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Derek Augustine

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Here's a character from a steampunk story that some friends and I are working on together. (I seem to be doing a lot of steampunk lately.) One of my friends was fiddling around with her tablet and drew one of the other characters (that she designed the most of,) which inspired me to pick up my tablet again and try to sketch out Derek, who I had the most influence on. :) I have to say, I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out, even though it took me a while and there are one or two little things bugging me (like his right shoulder seems a bit off.) I think I might /finally/ be getting the hang of drawing/painting with a tablet, and I think I might try using Corel Painter more. (I've just used Photoshop in the past, but even though I find it easier to get the hang of with merging layers and resizing certain selections and stuff, I think I like Painter a lot more for giving a more... I dunno, painted feel. I mean, I'm sure you can get that with Photoshop, too, I just find it a lot easier with Painter. XD)

So yeah. I definitely think I'm going to try to give digital art another go! I've realized that I enjoy digitally coloring a lot more, even if I find the preliminary sketching takes a lot longer than it would if I were using pencil. (And I also find that I prefer just having sketchy outlines when doing things digitally, because I struggle to get my lines smooth. ... It'd probably be easier if I worked at a proper desk instead of on my bed, but oh well.) Still, it's got its advantages, like not leaving eraser shavings everywhere. XD
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