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Hi, I my name is Christian but most people online calling me Rapterron.

I am a versatile person with many many interests and specializations but to focus on a few related to art:

I am an:

  • 3D Printer - not only printing more like mastering and get the maximum out of this. Specially 3D Multi Material as 3D printing is most likely done in one color, I focused more to multi material printing.

  • 3D "Designer" - well not that deep into it yet but I know how to "mix meshes" and extracting existing objects to create something new.

  • Photographer - Studio or on location? No problem I have the equipment and the passion + some Photoshop skills.

  • Digital Artist – Using game engines / game models / photoshop and other tools to make awesome illustrations for wallpaper? Yep.

  • Drone Pilot - Yes I absolutely like to fly my Drones for taking pictures / Videos or just for fun.

  • IT Man and Technology addicted - Well I admit I am addicted to technology, okay this is my Job and my profession but I do not stop when the work is over. I know how to setup and administer networks / servers / Company's on Enterprise level.

  • GAMER - the best at the end gaming - my biggest passion since ... well ... since ever? Started with the age of 5 but since time is very limited as an grown up adult (especially if you have that much interests) it is reduced to a few hours per week instate of a few hours a day (but luckily my Wife also likes gaming).

I am also a very lazy person. Lazy in the way I hate stupid things doing over and over again but sometimes I lost myself in stuff and forget to share my "best art" and let them get dust on my hard drive.

What can you expect here:

I will share some of my best 3D prints and other art made with my printer / laser / Photoshop etc.

Sure also I will share some of my Photographic with no dedicated genre.

Also some hopefully stunning Drone pictures.


Specially in the 3D printing area I was asked if I do commissions so:

Well not yet but ... hell why not? I don't have a print farm with 1000 perfectly running devices printing 24/7 so it will take time but please do not hesitate to ask I will make some serious thoughts about this and let you know.

What Inspires me?

Uhm good question for sure my loving Wife and since I like technology, science, space, therefore yes StarTrek / StarWars / Stargate / Scifi in general but I also love Dogs and Animals in general oh and I love Dragons, specially one little Dragon which I grow up with: "Spyro the Dragon" so you will for sure see some Spyro art here.

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