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A group devoted to raptors, dedicated to preserving and promoting the raptor legacy. Those who do not support us will become our prey!

Keywords: Cretaceous, Deinonychus, Dinosaur, Dinosaurs, Dromeosaur, Dromeosaurids, Jurassic, Theropod, Troodon, Utahraptor, Velociraptor
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238 Members
778 Watchers
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Hey again! I've done a quick pass through the folders and identified a couple of species that appeared often enough to deserve their own folders. These are Troodons and Dakotaraptors.
I've also repurposed the 'Other - Feathered' and 'Other - Scaled' folders into 'Realistic' and 'Fictional' so it's easier to know where to submit raptors from Jurassic Park, video games etc.
Finally, the old 'Group-related' folder now holds tutorials and drawing guides.
Hopefully this makes things easier for you when submitting your work. Feedback is always welcome!
Back when Raptors4Ever was first founded, we thought it would be pretty cool to make the group exclusive to dino and paleo artists, making it different and special.
Over a decade later, DA has changed quite a bit, so I've decided that it's probably time to change things up a bit!
All users are now welcome to join the group, which also means more people will be able to submit dino art. The same submission rules will still apply. You can also suggest other people's artwork to the group if you want to.
Since I'm the only founder who's still active, and therefore the only person reviewing submissions right now, it may sometimes take a few days for me to go through the queue. If you want to help out as a contributor, then send me a note! I'm also open to suggestions for new folders if there's enough art to fill it.
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The Raptor Code

:dalove: Who Can Join The Pack

Raptors4Ever used to be restricted to dino artists only, but has now been opened up to all deviants! Join requests are automatically approved.

:deviation: Submitting Art

Standards: We welcome completed artwork that is shaded or colored.

Subject: We accept representations of real, known species of theropods and dromeosaurs. We will not accept skeletons or fossils. Anthro creatures that are strictly raptor-like and depicted in a natural environment will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Mature content will also be reviewed. In general, we prefer subjects without violence and gore.

Originals: Submissions must be entirely your own work, or commissioned by you, with the original artist credited.

Category: Put your submission into the correct category by species. You cannot submit to the 'Featured' category.

Approval: All submissions from regular members will be reviewed by the group administrators. If too many submissions come in at once, we shall release them over a period of time to prevent members from being spammed.

:note: Blogging

Members can blog, if the blog is dinosaur or group-related. Starting discussions or debates, and posting great tutorials, important news, or anything of the sort are allowed and encouraged. However, group administrators will still have to approve your blog before it is officially posted.

:earth: How to Link to us

Support us by linking to our club in your signature:

Don't forget to put the club's avatar in your journal entry:


We get quite a lot of affiliation requests from small, newly-created groups, we need groups to have at least 25 members before we consider joining up with them.
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