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Another Season Turned to Ashes by rapunzell Another Season Turned to Ashes by rapunzell
"and the time will quickly pass,
another year has gone away..."

um yeah....being weird again. but you can actually blame one of my friends for this cause he mentioned wanting to have a unicorn skull on the back cover of the book he wants to write and of course my brain went "ooooh, pretty..." and i had to paint it.

No renders or image manip this time. It's all painted in photoshop using reference (for the horse skull and cracked dirt). Aprox 6 hours.

oh and the title and quote at the top of this desc. come from the Killdares song "September" which i've been listening to pretty steadily for the last couple days.

Now, weirdness out of my system, I have an apointment with a hot tub and a friend i haven't seen in a couple months.

Update: I'm so happy. This is the first piece I've tried to submit to Epilogue and it got accepted on the first shot! Yay!
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C-Novack Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2004  Professional Photographer
A very unique portrayl of a unicorn and one that stimulates the mind to think upon the symbology this represents. Unicorns are represented as timeless, never aging, and eternal. What would the world be like then if unicorns could die? The unicorns skull lies in a barren and cracked desert. The world would not renew the cycle of life, things would be bleak and barren like the land here. Unicorns are creatures of imagination...the ordinary made extraordinary. Another way of looking upon this image is that imagination has died and the land where creativity and wonder once existed is now nothing but a barren wasteland.
crackedmem0ries Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2004
very nice!
Sytrus Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2004
That's grooovy. I like the skull. Great work! :D
seiko Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2004  Hobbyist
Hey, that's kinda cool... Ooh.. ^^
sfmoe Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2004  Professional Photographer
wow looks great, the horns perspective is offa bit but then i cant do perspectives well let alone spiraled horns !!! so no more complaining from me :D
Orena Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2004
Well done and very imaginative. I never thought of a unicorn like this before.
rapunzell Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, neither had i until my freind said something about a unicorn skull. I mean you think of dead dragons cause knights slay them and stuff. but never dead unicorns.


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March 12, 2004
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