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LAST UPDATE: 11/10/2021 updated slots and status.

C O M M I S S I O N . T Y P E S

All comes with solid color or simple decorative background, you'll also receive the transparent version.

Chibi Bust-up

Price: 7 USD / 50k IDR / 900 DA Points per character

Note: I will try my best to draw detailed designs but may simplify it to suit the style more.

Mitzy wm
Yuna Wm
Muttpilot Wm
Ellia Glamour wm


Price: 15 USD / 100k IDR / 1800 DA Points per character

Space Wm
[C] Anzi
Iwasaki Taisho
Commission - Ayuukuro Wm


Price: 25 USD / 200k IDR / 3000 DA Points per character



Price: 35 USD / 300k IDR / 4000 DA Points per character

I can do other poses but I don't have a proper sample yet. Sorry.

There are a few different watermarks because I changed my social media username a lot.

T E R M S . O F . S E R V I C E

  • For personal use only, e-mail me if it is for commercial project and the details will be discussed.

  • Serious buyer only. No hit and run. No refund, unless I can not finish your commission within 2 months.

  • The price can go up if the character is very detailed.

  • Payment is via PayPal, Indonesian Local Bank (BCA), or DeviantArt Points.

  • You can make maximum of 2 revisions of the sketch and 1 minor revision of the finished work.

  • You can pay before or after I send you the sketch, I will continue working after payment is done.

  • Work-time: Less than 2 months. Feel free to ask me for updates.

  • Do: Humanoid. Female, Male. Original character or Fan-art.

  • Don't: NSFW, Furry, Animal, Mecha.

  • Be sure you understand my drawing style and do not expect something beyond my ability.

  • I will send the original file (with background and transparent) to your e-mail or social media.

  • I have the rights to use the works for my portfolio and publish the MQ watermarked version.

  • I may record the steps and make it as tutorials/step-by-step/speedpaints. Tell me if you are not allowing me to.

  • Please respect and credit me if you re-upload the commissioned work(s).

  • If you have any questions, please ask me. I would be happy to receive feedbacks if there is anything confusing about my words.

C O M M I S S I O N . F O R M

If you're interested, please kindly comment, note, e-mail (, or DM (instagram: kiraseiryu [currently inactive], twitter: kiraseiryu) with the following form.


Commission Type:

Character Reference: (clear references)

Additional Info: (if you want me to draw specific expression/details/pose/background)

Payment Method: PayPal/Points/IDR (if you're going to pay with Paypal, please also write your PayPal e-mail)

Image Size: (My default is A5 [chibi: 210x210 mm], but you can custom it).


2021 SLOTS

  1. Ayuukuro - Bust-up - DONE

  2. luckleeKun (twt) - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  3. muttpilot - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  4. EliteRosie - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  5. anxxii - Bust-up - DONE

  6. Y0ursTruIy - Chibi Bust-up - 2/2 DONE

  7. dragonlunar3 - Chibi Bust-up - 3/3 DONE

  8. xxAstroVampirexx - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  9. dragonlunar3 - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  10. LightningBob - Full-body - DONE

  11. Ghostlander-Arts - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  12. FranticAce - Bust-up - DONE

  13. s0111 - Bust-up - DONE

  14. AriX72 - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  15. KingSillySmilez - Bust-up - DONE

  16. fr0gxPudd1e - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  17. Ze207ro - Chibi Bust-up - DONE

  18. Ze207ro - Chibi Bust-up - PAID - DONE

  19. Kevin [personal] - Chibi - PAID - DONE

  20. Y0ursTruIy - Chibi Bust-up - PAID- DONE

  21. -

  22. -

  23. -

  24. -

  25. -


More info will be added if it's needed. Every kind of support will be appreciated.

Thank you!

© 2020 - 2022 raraarach
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Ze207ro's avatar

Username: Ze207ro

Commission Type: Chibi Bust-up

Character Reference: Rodrick

Additional Info: No smile, curious look as if someone is taking a picture of him for the first time

Payment Method: Point

Image Size: Default

Thank you for the oppurtunity!

fluffylink's avatar

Username: Fluffylink

Commission Type: Chibi bust and normal bust-up

Character Reference:

Additional Info: N/A

Payment Method: PayPal

Image Size: Default

raraarach's avatar

Hello! I am sorry for the late response. Thank you for ordering my commission! Kindly wait for me to finish the sketch and send it by note to you. ^^

Y0ursTruIy's avatar

Hi! If these are still available Id like to order one!

Username: y0urstruiy

Commission Type: Chibi bust

Character Reference:

Additional Info: (she has heart shaped cheek marks)

Payment Method: PayPal,

Image Size: default!

raraarach's avatar

Hello! I'm sorry for the late response. I can take your order! ^^ Please wait for me to finish the sketch and send it to you.

Ze207ro's avatar

Username: Ze207ro

Commission Type: Chibi

Character Reference:


Additional Info: A cute happy expression

Payment Method: Points

Image Size: default

Thank you for the opportunity!

raraarach's avatar

Hello! Thank you for ordering my commission ^^ I want to ask about some details from the character design. Is her jacket long-sleeved? Does she have human hands?

Ze207ro's avatar

Here’s a better version:

She had human hands with gloves and has short sleeves as shown in the picture ^^

raraarach's avatar

Okay, I got it. I will note you once the sketch is done ^^

Ze207ro's avatar
fr0gxPudd1e's avatar

Username: fr0gxPudd1e

Commission Type: Chibi bust up

Character Reference:


Additional Info: Do whatever u want with my character<3

Payment Method: Points

Image Size: default


raraarach's avatar

Hello! Thank you for ordering <3 I will note you once the sketch is done.

fr0gxPudd1e's avatar

okay! ill send the points now <3

raraarach's avatar

I received it ^^

itrashkid's avatar

Can you do chibi full bodies?

raraarach's avatar

Yes, I can! But I don't have any proper sample yet so the price is still unlisted. It is $13 or 1500 DA points per character. ^^

KingSillySmilez's avatar

Username: KingSillySmilez

Commission Type: Bust Up

Character Reference:

Additional Info: maybe a tired or excited expression?

Payment Method: Points!

Image Size: Default!

raraarach's avatar

Hello! I can do your order ^^ I will note you once the sketch i done~

KingSillySmilez's avatar
Would you like me to pay now or after sketch?
raraarach's avatar

Oh, it's up to you ^^ Since you are going to pay with points, you can do it through the commission widget on my profile's shop tab.

raraarach's avatar

I received it. Thank you! Kindly wait for the sketch <3

AriX72's avatar

Username: AriX7

Commission Type: Chibi Bust-up

Character Reference:

Alien NPC (Persona): Reference Sheet (updated)

Additional Info: a simple smile and the rest is up to you!

Payment Method: points

Image Size: default

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