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relaxing on rooftop

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please sell this!

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Really nice how you made the atmospheric lighting work in the scene. 
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Star! Star! Star! Half Star 
40% Cyberpunk
33% Dystopia
27% Sci Fi
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thats amazing mannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!
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Best place to chill!
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Thanks for the inspiration!
This pic got me to thinking, so I stopped and poured out this story intro: Hightower's Finest
I'm sure more will be coming since your gallery supplies no end of ideas.
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yet I still can't figure how to paint like this...
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This concept reminds me of Auron in Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X.
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Crazy, advanced angles, love it.
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Super cool picture. Awesome job.
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superb artwork as usual! :) Really shows the grand scale of the city!
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Needed some inspiration for my Sci-Fi story.  This helped a lot.
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+fav +fav +fav +fav +fav  Nice Job!
Where to download high res version, need to pay somewhere?
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I was sad to see that you don't sell this as a print.
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^^ if I can get to that point in 5 years, that'll be great
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Dude, what I wouldn't give to have your talent. I design my own book covers but this one stands out. WOW! You are awesome. Would you allow some one to use it for a cover? I'm author and thinking of switching out one of my four covers. I would give you credit for the book and your picture would be seen by a large public mass like facebook and youtube.  Please email me and let me know as soon as possible-at least by January 17th by 3pm.  My email is and you can also reply to me on here too.
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This one I love.  the contemplation of the man on the rooftop is great
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Wow, I love your stuff :O
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Your work is inspirational!!!
Best regards:)
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