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Return of the Knight !

Started a concept When giving my Environment design workshop at NAD center, and wanted to push more... add a little story and Details :)
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I seem to like everything you have created!!
A story you say? Alright I'll take a crack at it.

In the aftermath of a terrible battle, one knight is counted among the dead or dying. When the king and his army return, his wife and child are distraught. But the knight is not dead, and after wandering for a while was nursed back to health by a kind stranger and now he's journeying back.
This moment in the drawing is when he makes it back to the castle, and the knight knows he's going to see his family again.
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I love the fog in this. And the colors, it's perfect!
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It's wonderful work
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I usually am circumspect about out of size fantasy environments (as mentioned for instance in my comment on The Messenger II by andreasrocha). Yet every rule has exceptions : this proves to be a resounding one.

This of course is partly due to the enigmatic landscape created by the multiple castles (one and the same entity ? successive fortresses ?), the exceptionally well-crafted detail of stone, cloud and vegetation, as well as the glorious play of light in the sky (and the birds... I do love birds in such vistas). But I also suspect that, for me, the strong reminiscences of the works of German Romantic painters definitely tipped the scales. The barely silhouetted spires of the castles in the distance are very Caspar David Friedrich-esque in essence, as are other parts of the setting (if that tree on the right is not 
The Lone Tree, then I'm willing to eat my tricorne hat), while the Gothic architecture is also redolent of the cathedrals of Karl Friedrich Schinkel (and, yes, Mont-Saint-Michel, too).

Pastiche it may be, but it is pastiche that manages to capture all the greatness and depth of feeling of the Old Masters. Something you obviously do not see on a daily basis, which literally makes this an extraordinary picture.
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Reminds me of Gustave Doré.
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Stunning work sir!
the seemingly independent castles could be an interconnected setting linked by underground roads or mystic teleport gates to safeguard the people from the monsters of the untamed wilds. 
Every so often a great evil threatens the city and the knights who protect the people set out to defeat it. 
this time only he returned
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My gosh. The Black Night really DID recover from that flesh wound!
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haha so perfect!
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this is GREAT!
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Magnificent display of forboding structures against a wild mountainous background. The small figure in the foreground highlights, the size and majesty of the structures and landscape before him. Colors and detail are excellent.
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You are skilled beyond measure. Thank you for sharing this.
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Breathtaking painting. Your work is incredible.
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Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
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I wish I would be a artist like you...

Great works...You and your colleagues clean to dust of our souls...

Thank you...
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Wonderful! The details!
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belle utilisation du Mont Saint-Michel en effet :)
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Very cool Raphael! You are master of misty environments, color palette is wonderful as always. Perspective seem to be having some problems though, background appears bit too high to my eye judging by the vanishing point of the focal point castle
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