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Cardboard Faces
By John Paul Dodds
I'm standing in a field of Cardboard People,
Like movie-star cut-outs;
Blank eyes, glazed smiles.
My words fall on them unheard, unheeded,
like tears in a rainstorm.
Cardboard ears are deaf to me.
My cries for help lost in the sound of their laughter,
inane, insane; delights of a consciousness paper-thin.
But I'm not the only one.
Alone in the crowd; screaming, unheard.
Laughter's echo but a cacophony of screams
Melding together, a mirror image of happiness
Pain buried deep; loss, loneliness, despair
The notes come together into something that mimics joy but contains none,
Hidden behind painted cardboard faces.
:iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 3 0
Artemis #01 Cover Art by Raqonteur Artemis #01 Cover Art :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 2 0 Thats The Last Time I Buy Cheap Crackers by Raqonteur Thats The Last Time I Buy Cheap Crackers :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 2 0 Artemis 1.2.2 - redraw by Raqonteur Artemis 1.2.2 - redraw :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 1 0 Artemis 1.2.1 - Redraw by Raqonteur Artemis 1.2.1 - Redraw :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 1 0 Santa's Little Helper by Raqonteur Santa's Little Helper :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 5 7 Artemis 1.3.20 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.20 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 0 Artemis 1.3.19 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.19 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 1 0 Artemis 1.3.18 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.18 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 0 Artemis 1.3.17 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.17 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 0 Artemis 1.3.16 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.16 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 0 Artemis 1.3.15 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.15 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 0 Artemis 1.3.14 by Raqonteur Artemis 1.3.14 :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 6 2 Miku-Chu by Raqonteur Miku-Chu :iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 2
By John Paul Dodds
The soldiers have been here about a week now and the town is still reeling.  Most of them don't even speak Spanish.  They just repeat the same thing slower and louder.  And point.  Like we're stupid.  
That's why Papi...father has me working the floor; I can speak English.  Not fluently.  But I get by.  And he didn't say it but having a young woman out serving drinks will bring the soldiers in and make him more money.  He's right.  I have the bruises to prove it.  I haven't had a single night since the soldiers came where I haven't had my bottom pinched or been pulled into some strange man's lap or grabbed by the wrist hard enough to leave a mark.  Cerdos!
That's when my mother's temper shows.  I've slapped more men in a week than in the rest of my life combined.  A couple didn't get the message until I smashed a plate over their heads.  Luckily the MP's turned
:iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 0 0
- A Sherlock Holmes FanFic-
By John Paul Dodds
Inspired by onimoroboshi
This particular case began, as so many things do, with family.  Mary's family to be exact.  Or, at least, a close friend of the family.  Mary, of course, being my wife of almost six months.
The request had filtered down through various layers of family until Mary herself put it to me, and I, in return passed the request on to my good friend, Sherlock Holmes.  Of whom I have spoken many times in these pages.
Now, Holmes is a man of sometimes few, and sometimes many words, and one not to be persuaded otherwise by any means once his mind was made up.  And so I had broached him on the subject with little hope of success.  Thus it was to my great surprise that he pounced upon the idea.  “A grand distraction!”, he called it.  And insisted on hearing the details first hand, or seventh hand, as it would turn out, from Mary hersel
:iconraqonteur:Raqonteur 2 0


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I've gotten a lot out of the DeviantArt Community, it's time to put something back. I plan on using any donated points either to run further contests or to commision pieces from other artists and thus support them.

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Original Character or Fan Character Story - Literature Commission
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This type of work involves a lot of feedback and communication (questions :P) to keep the details right (I can't just guess the name of your first love for example :P)


I know I haven't been very active lately, especially given how prolific I normally am.  So as a little thank you to all my loyal watchers who've stuck by me even so, I'm going to do a little giveaway here.

The following three watchers were randomly selected with a random number generator; You each win a free Fully Shaded Pencil Sketch Commission.  Congratulations.  Just drop me a comment or a note with the details of what you would like and I'll get to work.

