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E750 Scorpius

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Looks like the young V-rex from king kong: the game.

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May I know what brush are u using and where i can get it?

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Not something official, it’s some concept art, I have to say E750 is going to look vicious when the third season officially airs

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So what is scorpius rex.

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We think it is either a prototype of the Indominus rex or the indoraptor. It will be the third hybrid theropod in the Jurassic Park/ World series

BrentdyeDragon's avatar

You got to be kidding me.

Evolutionfactory's avatar

It's going to be in Camp Cretaceous

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Okay oh wait if scorpius in this island that thing was break loose.

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I love this design! It totally screams Jurassic Park and Sci-fi horror.

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Scorpius rex, a hybrid related to the Indominus rex from Jurassic World Camo Cretaceous

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It probably has Scorpiovenator DNA though, especially with that blunt head

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nice and creepy work

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this does look awesome, love the detail and the sinister vibe shown :D

but does anyone else get the vibe that JW just pinched this from King Kong?

like is this not the V. rex?

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I kinda love how he's chunkier and more armored than his brother the Indominus.

I wonder what will make him stand out for this...

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Angy boi

Also potentially Hungry Boi

So uhh... Hangry Boi?

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