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Dinosaur Kings

Two T-rex on the hunt....1 hr speedpaint
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A masterclass in lighting

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They have baby Snoof and the monsterous Dinosaur
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inaccurate but cool!
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Yep you can say that. This was outdated, based off the Dinosaur Revolution monstrosity :D
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so freaking cool.
holy hell 1h that's insane
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Awesome work! Love the lighting and the whole atmosphere.
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dinosaur Revolution, Right! These HAVE to be the males! But 1h, wow that is some skill!
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This took you an hour? Holy shit. o-o
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That is so awesome! And you did it in an hour!? I am a dummy! 
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These are the ones from Dinosaur Revoloution right?
Such amazing art for an hour
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Yes, it's skin is based on the T-rex from Dinosaur Revolution. 
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they kinda look like the vastatosaurs from Peter Jackson's King Kong
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gorgeous, brilliant work.. you have insane skill !!!
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