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Site B: Raptor tribal conflict

As soon as a pack of Tiger striped male raptors (Wu's 1st genetic variant) seeking new territory found their way to the northern interior of Isla Sorna, they encountered a second tribe of raptors. These raptors look radically different, being more bird-like with males sporting quills as a Mohawk and females being lighter in color.

Despite being somewhat less aggressive than the tiger striped variants these raptors will fight fiercely for their turf in the same way they never stopped hunting down the human intruders when they took their precious eggs.


Out of all the JP raptor designs the JPIII variants are my favorite....
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Quite the battle we got here. I love it.

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For some reason this painting is giving off some really strong Baroque-esque vibes.

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Fight Raptors Fight.

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They look great, nicely done! :dance:

And I love all JP/JW 'raptors, but the originals remain my favourite. :)
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Raptors is a wrong use of names for these dinosaurs, either call them fake dino robots or dromaeosaurs instead of raptors because raptors are birds of prey that include Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Vultures and other large meat-eating birds. Sorry I'm a geek :lonely: and I'll shut up.

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The precious eggs = giant omelettes!
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*clap* *clap* *clap* You got my approval.
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Great action here!  
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Damn these teenagers and their senseless gang violence ;p 
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I have understood that supposedly they are the same Raptors species and they always looked like that (that's why Alan dreamed one). But despite that, this is a COOL image :D

My favorite raptor coloration is the tabby and the original JP concept (and I think it would look spectacular in feathered version :D)
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Don't get me wrong, feathers are cool and all (when done right. But man, that classic look is still badass. 
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Lovely, this could be so dope featured in a movie, but looks like you forgot to put at least one female from the 1st variant :P
Looks like a turf war.
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This should happen in Jurassic World 3.
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i love the raptors from jurrassic park 3, great designs, excellent work.
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Why are their only tiger striped raptors? The females of that variant are the ones from Jurassic Park, other than that it's great.
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Your work has been featured in my blog here…
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so many epicness... o_o

by the way, just use it as desktop background. :D
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