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September 19, 2017
Machairodus horribilis by Raph04art is a lovely rendition of a beautiful per-historic creature!
Featured by KovoWolf
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Machairodus horribilis

The giant, asiatic Polar bear-sized Sabertooth. Rivaling Smilodon Populator in size. This was Shere Khan before there is Shere Khan lol…

I love some imaginative play so, maybe these two are brothers exiled from their former territory.
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Majestic and dominantly powerful in a delightfully primeval fashion. I like the camo pattern which suggests tiger stripe effects without actually being them. 
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Yeah... I would try and cuddle that.... *~* THATS a cat!
Ttwentyoneppilots's avatar
Beautiful piece! I was curious if I could have permission to use this for a page on Animal Jam Clans Wiki. I will provide credit with a link to your DA account. :)
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Haha, I was going to say a similar thing. Would you mind me featuring this in a DA group where we will soon be discussing what makes a compelling design? Https://
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This art is amazing!! Keep on making awesome art like this!! :D
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Awww, the big, extinct floofy murder kitties~ So adorb
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Although this appears almost ruff it actually looks good. Love how the mouth was made and the position of the paws. This is better then what I could do when attempting on a background, so nice work.
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woah... really impressive 
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looks great, has an almost mythical look even though these are real fossil animals
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i want one as a pet
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This are 2 Sabre-Tooth Tiger think i.
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Superb. Cats rule. S
evil-minccino-975's avatar
"Horribilis" is the best name any animal can recieve
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Spectacular! Though this guy probably was the record breaker at 405kg, as no actual S.populator specimens known reach 400kg- those are purely hypothetical at best. 
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A bit aggressive yawn :D
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