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Rapid Cooling - Polymer Clay



I'm thinking about making a set of simple polymer clay tutorials like this. Just some easy tips and tricks that everyone should know. :3
This of course is the first part.

I got this from the Polymer Clay Cookbook [I think]. It's a great book for anyone who wants to make some polymer clay foods and you should check it out.
I just wanted to share this with anyone who has not heard about this trick before.

I know I said this in the tutorial. But srsly. Do not use glass or plastic. I don't want someone getting hurt.

If you want to use this tutorial to post on somewhere else please let me know. I am perfectly fine with it as long as I know and you put a link back to the original tutorial. Thank you.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial no matter how small please ask. I will be more than glad to answer.
If you have any ideas for some future tutorials feel free to share them too. :3
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Are you really supposed to bring it immediately from the heat to cooling? I read in a book that even just taking it out of the oven before it had cooled itself (like, it gets all done baking and curing, then you turn off the heat and leave them in while you leave the oven open a crack) would make the tensile strength really weak. Now I want to go test this for myself! On a scale of one to ten (one being it crumbles as soon as you touch it, ten being practically indestructible) what would you say the tensile strength is using this strategy?