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This young girl. I had this art done in celebration for my first ever sponsor lion. Lord knows as much as I'd want to I could never have a wild animal as a pet. Salteña was far from a pet of course but she began life at the hands of people in some pretty shitty circumstances.. I won't bore you with the story of course but as it stands this is it right here.… I cannot begin to tell you why id spend so much on such an expensive venture but when you look into her eyes.... I saw something, something worth saving if not to do her the honor of at least making her last few years worth living. Despite what many people think I firmly believe that animals like people have a spirit. granted I love my steak and cheese burgers too but for her... I felt like even a small contribution could help her life be better.. I don't know I'm rambling on now of course but... in the end she was worth the effort, the money, and I hope to see her one day. Anyways on a less deep and slightly depressing level this was done again by the fabulous :iconarven92: without her this amazing art wouldn't have seen the light of day. Also please feel free to donate to this most worthy cause. They are worth it and your money does go to making there lives better. Anyways *steps of soap box* Have a great day all.

If you are interested in learning more about her story here is a link…
Artwork done by my Artist in Chief :iconarven92: 
She (I wish) Belongs to me :iconraptorzs:
Saansa-Belkaa Fey'Lya
So for this character rarely do I meet or in this case read about someone so heroic so daring and who is a fellow aviator. Meet Saansa-Belkaa named after the Saansa-Belkaa from the destroyermen series. In the book this particular character gives her life against impossible odds to deliver the much needed Intel to captain Reddy's strike group. Her efforts alone allowed for the successful mission operation, rescue of some of the main characters, and the fall of the villains island. She was one of the first "cats" taught how to fly in this wonderful world. She eventually graduated to the P-40 warhawk which for this mission was striped down to only two 50. cal machine guns for weight. She was ambushed and killed but not before she downed at least one enemy surprise warplane. Even while going down into an impossibly hostile sea she continued to transmit for as long as possible. To be honest I had to read these few pages over and over again until I could sear every detail into my memory. In honor of heroic flight and sacrifice I named this character after her. Saansa-Belkaa will always be an honorary member of the catnip cartel. 

Anyways for this RPG character she was my first ever experimental Cleric in pathfinder. I had to do the name honor and so far she seems to be doing well. The game is still young so she hasn't had the chance to do anything yet but I have high hopes for her. Anyways thanks for listening. Enjoy!

Saansa-Belkaa character belongs to Taylor Anderson of the Destroyermen Series. Thank you for all of your inspirational characters. Captain Reddy named the point where she died after her... a fitting tribute to a fine aviator. 
This fantastic artwork was done by :iconarven92:
This character belongs to me. :iconraptorzs: Long may she last.
Kerrigan Strange
This is Kerrigan Strange. A fun jaguar type Tabaxi I created for D&D 5th edition. This was a total spoof character as I did not expect her live very long but to her credit she is still alive and thriving. She is a rouge type assassin (yes its my favorite type of character) She will kill you in a heartbeat. Strange enough she has a soft spot for one of the other characters Meadow. Anyways I loosely based her on Colonel Jack O' Neil from the Stargate series. She has on multiple times called out NPC bullshit and got to the heart of the matter of most quest problems. She is quickly turning into one of my more favorite characters just by the power of her personality. Anyways I hope you enjoy. Also you can always buy her a drink. 

Artwork done by :iconarven92: to whom without non of my characters would ever see the light of day.
Character belongs to me. Look but don't touch ;)
'Felix' The Cat
This guy was actually inspired from the Destroyermen Series by Taylor Anderson,  for my Saturday RPG. I usually read a great deal of books so I borrow names of characters especial ones who mean a lot to me. So for this RPG it was a little strange. We are doing a supernatural/ sci fi type game normally humans only. Well turns out I am very good at negotiating with my GMs and DMs. The challenge was bringing a catfolk into the modern world without him getting flat out killed by humans.. To be honest It took a great deal of pondering and I was really grasping at straws until it hit me. There is a way and thanks to the Destroyermen Series I had a way to bring an alien to earth without a spaceship. Well I won't spoil the book for ya you will just have to read it.. So his name is also Keje Fey'Lya (Yes.. I recycled the name I was tired when I wrote his backstory.) I based him a lot on John Wick from the movie John Wick and he is a cheetah type catfolk. He has been amazingly fun to play in the Saturday game. Enjoy If you all want I can post this guys backstory it was one hell of a victory for me in character creation. 

This was done by :iconarven92: Thanks a million
This character belongs to me

Id defiantly recommend the Destroyermen Series by Taylor Anderson. Really good read.
Keje Kas Ar
Anyone need a drinking buddy? Keje is your cat though he makes his own moonshine. This is my Drunken Master from pathfinder who is alas retired because the DM lost interest in the game. This cat is a Siberian Lynx type catfolk who is also a martial arts master. After loosing everything to an Ork raid he set out and traveled the world. He is a good old soul with a pickled liver. He always does the right thing and is always willing to help out anyone especially if you buy him a drink. He also enjoys the game of drinking you under the table if you can handle his moonshine... (DC 30 Fortitude check) he is your instant friend. Rarely has anyone kept up with him. He doesn't have much in they way of money but he manages. He ferments nepta leaves for his moonshine also known as catnip liquor. All in all a really fun character to play and hopefully soon I can bring him out of retirement. 

This is the amazing work of :iconarven92: who has helped me bring a lot of my RPG characters to life.
This character belongs to me :iconraptorzs:


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