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Sunset on Babylon

I did this Matte for the intro shot of Prince of Persia Warrior Within cinematics
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I hate to be troublesome but I would really like your permission to use this fantastic "Sunset in Babylon" art in my book blog. I am sure that you get asked all the time because of your immense talent but my request is legit. I am a teacher/media specialist and have a Young Adult book done and need something to set the environment since teenagers don'[t know anything unless it is on their phones. Unfortunate...but true. Please respond.

Thank You, John
merci, très belle image !
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I just made this my wallpaper.
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Amazing lighting & mood . . . !Clap 
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Superb, thought the scene looked familiar from the 1st glance, this was my favorite game of the trilogy!! 
If I buy this on a canvas will it have the border around the picture that says sunset on babylon?
any chance of using this image on the cover of my upcoming novel set in the neo-Babylonian empire?
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I've loved this one for a while but had never been to your gallery before.  Love it.  Love it.
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featured in my journal!
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I am CHALDEAN from the Mesopatemia. The land of Babylon and Ninevah. Thank you so much for reflecting our CHALDEAN and Babylonian hisotry. On behalf of all CHALNDEAN NATION people around the world with more than 7 million people.... we thank you for your artwork!
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i would like if babylon could exist today.
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You are my favourite artist, in the world, from any time period! This is the first image I ever saw of yours. :)
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so u worked on the actual game prince of persia or were u just providing concept art, either way this is super awesome. and the sky is just a tad hazzy, maybe a few breaks in the light where the buildings are blocking it from view, have more of a beam effect. idk, looks great dude
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Wow if only I can see it in real life but this is close. Good job.
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I'm an Assyrian and I can't explain how exited I got when I saw this. We see a lot of the Greek-Roman and Egyptian inspired art but not so much of the Mesopotamian art. So on behalf of the roughly 6 million Assyrians left in the world, Thanks
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What a majestic scene. Very well done! :thumbsup:
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WOW!!!! Makes you feel like you could just wande ron in.
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I love this picture, and i want to add an effect on it. Would you please suggest anything for me? (-: And thank you.
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Simply awesome. :D
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remarkable work of illumination; loved
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