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RaptorART Pony ties 9.0

Trying to mix some stuff up
these ties are a bit of a new breed
THESE are super classy!
oh...and BATMAN!
oh, and i make em in Zipper AND Normal ties :)
ponies (c) Hasbro

OH!, and another batch ---> RaptorART ties V.10 by raptor007

MSG me for info!
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Do you accept requests? Also, someone asked what the price was, and you replied $40, would they be £40 over in Britain? And would you be able to sell them to British customers?
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i mail to the UK pretty often and its 40$ (US) I use paypal, so that can help you translate (4s shipping US, and 12$ shipping outside US)
send me a note if your interested :)
MarshmallowBreeze's avatar
Thanks, I've added it to faves for now. :)
Cloud-Twirler's avatar
I might look at getting that Nightmare Moon one to match the limited edition Nightmare Moon one I got as well.
raptor007's avatar
I still have that one, no one else has gotten it yet
msg me if you want it, might throw in some goodies for a returning customer :3
Onyx123's avatar
I love the random "Batman" one in there xD
MrMcDouble's avatar
How much are the ties?
raptor007's avatar
most are 40$ because they use up way more paint than usual, and i can't replicate them easy like the ones with faceplates(trixie tie)
GregKmk's avatar
Batman tie looks nice :D
raptor007's avatar
wearing it right now :)
Rockethead117's avatar
Man, i want one of these...
raptor007's avatar
feel free to msg me if you want to order one :)
Rockethead117's avatar
I would, just i probably would be able to. They do look damn cool though...
Neeko48's avatar
Wow! Did you paint them? They look really cool!
raptor007's avatar
yep, painted them
LunarRepublicNight's avatar
Where did you get these / how did you make them? 

I love the Luna and Vinyl ties
raptor007's avatar
I made them from scratch, lol
their all for sale if you want to msg me and get one, lol
LunarRepublicNight's avatar
Once I have more finacial stability I'll have to commission a few.
raptor007's avatar
sounds like a plan! :)
XxmidnightXtracexX's avatar
The one on the far left would totally match with my threads. nice ^^
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