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Online poker card gambling game 2018 is one of the most popular card gambling games. From the beginning, this one card gambling game was popular with many people. Even in the big screen Hollywood movie Poker card games are often used as interesting scenes. The high enthusiasm of many people will play this one card game.

Poker card gambling games are arguably not too complicated. But if people who do not understand, of course, will consider this game complicated. This phrase "Don't Know So Not Too Bad" also has a point for this one game. If you already understand how to play it. It will definitely make you happy to play this one card game. In this article we will introduce the basics of dewa poker 2018 card gambling games first.

How to Play Gambling Online Poker 2018

At the table, the Poker card gambling game consists of a maximum of 8 players. Each player will get 2 cards Starting Hands. Then the Bandar will immediately distribute 3 cards above the Board which is called FLOP. When it's in the FLOP phase, each player can make a choice. Do you want to Check, Raise, or Fold. If there is a player who checks, the game can proceed immediately. But if there are players who do Raise, then other players who do not join in doing Raise. Will be considered directly defeated or FOLD.

When this FLOP phase has passed, then the Bandar will open the fourth card on the Board. Which is called The Turn. Then the players can still choose to Check, Raise, or Fold. If there is still someone who continues the game then the Bandar will open the last fifth card on the Board. This card is called The River. This card is the determining card that will determine the winner of the actual Poker88 round.

Tips and Tricks for Winning Online Poker Cards 2018

We recommend that you not force yourself too much. If you feel that the card you got will not be able to win. Then it doesn't hurt you to immediately Fold. It's better for you to Fold now than you do Raise. But in the end it still suffered defeat.

But if you believe you can win the game. Then please keep doing Raise. There is nothing wrong for you to do Bluffing. Where you actually hold a card that is not good but you still do Raise. Because you believe that other players don't actually hold cards that are much better than your cards. Other players who are afraid will certainly do Fold, so that you can be the winner in link alternatif dewapoker.

We also recommend that you always make Jackpot ticket purchases. Namely with only 1,000 nominal. Here is the amount of the Jackpot bonus:

  1. Royal Flush 80%.

  2. Straight Flush 30%.

  3. Four of  a Kind 10%.

By installing Jackpot, of course, you can increase the winnings and profits you can get. You will never know when you will get a Jackpot. So we recommend always buying Jackpot tickets. Then our advice is to play with focus. Because playing poker online cards 2018 requires a strategy besides just relying on the cards obtained.

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Submitted on
October 19, 2018