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Briefly interrupting your day to advertise a Sherlock forum I'm running on Please, please join us. We desperately need a Sherlock for it to not die.

Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Donovan, Anderson, the Golem, Henry Knight, Harry Watson, Anthea, Mike Stamford, and Kate (Irene's former assistant), are all available canon characters. I play Jim Moriarty and Molly Hooper, :iconfayethebookwolf: is there as Sebastian Moran, and :iconquill-of-wonder: is there as Irene Adler. OCs are allowed.

Please join. I'm kind of desperate and really don't want it to die. I do have some plans for how the plot could go, if we just manage to get some more people.

Also, I nearly forgot the important bit: the link.…

Even if you could just advertise it to people that might be interested, that would be fantastic.

Thanks. :)
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