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Primes Don't Dance with the Devil

As a proud Decepticon, I will admit (though somewhat sadly) that I probably compromise to the devil on a daily basis.

But somewhere out in the galaxy, stands one robot who, when Satan approaches him with offers of kingdoms, power, undiscovered worlds, starships, and dying suns, replies with this simple phrase:

"Sorry Satan. I don't dance."
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pookiesaurus4's avatar
didn't that thing get the spark kicked out of it by Megatron???
HellboysLady's avatar
OH awesome job I LOVE THIS :heart:
NotoriousAkber's avatar
hmmm, i think this looks like tornedron. The most powerful "transformer" ever created. Sorry but this isnt the devil but Tornedorn. And optimus is better dead now since his life force will be taken away.
Dony123's avatar
I am blown away from these colours! Awesome job!
raptarrin's avatar
Wow thanks dude!
warahi's avatar
and then Unicron eats said robot
optimus304's avatar
[link] goes with this pic
optimus304's avatar
if the devil wants earth. he is gonna have to answer to optimus
1w1w's avatar
This does remind me of that biblical story with Jesus and the Devil tempting him on the mountain top, so, this image to me is almost a religious parody of that bible story...

Of course, thats just me drawing connections of course!
raptarrin's avatar
I would say that Satan would definitely try to tempt Optimus before outright attacking him, so you are right on the money.
1w1w's avatar
Yep! I really do enjoy how TF: Prime is exploring more of the mythology of the Transformers... I wonder if they'll introduce the Fallen somehow, and perhaps explain even more about the original thirteen primes.
raptarrin's avatar
Me too... the Primes are such badasses, and I liked how they rendered them looking all dark metallic and ready to beat Unicron's ass! I would really like to know what happened to Alpha Trion - it seems obvious he isn't on Cybertron anymore - I hope he is still alive.
SteelBlastAreya's avatar
:music: Don't you dare look at him in the eye! As we dance with the Devil tonnnniiiiiiiigggggggjhhhhhttttt!!! :music:

This is freakin awesome XD
BygBPryme's avatar
EPIC , Optimus Prime the ultimate hero , PERIOD !!!
ricktimusprime0825's avatar
When I look at this drawing, I think of Breaking Benjamin's "Dance with the Devil."
Rahal-Stmin's avatar
A sight more terrifying than the actual TF:P Unicron, that's for sure
ojamajomary's avatar
"Someday, the light of love that you set aflame in your eyes
Will transcend time
And surely destroy one dream
Of this world that hurries to its ruin.

Swallow down your hesitation.
What is it that you wish for?
On the path of yearning as greedy as this,
Will there be a transient tomorrow?"

... my brain horns out Kalafina's Magia once again!
atram95's avatar
Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
EchoWing's avatar
Dang right he doesn't dance with the devil. He'd rather rip his face off.
raptarrin's avatar
I could not agree more! Sometimes I think not even Megatron would make a deal with Satan, as that would involve swearing allegiance.
EchoWing's avatar
Dang right. Megatron serves no one.
Tramp-Graphics's avatar
Very interesting style. Stylistically, it looks like what you'd find in medieval stained glass work in Cathedrals and the like, or on a Grateful Dead (Or Led Zepplin) album cover.
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