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Carno x Maul

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Just a quick crossover idea, don't know if it's silly or not but waht do you guys think?
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Lol, this is just too perfect XD

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Mang0ghNew Deviant

It's perfect!

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RuizmartinNew Deviant


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LeWhimsiraStudent General Artist

I think it looks really cool! Beautiful

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foxred1988Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Interesting Mix.

Nicely Done :3

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Two great tastes that go beautifully well together!

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JokerCarnage5Hobbyist General Artist
So cool!
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PaleoartStudiosHobbyist Digital Artist

Yo! One badass Carno.

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NoodleStuffHobbyist Digital Artist

I loveeeeee how you paint and that lighting!!

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ArkartiProfessional Digital Artist

ohhh that looks really cool! I like it

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CarolingRaptorStudent Traditional Artist

How he gonna hold the lightsabre? Much less spin it?


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CarolingRaptorStudent Traditional Artist

XD no one has found it silly so far lol That's your self-consciousness speaking.

Friggin DOPE!

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TakoraDrakanHobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh I like this crossover idea, would love to see more characters dinofied!

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Crumbly105Hobbyist General Artist
Cool 😎
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mack901Hobbyist Digital Artist

dinosuars should of been apart of star wars

i dont care what nobody says

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MarsBy2024OrBustHobbyist Digital Artist


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love it - you gotta do a cyborg T rex for Vader

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I love the design of this dinosaur! Even if it wasn't a crossover, the colors make it really cool!

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PyragusHobbyist General Artist

Love the style

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This is cool!
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Back when I was a kid, there was a JP toy for Carnotaurus where the pattern was similar to this, so growing up, this has always subconsciously been what I feel carnotaurus' pattern should be. You've done it great justice!

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OzzymodanHobbyist General Artist

Very cool! I love Dinosaurs c:

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MrGheesfellow General Artist

The concept is great and was very well executed. I see nothing wrong with it.

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