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Untitled by RaphLuna Untitled :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 2 0 jhhjjhjhjh by RaphLuna jhhjjhjhjh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 jijhj by RaphLuna jijhj :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 3 0 gghj by RaphLuna gghj :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 ghghh by RaphLuna ghghh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 hjhggh by RaphLuna hjhggh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 2 0 Vighhg by RaphLuna Vighhg :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 ghhghg by RaphLuna ghhghg :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 2 0 ghhggh by RaphLuna ghhggh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 2 0 hhhj by RaphLuna hhhj :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 3 0 jhjhhh by RaphLuna jhjhhh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 4 0 Hhh by RaphLuna Hhh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 4 0 hghg by RaphLuna hghg :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 ghvhvv by RaphLuna ghvhvv :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 G by RaphLuna G :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0 hghggh by RaphLuna hghggh :iconraphluna:RaphLuna 1 0


G5 AJ: Scrapple / Hardscrabble by lgliang G5 AJ: Scrapple / Hardscrabble :iconlgliang:lgliang 244 11 TEEN TITANS : YouTube! by rossdraws TEEN TITANS : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 9,990 204 NOLA KLOP MLP Cover - To be Awesome -  by Light by Light262 NOLA KLOP MLP Cover - To be Awesome - by Light :iconlight262:Light262 893 41 16 During Their Morning Ritual: Zutara by ArtCrawl 16 During Their Morning Ritual: Zutara :iconartcrawl:ArtCrawl 633 17 Zutara Week Day 6: Coffee by ArtCrawl Zutara Week Day 6: Coffee :iconartcrawl:ArtCrawl 499 54 03 Gaming/Watching a Movie: Zutara by ArtCrawl 03 Gaming/Watching a Movie: Zutara :iconartcrawl:ArtCrawl 327 24 02 Cuddling Somewhere: Zutara by ArtCrawl 02 Cuddling Somewhere: Zutara :iconartcrawl:ArtCrawl 341 33 04 On a Date: Zutara by ArtCrawl 04 On a Date: Zutara :iconartcrawl:ArtCrawl 359 43 Poneh Sistaz by Shenbug Poneh Sistaz :iconshenbug:Shenbug 33 15
Plushie Commission Prices [OPEN]

If you order three or more plushies the same time - 10% discount!
My plushies made from minky fabrics and have elements of machine embroidery.
Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping - $10-45 depending on the country and plushie size.
Standard types of plush pony that I sew:
3" tall plushies- from $25
5,5" long laying plushies - from $50
5" tall - from $90


8" tall filly/chiby - from $100

:iconvalmiiki:Valmiiki 61 23
Pokemon Steenee and Popplio Fan Art by HoshigumoChan Pokemon Steenee and Popplio Fan Art :iconhoshigumochan:HoshigumoChan 16 0 Pokemon Treecko Fan Art by HoshigumoChan Pokemon Treecko Fan Art :iconhoshigumochan:HoshigumoChan 6 0 Giratina And Dialga Fusion by HoshigumoChan Giratina And Dialga Fusion :iconhoshigumochan:HoshigumoChan 10 1 Sleeping Cosmog Pokemon Fan Art by HoshigumoChan Sleeping Cosmog Pokemon Fan Art :iconhoshigumochan:HoshigumoChan 33 2 DP- New Year by Amethyst-Ocean DP- New Year :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 957 31 Comic Chapter 1 page 6 by FlyingPony Comic Chapter 1 page 6 :iconflyingpony:FlyingPony 102 38



Time to put on my dective hat. And get the thinking gears in my head rolling.


Remember how Luna and Clestia use to be connected to the elements,

However they lost the connection with the elements…  HINT HINT WINK WINK…


I believe that the main 6 will loose connection with the elements  too…

And Duh we all know will get these Magical elements.. It's an NO BRAINER…..


6 new friends at the school will gain powers of the elements when they go to rescue the main 6 at tartutous  DUH….…

Meet your future elements of harmony magic holders.. 


