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Deku is a cinnamon roll by RapratUTTP Deku is a cinnamon roll :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 2 1 American Soldier 90th Infantry Division (WW2) by RapratUTTP American Soldier 90th Infantry Division (WW2) :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 0 0 Chetnik Sketch (1942-1946  1992-Present Day) by RapratUTTP Chetnik Sketch (1942-1946 1992-Present Day) :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 0 0 Waffen SS Officer Sketch (1925-1945) by RapratUTTP Waffen SS Officer Sketch (1925-1945) :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 0 0 Detumblrized Alex by RapratUTTP Detumblrized Alex :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 1 2 Guernica-MewMewMei Parody i think by RapratUTTP Guernica-MewMewMei Parody i think :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 1 1 i found my great grandpa's newspaper stacks by RapratUTTP i found my great grandpa's newspaper stacks :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 1 1 Treaty of Random Place (1969) by RapratUTTP Treaty of Random Place (1969) :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 2 0 Freikorps soldier 1919 (Restored i guess?) by RapratUTTP Freikorps soldier 1919 (Restored i guess?) :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 0 0 Vaporwave Backround 01 by RapratUTTP Vaporwave Backround 01 :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 2 0 Brotherhood of the Reaction by RapratUTTP Brotherhood of the Reaction :iconrapratuttp:RapratUTTP 1 0


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American Soldier 90th Infantry Division (WW2)
The 90th infantry was created in 1917 following America's entrance into World War One and fought in the battle for San Mihiel. The operations ceased in 1919 following the wars end and the Treaty of Versailles. The Division was reactivated in 1941 following the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

The 90th company saw Action in D-Day, Mertz, The Battle of the Bulge(OwO Whats this?), and eventually the mainland of Germany. After this, the division was disbanded until 1995 with the beginning of the Gulf War. My Great Uncle John W. Delaney served in the 90th Division and was killed during the battle of Mertz in 1944. Thank you for serving our country with the Tough Ombres. We will always remember your service, HOOAH!!! Flag of the USA 
Chetnik Sketch (1942-1946 1992-Present Day)
  Following Germany's Invasion of Yugoslavia in the 1940's, Many resistance groups rose against the Germans and its puppet state of Utase Croatia. However, they were unable to unify due to their differences in ideology.

  The Chetniks were the remnants of the Yugoslav Royal Army. Strictly traditionalist, Eastern Orthodox, and right wing nationalists, the Chetniks were determined to liberate Yugoslavia and defeat the Communist faction of the Partisans and eventually restore the Serbian monarchy. Draza Mihailovic served as the leader of the Chetniks and led several Guerrilla warfare campaign against the German occupiers. The United States and Britain primarily sent aid to both Chetniks and Partisans even going as far as to send Members of the OSS to support them. 

  In 1945, World War Two had ended and Yugoslavia was freed. However Josip Broz Tito, the partisan's commander, defeated the chetniks leading to a communist Yugoslavia. Following the 1992 collapse of Yugoslavia, The Chetniks returned (Primarily in Serbia.) as a political party. To This day, the group still exists and are not too happy with their current Prime Minister.  Being a Liberal, a female, and openly gay, the chetniks could easily rally together and come to prominence...
Waffen SS Officer Sketch (1925-1945)
  The Schutzstaffel was the elite sector of the Nazi Party and the Wehrmacht before and during World War Two. The SS was created as a opposition to current leader of the Nazi Party's main military leader Ernst Rohm. After the Night of the Long Knives, which saw Rohm and other members of the Sturmabteilung (The SA) who were loyal to him executed, The SS Replaced the SA as the main military organization.

  Hitler had made Heinrich Himmler to be Reichsführer of the SS in 1929 prior to the conflict with Rohm. When War Two broke out, the SS were sent into the German Army as the elite group: The Waffen SS. The rest were set to carry out 'The Final Solution.' from 1933 to 1945, the SS had killed over 11 million people including 6 million jews in what was to be known as the Holocaust. Following their defeat in 1945, the survivors of the SS either fled to South America or were put on trial for their crimes against humanity.
Detumblrized Alex
Alex was an old oc used by mewmewmei (WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE?!?!?!??) Alex was a Neko and the only transgender character.Alex was portrayed as being grouchy and always wearing a hood. For unknown reasons, alex was scrapped entirely and the videos Alex was included in were taken down. But I happened to get my hands on a screenshot via some weird Mp3 downloading site. I decided to give Alex a Detumblrized Overhaul. 



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