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Teaser - The Song in The Sky (original novel)
She stood on the edge of the cliff, five gems in one hand and five pages of music in the other.
There was silence. No breeze, no whisper, not even the crash of the waves below.
The tall girl’s long strawberry blonde hair fell in a goddess like manner, her stance confident, her chin thrown high with deceit.
“You surely didn’t think I would spend my life time being held in your shadow now do you?” Ivy”s sneer spread further than the cliff edge did.
Sarskia stood rigged, half bent over, as if trying to coax a scared rabbit into her arms. The fear of losing her most precious belongings, the only thing she had left crippled her…though that wasn’t the case a few sunbeats ago.
“Ivy, this is childish sibling rivalry clouding your judgment. You are better than this. We aren’t 6 anymore!” She said clearly, but with less of a cutting edge than Ivy’s did.
“No. It was always “Kia this” and “Kia that”. Th
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 3 1
Fluctuate Part 2 - BSG fanfic
Sasha left Kara at the front door of the apartment, knowing full well what would happen, yet still leaving Kara alone to deal with the monster inside. Taking one last breath of fresh air, she turned towards the rust ridden door and pressed on the handle.  
She managed to pull herself into the flat she shared with her mother, dragging her crotches up the step with effort. She started to click across the floor.
“Kara is that you?” The sharp twang of her mother’s voice echoed out from the kitchen. Kara froze.
“Yes.” She replied, sharply, attempting to continue her strenuous journey across the living room. She heard a chair scrape, flinching at the heavy footsteps storming her way.
“What is that incessant…” Her mother stopped at the doorway, “Oh.”
Kara squeezed her eyes shut for what felt like the 5th time in 2 minutes.
“Pyramid accident.” Kara said with nonchalance, “Its nothing…”
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 1 0
Fluctuate Part 1 (BSG Fanfiction)
Her breath was all she could hear. The pulse of her heart seemed to beat in her neck and her eyes where all for the small black object flying through the air.
“Kara! Quick! The ball!” The voice of her teammate cut through her concentration. She tossed the ball to Kara, who leapt to grab it before the opposition did. She dodged a swinging arm, towards the goal to the left. The wind tussled her short blonde hair and her eyes gleamed. This was her life. She loved the exhilaration of pyramid ball, no matter the outcome.
The goal was in her sights, and she started lining up the ball to the hole. Her arm was raised to take a shot, when she felt a shove from behind.
“You’re not taking the title this year little girl!” A gruff voice hissed in her ear, and Kara felt herself falling forward. She tried to get her footing but a sharp pain rattled up her leg, sharper than any kitchen knife.
Her leg gave way beneath her.
“No…no no no no!” She yelle
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Fennel and Stars
She sat in front of me, hair tumbling from her ponytail, rust coloured and soft, her blue eyes glistening in the dull light.
“I like Fennel…the flowers…you know the flowers?” She said, looking me straight in the eyes. I nod in response, not wanting to move, and disturb the air which stilled just for us.
“They are said to symbolise…what is the word…compliments? No…” She moves closer, her brow furrowed deep in thought, “…love…no, that’s the Rose.”
My mind started softening, and the tightness that had grown in my chest like weeds over the past weeks seemed to fade in that moment.
Ever since the start, she seemed to have that starry effect on me. Even on the first day we met, something drew me to her. She was new, and I was not, yet she drew me to her, and not the other way around. Not in the cliché way these things usually happened.
“Fennel…that’s it! Fennel for flattery…for co
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 1 0
Ophelia - Inspired by Hamlet
Set down at the edges of the green,
watch the crisp cool sun glitter,
blue waters press against feet,
white blossoms do litter,
Sing songs echo across the stream,
a bundle of weeds in hand,
yet to her they seem like blooms,
violet, navy and orange color of sand
Pebbles soft against knees,
lean down and stretch out an arm,
testily the water flows softly,
grip the flowers in a palm,
The edge is near as feet descend,
into the spring warm aqua,
fabric and lace swirl against a calf,
flowers from a lap swim outwards,
Let the strong current pull at the legs,
glance at the edge of what home was,
the greenery starting to float from a hand,
letting the water flow on wards,
over stomach,
over chest,
over head,
to float down the stream,
blossoms by ones side
forever on wards.
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 2 2
Goodbye Now - A Soon to Graduate poem
We all want out now,
its been 5 years of push,
5 years long and hard,
but in our lives, only a brush,
We all want out now,
But sometimes we feel scared,
Life is looming fast in big,
not all are prepared,
We all want out now,
And our hearts sing for free,
we are tired of the constant slog,
sights and sounds we want to see,
We all want out now,
but we want out together,
we dont want to separate,
or lose each other forever,
We all want out now,
but one day we'll miss it,
We all want out now,
but we will miss it,
goodbye now.
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 2 0
Vanilla friend
A girl sits in a choir rehearsal, on her left is a close friend with a smile as broad as the sun.
In front is a raven haired girl, who chats to the girl about stories and shows.
Behind is a popular girl, who is kind, but unapproachable.
To her right, is another with red brown hair and skin that smells of vanilla and cream.
The girl sits here every rehearsal, with her supposedly 'close friend'... because they are 'joined at the hip'.
But really, its the girl, who wants to stay by the other every minute. She knows its impossible. The other one has said. But our small protagonist cant help feel her stomach shiver every time the lovely person to her right's voice swells to the melody of the piece.
Together, as a duo, they perform on stage, they perform to their friends, they make the perfect pair. Their voices blend, a mix of warmth and sweet, a mix of alto and contralto.
The girl loves the performing. It makes them feel close.
But the girl knows its only in her heart that the feeling is s
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Thinking Tonight
Feet and hands,
Colliding in a dance,
wet and rain, and slippery terrain,
oh there's no time, for thinking,
Songs are sung,
and compliments a run,
laughing in pairs
and groups of broken stares,
oh I am thinking too much,
My best friend's in a drunk land,
the others lost the plan,
but I am thinking to fast,
yet I havent touched a glass,
and yet he still takes my hand,
as I reform a plan,
keep the secret cause we need this chance,
I held on to his hand,
yet it wasnt the plan,
Oh my friend's drunk in the rain,
and anothers lost in pain,
oh no we will not be sane,
holding hands in the Rain
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Sunken Suns and a Sore Friend
The name,
That name.
The name I know so well, it hurts,
why is it called and mine is not so?
Why is it called when it is I who does know,
does know about stories weaved through soft songs,
know about tales that flow through rhythms,
the one who commits herself to the melody and times,
that they so ask for,
but only ask it in rhymes,
So watching as she glides past,
the one who is so loyal,
and though recognition does deserve,
just not in my field of smile,
not in my dreams of talents,
not in my territory I have fought more than a while,
So sinking hearts stars do command,
and I sink back into myself,
confidence no longer from commitments done,
but from anger at those mistaken ones.
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 2 0
Flames, Suns and Starfilled Ones
The curve of an angle,
The brush of a curve,
Watch the way the edges fold,
The night into day,
The day into night,
Watch as twilight presents the stars of life,
Watch the two who follow the two,
Into the flames and out,
Watching the curve of their feet,
Across a never ending ground of stars,
A ground of suns,
A cup of puns,
The places of things to come,
Don’t watch as two fall softly,
Into arms of each other,
One breaks,
Watch the flames that flicker so lightly,
Watch as it touches their face,
A face of light,
A face of night,
A face of one afraid of delight,
Their steps will carry them a long way home,
Watch as they hold the stars in their eyes,
Of a night once gone,
and of time that flies.
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 2 2
Knotted, Never Graceful
Your hair is knotted,
I watch confusion as you walk by,
the two face sign speaks you so perfectly,
You pretend and I ask why,
My hair is short,
You watch me battle silently but loudly,
The courage that I cant live up to,
But I will get through soundly,
Tonight I should have talked,
But I let the others glide with you,
swirl around you and your hair,
I let others find a way through,
Oh now my hair is knotted,
short as I watch people on a glowing light,
I watch as I fall in a state of grace,
Your hair soft like that once was bright.
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 3 0
Young Kia - Concept Sketch by Rarabunny1 Young Kia - Concept Sketch :iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 1 0 Scene sketches - Laine by Rarabunny1 Scene sketches - Laine :iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 2 0 Sarskia - Concept Sketch by Rarabunny1 Sarskia - Concept Sketch :iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 3 0 Perfect by Rarabunny1 Perfect :iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 3 1 Over the Hill by Rarabunny1 Over the Hill :iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 1 0


