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I am a Master Photographer having worked for the Department of Energy for over 20 years as a Technical Specialist in Electronics and Laser-Electro/Optics and Photographic Arts and Sciences, I have shot every type of photography you can think imaginable from Commercial, Scientific, Public Relations, Environmental, Corporate and Family Portraits, Fashion and Glamour. This includes images for companies such as Rockwell International, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, EG&G Services and even British Nuclear Fuels

My images have been used for technical publications, magazines, billboards, posters, advertisement, environmental impact and research and local, state and federal publications that include a wide range of subjects.

I now specialize in Fine Art Nude Environmental Portraiture and Fantasy Photo Manipulation.

All images and Fantasy images are my creations. No Stock images are used with the exception of some NASA images used for the backgrounds. My images and work are not for public domain images or use!

All of my Skyclad in Nature and Fantasy images are based upon this statement:


It is based on a spiritual grounding connection to Nature that only a handful of people I know of understand without making it complicated or perverted. It is a special process that involves all the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I am happy to see that the scientific community is just now starting to prove this scientifically and this process can even be measured through FMRI processes. At the same time I am happy to see that the Shamanic/Pagan and Earth Based spirituality starting to see the science behind their practices. It is no longer considered a pseudoscience.

If you are one of those lower intelligent lifeforms that cannot accept life in the Universe in its natural form without making it complicated or perverted, then please leave now.

The universe is very Mysterious. It is not Mythological or Mystical.

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All the Elements Of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Spirit
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Would You Like To Make $1,000.00?

Would You Like To Make $1,000.00?

I am not going to pull any punches here. I have reached that point and age in my life where I have had a butt full of really stupid people. The debate taking place with the so-called Green New Deal (GND), or climate change, or global warming. Not one stupid human will take into account Global Sustainability. Humans in reality do not give a damn about the planet or the human race. Just like the GND it is 100% economy based and designed to keep corporate industry and government in control. You are a resource-based economy even if it is a service organization. Stupid Humans are so moronically retarded and do not realize that GND is part of the Human Genome Project and Agenda 21. If you are not familiar with that, then you are part of the problem! I have had corporate directors tell me point blank face to face. When the Economy is good, the planet is trashed. You cannot have both. Would you like to make a $1,000.00 right now on a bet? No cost to you at all. All you have to do is prove



How important do you consider your artwork or images? Do you consider your artwork worth saving for any length of time? Is your artwork worthy of saving and documenting your legacy for any length of time, or something that can be handed down for future generations to enjoy? In the days of film; it was always known that if negatives and photos were printed and processed right that they can easily last up to 100 years with no major degrading. Some of the old photographic plates in the beginning of photographic printing have been able to still produce prints. Artwork in painting has always managed in one form or another to survive with the t



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Good morning, RareEarthGallery - hope you are well today. Thanks for adding me to your Watch List. I am honored, and I hope you find my work to be interesting and enjoyable. I appreciate your support very much!! Enjoy your day! :handshake:

I would love to practice some figure pieces of some of your photos if you’d allow me

You have some fantastic artwork. I will give you permission to use some of my images as long as you give me credit for the reference and also if I could have a digital copy to give to the model or models.

Thank you very much

Thank you for the watch!

Invite To join Global Super Group :iconcutieshots::camera: deviations Auto=Approved :)
your gallery is very beautiful, greetings from Mexico