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An action-packed VAMPIRE THRILLER FEATURE FILM is seeking art to feature on merchandise that will be sold to help fund the film! Selected artists will receive a cut of profits made from EVERY product sold that features their work!

(entry [Option D] by Brandon Hicks of

SEEKING: your best artistic interpretation of
  • A) A winged, super king vampire beast

  • B) 2 FBI badges abandoned, ruined, or obviously belonging to agents gone rogue (ie: engulfed in flame or debris), one must be intentionally scuffed or damaged in defiance and the other somehow smeared with or covered/drizzled in blood.

  • C) An elderly but not physically disciplined monastery monk wielding a scythe, rosary & bible, facing or at peace with impeding engulfment in a "great evil" shadow.

  • D) A cloaked feminine figure (young adult) with hood up, shadowing face, wielding or armed with as many of the following as possible:
    -sharp wooden steaks
    -small silver crosses loaded into a holster/pouch
    -vest with vials of holy water loaded into bullet loops
    -wound up rope
    -messenger bag
    -an axe
    -an heirloom sword that can be pulled into two parts or used as one
    ...either in a heroic pose or dispelling a vampire via stake through the heart or removing the head, or riding an old WWII motorcycle.

  • E) The famous "Hunter" family sword that can be pulled into two. It is generations old and a relic of legends but not unfit for ass-kicking.

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a merchandize deal with Hunter: Vampire Killer, receiving a cut of profits made for every product sold that features your art!

You're welcome to submit for any or all options but we are limiting 2 entries per option and no more than 5 entries total.

Contest ends November 31st!

Submit your entries to

Check out contest details via the movie's official Facebook Page, HERE!
  • Reading: The Hunter: Vampire Killer Screenplay
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November 13, 2014


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