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A street in Constantinople

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This is truly amazing, I absolutely love this. If I could paint like this I’d paint so many things in Constantinople! Have you done any other Byzantine work?

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great work, do check out my collection of Nehru jackets.

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You can't remove kebab when you're a t i t s h e a r t

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Most Superb work!

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Nobiscum Deus!

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Gorgeous composition!

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Medieval Eastern Europe doesn't get represented much in pop culture.

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What really annoys me is when “medieval fantasy” gets dismissed as all one thing, like Medieval Europe doesn’t span 1000 years and 1000 miles and wasn’t also a period of immense change, Plenty of room for variety.

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To be fair pop culture is bad with history in general and they still get the Western European stuff wrong too. Just look at 99% of Medieval films and how literally everyone is wearing brown or grey and everything is depressing (cause "muh dark ages" I'm guessing) despite fashion being fairly colorful then even among peasants. And don't get me started on armor, its like Hollywood doesn't know that helmets and hauberks exist, and that swords can't cut through metal.

That being said some more Byzantine-inspired aesthetics would still be rad.

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