienie żeńskich postaci >_<
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wow i got no word for this master piece!
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I'm betting that u draw girls better than guys
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In the style of Scott Pilgrim
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