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Hello, father.

Naked and slightly mechanized canine of mixed species is talking to a human scull.

I spent four hours of extra time to finish this picture and make it look the way I want after I "kind of got it done".

Usually I'm not into drawing furries with mechanized limbs, so I guess I displeased both those who hate furries with mech limbs and those who love them(but probably hate how lame is my attempt to draw one), haha.
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DartiMayProblem's avatar
Цельнометаллическим Алхимиком повеяло...
MicroDogWinter's avatar
Skull: Hello Son. XD
RaptorAnton's avatar
Nonono, that'd be creepy. xD
MicroDogWinter's avatar
Let's make the skull light up when it speaks, and give it a darth vader effect :iconspookyplz:
RaptorAnton's avatar
Actually, I had it in mind and was planning to draw it. Thanks for a huge spoiler for everyone =.=
MicroDogWinter's avatar
just hide tyhe comment. How was I supposed to know? XD
RaptorAnton's avatar
You know, now I think it's so not original and obvious I shouldn't even bother drawing something like that.
MicroDogWinter's avatar
You should do a sequel of this image where something bad happens.
RaptorAnton's avatar
Deserted landscape, graves, skeletons... I think, whatever could go wrong here - it already did so long time ago.
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