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I am not doing nearly as much with this gallery as I'd like to do... -- And one of my resolutions for the new year is to get involved with the community here, post more artwork, expand on my existing skill-set with warm-ups and challenges, and utilize that amazing premium membership gifted to me by one of my wacky and wonderful friends: GoddessVirage!

Oh glorious editing gadgets... You and I shall become friends this weekend.

(Thank you so much bby. <3)
That is what we call 'Transformers Prime'. Oh childhood, you're so easy to feed.

Got a few projects to complete on the way!

* -- Overdue picture for Jess/Cadence. Marius and Palerdinz trick-r-treating. Best mess. Terribly late on this one, but at least it's arriving in time for the proper season. ALL HAIL OCTOBER.

* -- Gift for Grixxis. My lord, Armor is hard to draw. This one has been sitting around for far too long too.

Gifts I really need to finish: (IE: My 'Raps, remember to do this' list.)
-- Various guildies from Warcraft-verse.
-- Sau's delightful character.
-- Speshul Avali present.
As of 02/22/2011, I'm 28 years old.

I've cleaned out my entire gallery. It's a little scary how much I've 'grown up' since those first few pictures I posted here those many years ago! 30 feels like it's right around the corner, and in a fit of creativity I've decided to reopen this dusty old gallery and share some of the many, many, many artworks I've been hording on my computer for years-- Or alternatively, have been posting on Photobucket for my friends to giggle at.

Does anyone remember my preteen characters? Why did no one shoot me for creating a emo goth kid and a sakura-blossom lemming? Those preteen concepts have long since matured. I kind-of wanted to punch myself in the face for some of my old content. :|

But hey. That's learning, for you. I'm still a Grade A nerd!

Good to see you, Deviantart. How's the weather today?