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IMVU sucks

By raptonx
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As an avid content creator in Second Life, I only had to take one look at IMVU to realize how much it sucked. Any sort of psudo virtual world where everything looks like retarded Bratz dolls and has about as much functionality as a Facebook game. Yet there are more people on it then SecondLife, which has a hell of a lot more freedom.

If ya get all defensive and whine at me for making this I'm just going to lawl at you.

PS, I am working on an actual drawing and more to follow, just felt like throwing this here for the heck of it.
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I was probably stuck on the game when I tried to play it. I'm glad I didn't waste any money on it.
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I'm an IMVU user myself and it doesn't bother me all that much -  apart from the times where it looks like your characters are bald even though they have hair,  or if it looks their legs are invisible.
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indeed the stamp could use improvement, but at least your graphics aren't as bad as imvu's itself in my opinion.

I am not one who goes for facebook or social things like that. I have played some furcadia and I can understand some of the appeal of a graphic adaptable social chat environments, I've even considered trying out second life, but when it came to IMVU, I had always been too put off by the horrendous graphics in the adverts to even think of trying it. The visuals are both an insult to graphic appeal and the concept of idealism of the body. I've seen better graphics being produced in the later half of the 90's
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LOL, I slopped this stamp together as a test with not much put into it, I played SecondLife long before i even heard of IMVU, so yeah. Facebook I only use to post messages and talk with friends and family.
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i love imvu and second life but i have to admit the community itself in imvu accualy sucks.. not the chat site itself though.. but just my opinion.. >.>;
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thank you!
and my god, I hate seeing imvu bullcrap on DA! it's not art people!
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Ugh yes.

IMVU was a pain in the ass to use.
Maybe it's because of the PC i'm using but it lagged like no tomorrow.

Then again i played a MMORPG and it worked a lot better.
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i perfer IMVU over Second life. Sorry
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To each their own ;P.
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i like imvu but i respect your opinion yes it is simple yes the gameplay isn't that good but you meet alot of people on there and that's the only reason i'm on it.
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Maybe IMVU was intended to be directed at a younger age group. Keep in mind that SL was a game made for adults (even though kids do mange to get on anyway). Thats probably why everything is more complicated. And yes I know we have the Teen Second Life but cmon we all know everyone prefers the original. I still like SL, but I just like to think of IMVU as just a simplified version of SL (but if IMVU is for ages 18+ too, than thats bullshit).
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It's for all ages, there is an adult part of IMVU as well. Also, the teens are on the main grid now, we opened our sim to G rated for the weekend and had quite a few there.
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Actually for an artist like me..imvu is actually better to use than Second Life. Mainly because when you edit your SecondLife character there's a 100% chance of you changing it from semi-normal to EXTREMELY grotesque. Whereas with imvu, if you try to change it, then it looks...oh I dunno CONSISTENT!

And not everyone's avis looks like a bratz doll. My avi looks more like a Gothic Lolita doll :P

But I dunno about you but, I like my avi's staying pretty consistent. It helps with drawing :) Especially when you need a model to go by.
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None of the aves I make are human, I rarely even touch the body aside the size of it and create parts over it, usually dragons and such. And soon they will be allowing rigged mesh systems to create the body shape in a 3d program, but that may be difficult for people who don't understand basic 3d modeling, texturing them can be a real pain, but yeah, getting the human face to look right often gets sort of blarg, at one time I actually tried to make an ave as ugly as I could, that was very easy, and rather hilarious.
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Yes. IMVU does indeed suck >:l
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I find it amusing that there is an ad for IMVU to the right of your deviation on my browser.
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lol, should of taken a screen cap.
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Having tried both I'd have to say both have their advantages and disadvantages, to name a few..

I like how SL has an easy to understand pricing structure without multiple extra fees, open spaces to explore, avatars can walk around and interact physically with the world, and avatar customization is easily possible within the program without having to buy every component.

I like how IMVU has replaceable avatar meshes (although yeah most avatars do indeed look like Bratz dolls), private rooms, a slightly more versatile currency that can be used to buy more then just in world items, and isn't as processor intensive at times.

Ultimately something in between would be nice, but lacking that, I agree that in my opinion Sl is more enjoyable then IMVU.
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SL is getting meshes soon, just not sure how long it will be.
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>.< Ok...I have tried both and I was not that impressed with second life...then of course that coule be because I have used IMVU for a year...but Ok...You do not like imvu...and I do not enjoy second life so Yay for diffrent Opinions with out the defensive or trying to get the other to think their way.
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I think it depends on which one you have tried first. ;P
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Yeah that is true, cause I know people who have tried both and like second life better cause it was the first they used. So I do agree with you there.
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