12/113  :iconsuerichardsff: M.A.D.D.'s Most Diabolical Agent Yet by Raqonteur
98/113  :icondarklight-phoenix:
64/113  :iconsh0tisha:  Too Shy To Say Anything by Raqonteur

And for those who weren't lucky enough to be winners this time, there's always next time.  In the meantime I'm offering discounted commissions on orders up until the end of march.  As long as you ORDER before 1st April 2018 and quote the discount code March2018 you get a 50% discount.
Feel free to pass this code on to friends and relatives too.


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onimoroboshi Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Sorry I missed Christmas, but what the heck,

Raqonteur Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm just as bad, my friend.  
Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you.

And by the way, did you read 'The Case of the Lamentably Late Llama.  I finally got around to writing it after our conversation more than a year ago and gave you a mention and credit because without you I'd never have written it.

Hope you like/d it.
onimoroboshi Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
I finally got round to reading the story yesterday, in preparation for this reply, which I intended to make immediately after, but of course did not.  Still, better late than never, I reckon.

Y'know, Paul, I have to say that I didn't like the story.  I LOVED it!  And that being the case, I suppose it would be churlish of me to point out that Watson and Mary Morstan were married in 1889, so I won't, nor will I mention that this works better with Watson saying that he'd been with Holmes for 'several years'.

Gad, I'm a cheeky bastard, ain't I?

Anyway, I very much appreciate being given credit for inspiring the story.  And I was delighted to find that you had worked in that drawing--hey, is it just me, or do your Holmes & Watson in fact resemble Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman? (At the time of posting I was unaware of Sherlock.)  I've no idea about the cow, so I shall have to ruminate on it...

I don't have to do much thinking about whether or not to see the recently released film Holmes & Watson, an alleged comedy starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, which, from what I've gathered from reviews and a detailed summary of the plot, would seem to be a steaming pile of cow shit, si tu me pardonnes mon français.

I hope you'll also pardon me for signing off now; I'm feeling very tired and a little ill (icky tummy), so I'm going to lie down for a while.


Raqonteur Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello again, my friend.
Sorry it took me so long to reply.  

I'm glad you enjoyed my little tale of the esteemed detective.  I strived to keep it in character as much as I could, down to Watson's very English (of the time) slightly arrogant prudishness, and Holmes intellectual arrogance and lack of regard for social nicities.  But I'm not a scholar of Holmes adventures other than an omnibus so I was bound to get at least one detail wrong lol.

Yes, the Holmes and Watson in the drawing are based on the Sherlock actors even if the likenesses aren't great 😋

Yes, I agree.  The new movie appears to be the defications of the cow in the story.  I couldn't even make it through the full trailer without switching channels in disgust.
Personally I think I'd rather bleach my eyeballs than watch it.

I hope you're feeling better now.  Too much chocolate and Turkey over Xmas perhaps?
I wish I could come up with a recipe involving both.  After all, they are they only foodstuffs you have an excess supply of after Christmas.  Possibly with an alcoholic sauce to make it palatable lol.
onimoroboshi Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
My friend, I'm sorry I've left it so late, but

Curia-DD Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday!!!
MegaMaeve Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congratulations on your birthday! I hope you'll have a splendid year in front of you, and that it will be filled with inspiration, motivation, and story! Party 
Raqonteur Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you, hun.
I have felt a bit more motivated of late, long may it last 😉

Now if I could only turn it to the other parts of my life too 😆
MegaMaeve Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hopefully you'll have a great day, and it's good to hear your motivation has returned to you - hopefully it'll stick with you for a long time indeed; I'll be crossing my fingers for you! Good luck on all aspects of your life, too - lets hope your motivation and inspiration won't be restricted to art and story indeed! ;)
Tete-DePunk Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Student Writer
Thank you so much for the detailed commentary you left on Guess Who? Andrei Danilovich Novokshonov!

Really, it means so much to receive such a detailed and thorough commentary and analysis!

I can't tell how much it boosted my confidence and gave me confidence to work with Andrei.
Thank you again.

I notice you often give detailed commentaries, and I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time and putting forth the time and energy to help fellow artists and creators by providing these necessary and much welcome commentaries.

Thank you so much again.
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