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Child Labour

Wow, its been ages hasn't it... >_>;; I keep trying to get back but it just keeps getting pushed back....

But gaia and DA are always at the back of my mind... and with 10 days to go for the culmination of my masters degree and returning to my housiepoo with hubby, i should hope i will be able to return to these places as i was... or almost. :)

Hope everybody's doing great~!! <333 *group glomp*

I seem to have totally forgotten digital painting... will have to refresh that. hehe. In the meantime, here's an oil painting that I did for my final year thesis composition... The social theme was child labour, but i sidetracked from being emotive to merely representative in a way. anyhoo, the original canvas size is 3feet by 5 feet.

C&C appreciated. <3
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How are you? Haven't seen you in ages!!!

I have to agree with merriya on the watermark. It doesn't really disturb me, but then I thought there was some weird shadowing going on until I realized it was just a watermark... ^^;
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It -has- been ages, but I'm glad to see you're still completely awesome. ^-^ Very nice work, too. A nice scene and feel about it - excellent positioning of characters around the center of the drawing. Really great!
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Good to see some activity/artwork from you after all these ages! :heart: Where are you doing your Masters from? I really want to see your thesis.

The watermark is pretty disturbing, I can't seem to appreciate the painting as much as I would have without it?