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I'm sad, so very very sad.

^^^ That's a quote from "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" ^^^

Actually I'm fine, thank you very much all those two subscribers who care and were just about to pity me ;)
I just felt like drawing someone in my still-in-development and not very original comic style I will try to use later, what a surprise, for a short illustrated story. And I just somehow ended up drawing myself, sitting on a cliff and generally just being a drama queen.
Speaking of the background - my backgrounds suddenly became a bit deeper, lately...
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It's funny. Scott Pilgrim was the first thing I thought of. "SOOOO SAD!!
That little lightning bolt in the background really is a nice touch
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Well, that song was Bryan Lee O'Malley's way to make fun of all the ballads to the sadness. "I was so sad that I wrote ten minutes long song about how sad I am" - sounds silly, doesn't it? ;)

And thanks, I really enjoy the fact that I started actually paying attention to the backgrounds, adding all the tiny little details. Like those strange-looking graves and castle in the background at this picture:…