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Rapid's such a nice person, isn't he? XD

This is mainly for people in the UK, seeing as some others might not get it.

Basially, McDonalds's current Happy meal promotion is a joint Sonic X/ Hello Kitty one. The Sonic X toys shoot little plastic discs. =P

I thought the shading ended up looking really rushed on this. ><
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:rofl: and the crowd goes wild while everyone loves that cat :lmao:
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DARKZINAStudent Traditional Artist
galera! Dentro também não somos os fanart irmão ...
E quando eu um vejo desenho como esse
^ ^
ai eu tenho mais certeza ainda!
Nosso Comoss desenhos podem demontr como nossas vontades Heading Ponto !!!!!
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awsome dude!
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silverouth750Hobbyist Digital Artist
kill this kitten
and graet job
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Dont kill her!

I want to kill her.
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lol i hav the sonic disc shooter
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(+'.'+) Kittys + Hedgehogs= YAY! I love both Hedgehogs and Kitties! :#1:
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artman101Student Interface Designer
is she dead <kitty dead> can i poke it
yahhhhhhhh u kill kitty
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kill the kitty!
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JaneSheepProfessional General Artist
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rapidkirby3kHobbyist General Artist
But, is it okay if I can say, "Hello, Kitty"? :rofl: Joking. :XD: Anyway, that is some smooth lineart, Rapid! =) Colors are nice, too. 8-) Here's something I thought of: I even planned on a song that contains a lyric that says, "OMG, he's eating Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts!" :lol:
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ZOMG I love those things my disks are purple though^^ nice piccie I love your style^^
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That's great.. <3
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Why can't they just be friends? I am a Cat lover so I like Hello Kitty. I like Sonic too but I liked cats before I liked Sonic.
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:D funny!
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vertMB Filmographer
XD I have a friend who is an obsessive Hello kitty fan, love this drawing. ^^
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Thats not fair, you got the lucky McDonald's, I love Sonic X, Poor Kitty :XD:
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I love this pic Rapid! It's awesome!! X3

Great work, especially the detail on the Sonic Disk Shooter =P

~ Elle xxx
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O.O...WOW!! really really really cute , i love this pic ^-^
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death by shot disc things
very funny
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Good Pic!!!
I want to get the shadow one!! ^^
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Gradient color bgs always seems to work on your artwork! Maybe it does have something to do with picking the right colors.
Anyway, I hardly enter a McDonald's so I have no idea about this promo. XD; Great cel shading, very well done on Rapid's clothes.^o^b And I love the additional sound effects! :XD:
I have nothing against :kitty:, but I'm not fore her either. XD;
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Rapid-the-HedgehogHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, same on the Hello Kitty issue. I just thought Rapid would hate the fact that half of the toys are non-Sonic. =P

And glad you like the gradient BG's. They're my lazy way out. X3
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