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Path to the Gothic Choir

this one is a personal artwork inspired by Caspard David Friedrich works on Eldena's Abbey. he was a German romantic painter (19th Century) hope you like it!
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Certainly looks as if it was inspired by Friedrich

But this one is less barren, which makes it interesting in its own way

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Spooky and beautiful. Nice one. 
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Before I red author's comment, my thought was "if only the monks were turned towards ruins it'd be exactly like Caspar D. Friedrich". So, you may count it as a compliment - you've managed to grasp the atmosphere of Friedrich's works.
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wa really can feel the atmosphere so close to the one of Friedrich's painting well done :D
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Fine piece, it reminds me of the spanish legend of the Holy Company. Check it out
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holy eversmokes... other professional artists should pay you to stop doing this.  you're making them look ridiculous
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That inspires me to write a pilgrimage scene in my fantasy fiction story. Such a beautifu scene and perfect atmosphere!
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can I use this  picture in my game????
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If you released any of your art as a desktop wallpaper pack, this would be it for me!
Great work!
It's amazing.

Agree to what Crystal-Sphynx wrote, I can't say it better.
a place I would love to be.
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Great ambivalence between eerie and peaceful - very interesting piece of work
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I got cold looking at this one. Very eerie. You do a good job of creating moods.
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very atmospheric
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but I think the arbor's just a little bit too tilted
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i love fantasy and i love you paintigs too.
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Good implementing of a masterful picture from my favorite artist ;)
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i got this picture in some art book
amazing artwork
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Ha! Great!
Now that I didn't think about it anymore I found the artist who made this amazing bookcover.
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I have long been a fan of Friedrich, and noticed the abbey right away in the thumbnail. Great interpretation and presentation. I am guessing you know the original painting you used as inspiration was destroyed by fire (during WWII, if I am not mistaken). I bet it would have been magnificent to see in person.
Your painting captures the mood perfectly, and the attention to tree limbs and texture is impressive as hell. Spectacular, man!
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