The Head School master finds out about this he turns obsessed to get the magic away from the creatures whom he feels are not worthy to hold such powerful magic, because they are not ponies and are so different.. How do I know this. easy just look how her acted when Twilight welcome all the creatures especially the ones not pony like to the school she opened up.. DUH..


Dam hasbro ain't even trying to conceal their plans nor plots.. Way to predictable….


Season 9 will be about the new 6 learning how to harness the new powers they possess.,  and new threats will surface to them…


Thank You Scooby Doo… I learned so much from that cartoon..


Yes I pay attention to Everything.. 


Let me guess you are in Denial Right


OK I'm cool


but yes this will happen,


When you watch the show..  Your jaw will drop,… The elements of harmony powers will Abandon the main 6 and power jump to a new host.


and I will be winking back I told you so.. 


My secret source of information on this  is easy, it's called PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE WATCHING !


To tell you the truth it ain’t that hard. 


Ain't I a little stinker.

No I'm just a critical Thinker

Any LTGBQ community that accepts Pedophiles in their community are Sickos and Monsters in my book...

accepting Pedophiles as a part of LTGBQ in my book is Horrid and Evil in my book.

LTGBQ community never let Pedophiles Taint your community. Children deserve to be Protected not a Sex slave to such sicko people.

would you leave your door unlocked all year round, Obviously Not, Than Why the Heck would you leave your borders open all year round. Locks were invented to keep you and your family safe, just like Borders Control were created to keep your Country safe. Anyone who Demands that the borders be open for everyone, and locks the doors to their home when they leave, and when they come home for the day or night is a Dam Hippocrate in my book. Its not Racist People, Its called Common Sense
False Prophets: Their Method, Manner and Motive

In these last days, Scripture warns that false prophets will arise and deceive many. Believers who are not well-grounded make easy targets for doctrines that may sound good but are filled with error.

Some doctrines are deadly: those that alter the Deity of Christ, redefine the Trinity — or even deny the Trinity. Sometimes a charmer will lead the susceptible off into error that results in physical death — Jonestown and Waco come to mind.

We must sharpen our awareness and be alert — not just for ourselves but for our loved ones who might otherwise be drawn to a false prophet.

Last time, we looked at five tests you can apply to any teacher’s message: the Source, Savior, Subject, Salvation, and Sanctification tests. But even if the teacher’s message passes these tests, we still should examine his method, manner, and motive.

Know them by their method.

They “…privily shall bring in damnable heresies…And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: (2 Peter 2:1-3)

Peter is describing the way they operate.

  • privily means “secretly, clandestinely, in a way that’s hard to spot.” Give the devil credit for being clever. His helpers lay false teaching alongside good teaching in order to confuse.
  • feigned words. The word feigned in the Greek is plastos, from which we get our word “plastic.” Plastic is pliable, molding itself just simply to fit and to imitate…plastic preachers with plastic words.

Know them by their manner.

And many shall follow their pernicious ways… (v. 2)

Pernicious is a word we don’t use much today. It literally means “unbridled lust.” The center, sum and substance of their message is themselves.

Have you noticed that apostasy and immorality go hand in hand? Often you’ll hear about false teachers being caught in adultery. Or, within their belief system, they advocate immorality, multiple wives, or some sort of “free sex.” We see it over and over again. We hear news reports of a cult under the spell of a leader who, it is revealed, has been engaging in shocking immorality with members of his flock. High-profile evangelists preaching easy-believe-ism or a health-and-wealth gospel have sometimes been exposed as leading double lives.

For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jude, verse 4

They call themselves prophets, but they’re living in sin. Note their methods, manner, and way of life. Are they above reproach?

I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none of them doth return from his wickedness: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants therefore as Gomorrah. Jeremiah 23:14

Success in ministry does not necessarily mean they’re doing God’s work. Statistics are no proof that something is of God, because “many will follow” (2 Peter 2:2). Some people love the sensual rather than the spiritual. Jesus said, “Not every one that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of My Father, which is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21). Many people lead double lives. They are counterfeits.