Romantic Advice (Vision x reader)
“Hiya!” You swung a fist at Natasha as the woman expertly dodged it and grabbed your outstretched arm. With a startled yelp, you were swung over her shoulder and smashed into the gym floor. “Owwww…I think you broke something...uhh! Or a few somethings…”
With a smile, the redhead helped you to your feet. “The enemy won't hold back, so neither will I.”
“Yeah, but sheesh!” Your left hand grasped your right shoulder as you rotated the limb. “Pretty sure you left some bruises!”
Natasha simply gave you an amused look. “I guess I don't know my own strength.”
As you continued to chat with Natasha, blue eyes were trained on your every move from across the gym. Vision’s lips turned up in a small smile as he saw you laugh at something Natasha said. His hearing was very acute, but from this distance he couldn't quite make out what you were saying. From what he could catch, it sounded like you were discussing
:iconsassy-as-spice:sassy-as-spice 36 4
Christmas Spirit (Natasha x fem! Reader)
A/N: There is a heated moment between the reader and Natasha so givung you a heads up! Enjoy!
It was Christmas time and the Avengers had decided to decorate their base, getting in the festive spirit. True it was mainly your begging the others to get in the spirit that made the decorating happen, but it didn't take them long
to agree. Steve had agreed fairly quickly with the plan, saying that it was a nice idea and would help raise morale. Bruce, Natasha, Thor, and Clint had taken a bit of puppy dog eyes to wear down, but eventually they gave in and once Natasha was on the decorating side, it just took her cracking her knuckles to insure that Tony said yes as well. Tony was Tony though, so he said he’d go get eggnog to help the Christmas spirit and hurriedly left the tower, afraid of catching too much Christmas cheer.
Once everyone was on board, they had picked out a tree and begun to decorate. The tree stood huge and sparkled with ornaments, tinsel, and lights that were bei
:iconsassy-as-spice:sassy-as-spice 17 3
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Artist | Student | Literature
I am a bit odd and I like poetry. I write about feelings and things I notice. I am often busy with study, so I write about that sometimes too.

I like writing stories. Maybe I will start writing one here.

I really, really, really, really love music. My main instruments are piano, vocals and uke. I can play some minor guitar, a bit of bass, basic drums and I understand brass and woodwind, but I cant play them.

I study too much, but thats okay. It will be over (somewhat) soon-ish.

So yes. I hope you like my poems and writing.
:) Leave any feedback you want.
Hey all!
Check out the prologue of my novel on Wattpad! I've been working on this universe for 4 years, so I'm super aced to publish it online.…

Please please check it out! If you'd like me to upload it here too, leave a comment! :)


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