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Dragon ball Z - Cell

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this show made my childhood awesome :D and cell is one of my fave characters :D

finished 4/24/2013
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EvilChicken8Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg he is so cute and covered in tiny spikeys i love this
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That is a perfect inhuman look for the imperfect cell, really captures the uncanny valley effect that he would produce as a giant bug man
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runewuffHobbyist Traditional Artist
For once, he actually looks scary.
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ErockbroxHobbyist Digital Artist
100% amazing! Love it and great work!
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This is amazing, one of the best villains by far!
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AvalonCezarStudent General Artist
great cell
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Alexios2Student Traditional Artist
I think the eyes are the most striking part of this one. You convey a lot of emotion through his penetrating stare.
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DoggitypopHobbyist Traditional Artist
This show was the shit
I miss shows like these,Now a days we have shit shows like Teen Titans Go
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DarklightPhoton2457Hobbyist Writer
Tell that to :
Adventure Time
Amazing World Of Gumball
Regular Show
Gravity Falls
Over The Garden Wall
Steven Universe
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DoggitypopHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah I should
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ErockbroxHobbyist Digital Artist
bad freaking ass! love it!
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Trisol-inkHobbyist Digital Artist
I used to feel like this, it was so much true to myself
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in this video out your picture !! www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdDPeC…
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ArtBasementHobbyist Digital Artist
Nightmares are coming....
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very impressive work!
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NealecohProfessional Traditional Artist
This is awesome
one of the flaws with DBZ is that every character has the same basic skeleton
it's just like they're wearing different costumes.

this piece is brilliant, because it adds that level of realistic texture the original lacks.

Cell looks TRULY alien, his body isn't just an outfit, it finally has the aesthetics of an insect exoskeleton

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Interesting choice making his spots all raised bumps. I like it.
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BCtheBossHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I'm gonna have nightmares now.
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Be44KaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Really sweet.
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MarkIvanProfessional Traditional Artist
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Kero360Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome.....
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