Know them by their motive.

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you…. 2 Peter 2:3

What is the false teacher’s motive? They want to use and manipulate you. Why? Because they themselves are covetous.

For their own motivation and wicked heart, Peter says, they make merchandise of the Gospel. You’ve perhaps seen some of these hucksters on TV who merchandise the Gospel of Christ. In my estimation, the hottest part of hell is reserved for these plastic preachers who, for whatever reason, merchandise God’s people. With great swelling words they exploit the ignorant. They are prophets, spelled “P-R-O-F-I-T-S.”

Lastly, in verses 4-5 Peter gets very serious. He says God will surely judge and not spare them. God is saying: Here is My solemn warning to every counterfeiter. When the angels fell, I judged them. When civilization in Noah’s day became polluted, I judged them. When Sodom and Gomorrah became perverted, I judged them. And I’m going to judge these false prophets.

Don’t get caught up in counterfeit Christianity. God will not spare sin or the sinner, for He did not spare His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus, so that you and I might have eternal life.

The world is full of counterfeits. Every counterfeit dollar is a tribute to the worth of the real — or men wouldn’t be printing counterfeits! And every counterfeit Christian is a tribute to the value of salvation. Jesus is real. Salvation is real. And you can make sure you have the real thing if you repent of your sin and trust Him.
SUCH a Flat movie and it was way to obvious.

warning do not go too see the movie if you have a medical condition that can cause you to go into seizure. there are flashing lights through parts of the movie.

Disney is nothing but Hype, who am I kidding, bulk of their content was taken from the public domain to make movies out of, granted they got some new stuff. however their getting flat boring and the stories YAWN...

Can not wait for Dreamworks with the Light Fury way better than anything Disney Barfs up .

I love to doodle, write poetry, written 50 poems so far and counting. learn photography, colour style digit stamps I bought from others, Digital Scrapbook, love serif software. listen to my favourite music, cook a variety of delicious meals, watch cartoons with my kids.
The TMNT series all of them are our favourite, and my little pony friendship is magic.

I have and use the following software, for my art
Art rage 4
Adobe PhotoShop CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Serif Draw Plus
Serif Craft Artist 2

I love to colour style the TMNT, however I do have my own style of doodles, not sure what to do with them all, my profile has the Baby dragon that I drew, should I post more of my originals.
I just finished Donnie, and I love the results, Will be working on more TMNT. I just can't get enough of the show,
I know the rules you can not sell anything that has a trademark/copyright, unless you get a written permission. However, can I share my work with other, and what about my originals, should I post them here, should I sell prints of my own original doodles.
Not sure.
I open to request on what turtle to doodle next. Just finished Donnie and will be posting him soon wit his brothers.


RaphLuna's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I love to write poetry, doodle on anything. I have stared Laurie doosles, a personal collection to add to my digital scrapbook, learn photography. My man is better it, however my photos look more fun ;)
Digital scrapbook. Collect 80's my little pony toys, watch Pokemon. The show is AWESOME. build Lego sets. And make up new ones... Watch TMNT I love the show Too. I like make my own website, however I'm confused how to do this..

I also love to put together puzzles. and I plan to take puzzles to a new level.. puzzles free style originals...


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Okay how old are you? Because well reading about end of days prophecy is fun the reality is none of them have happened.... Every decade of my life as 34 year old man I have heard this and that is supposed to happen soon and it doesn't and my mother often heard of prophecy especially during the 6 Days War and nothing happened... What exactly makes you think your not going to grow old...?
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     Thank You All for Birthday wishes, no cake for me, just a Lego set that I gave to my kids to watch them put together, and help them when they needed help.. It was fun and the best part of the day seeing my kids happy, work together as a team, and have fun adventures with their own creative imaginary minds...

Hugs Thank You Everyone .Hugs ;)
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