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Carcharocles Megalodon

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Mah new take on our beloved meg. Wanted to stay away from the typical giant great white shark portrayal and stick to a body shape that is still somewhat plausible... Let me know what you think :/
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danimax17Hobbyist Traditional Artist

wow a megalodon with more accurate proportions

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Anything that can eat whales for lunch has to at least be bigger than them!
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Definitely my favourite interpretation of Megalodon so far. Love the proportions and general convergence with some whale shark features. Relatively broad flat underside seems reasonable for animal that needed to generate a lot of hydrodynamic lift. Similarly broad flat snout makes a lot of sense too if as we think this thing went about slamming itself face first into the sides of whales.
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Amazing job with the detail! I loved the blue background and the details of the fish and the whales around and even the shine on meg's body is so detailed! I am really impressed!
Also you have no idea how much I love you for the detail not to make him great white shark-like like we do see this creature in movies or even in documentaries. It is true that the only thing we see from this creature is its teeth so we can never know how it truly looked like unless it were possible for a fossle to be found. Even so, the megalodon has different teeth structure than the great white shark so researchers believe that the megalodon is not ansestor of the great white shark but of some other species. Taking this under consideration I find the image of white shark's inaccurate for the megalodon so the fact that you made it that way makes it really interesting and even more accurate in my eyes. Well done!
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Diamondshark9Hobbyist General Artist
seems very bull sharkish, and stubby snout. Again we don't have any remains besides teeth from megalodon so I don't know how accurate it is, but I think it's a amazing look
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Indeed we can never know but still this "great white shark" image they give him usually might not be so accurate because the megalodon has different teeth structure than the white shark so it is not the ansestor of a great white shark but most likely some other species of shark. 
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I like it, it looks like a whale shark after it went to a heavy metal concert 
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Fantastic design. I love the beefed up tail and more snubbed nose. You have managed to make it look plausible while still retaining that good old feeling of power a Meg should display.
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Odme1Professional General Artist
you got yourself a new fan. I fucking love sharks
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ArcticDogeHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is super good, i could NEVER do this...
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I noticed this was included in the "Browse What's Hot" section of the site; congratulations! 
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Dontknowwhattodraw94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Always nice to see people doing something else than just scaling up a great white.

For a moment I thought you had given it eye parasites like in sleeper sharks.
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Artevo-Des-LavaboHobbyist Digital Artist
Is this shape inspired of any existing sharks ?
It looks great though !
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BanjokerHobbyist General Artist
Big shark.  Small whales?  Was it that Megalodon could get to 30 meters?
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D-JuanStudent General Artist
The whales are probably Cetotherium, which were 12 m long.
Currently Carcharocles megalodon is estimated to be 15 - 20 m
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BanjokerHobbyist General Artist
So, small whales, big shark.
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most places say 18-20 meters
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BanjokerHobbyist General Artist
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BanjokerHobbyist General Artist
That's still a lot of meters.
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POOLFMANStudent Digital Artist
Great job. I like it
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It's pretty metal.
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DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE this is hardcore!!!! love it!!
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SpeculaTimsauru5Hobbyist General Artist
now that is a beast!! :P LOOKS AWESOME!! :)
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DBrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful! Nothing like a Megalodon to strike fear into the heart of anything that ever lived. :nod: I like the wider mouth and thick body, very fun!
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