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Wreck of Esperance...

inspired after the work of Caspard David friedrich, but I added a bigger boat!
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it just likes the theme of the expedition of The Terror when it was frozen near North pole while all its crew died in mystery

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...always love these pirate ship images.
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Not unlike the Wreck of the Hope by CD Friedrich????
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This is wicked!
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Thats a perfect implementing of my favorite painting ever ....
crazy-pixel's avatar
beautiful artwork, well done ;)
Dejano23's avatar
You are very simply good
ducphamduy's avatar
it's interesting , i feel naturally on lighting ...
m0or4un's avatar
love it
SindriJo's avatar
You know what, I think I prefer your version... even if its a bit more cliché.
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this is amazing! I love Friedrich and this is simply stunning!
baitman125's avatar
Another picture worthy of being framed in a
state-of-the-art gallery. I must download this!
sonofamortician's avatar
Caspar David Friedrich is one of my favourite artists as well.
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Stunning. Made me think of a certain ill fated expedition of the HMS Terror. (oddly aptly named...)

Anyway. Your clearly professional. :) Keep my eyes peeled for more.
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Oh. My. Gosh.
rodrigoseroiska's avatar
You've been featured on my journal.
You can see it here: [link]

Hope you like it ^^
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Lol 'but I added a bigger boat'

There's something that I always like about the faint green/blue vs. yellow environment... nice textures on the ice too!
arisuart's avatar
when i saw this it resembled like Caspard David Friedrich and you state it was inspired by ehehe... it's great for sure! beautiful to see.
ishkampoddle's avatar
Incredible lighting jesus, indeed a horribly frigid yet beautifull place to be in.
theapostleofsondheim's avatar
I love it! 'Tis breathtaking...:heart:
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