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Futuristic Bombay

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Illustration for a Near Future! Photoshop.
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This is just SO GOOD!

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Slippin through the Cracks
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I love future drawings. good work
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parece que da para ouvir
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Amazing; if it wasn't for that central column of quasi-sepia tone in the background, when looking at this from a distance, I'd have thought that it was a photograph. The foreground at the bottom is really impressive, especially with the brilliant use of perspective you have going on here as you let the viewer peer down the street. Clap   
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Looks pretty legit! :) Love your work!
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I would like to feature your great image on my visual arts blog on Amazing Stories - [link] - credited and with a link back to the image on DA, of course!
The blog is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 August - you'll be able to find it by following the link above.
Please let me know if this is NOT ok with you! :) Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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Is it possible for you to do some Samurai Jack landscapes in this amazing manner? :O
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Have u ever been to Bombay ?? we dont have those tricycle rickshaws thats calcutta.... gr8 piece of though
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Would you be interested in working on a graphic novel in this type of style? Its not a futuristic story but we are looking for realism. Email me at if you are interested.
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This is amazing. The detail and the feel of it, really good stuff!
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this is really great stuff, the amount and detail and beleivability is amazing
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Wow, you're really good at what you do... I am really enjoying the gallery.
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Lighting and overall atmosphere are awesome :)
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this is so amazing
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whos down on street, they never see sun, all mega city curse :( But your skills are amazing like always :)
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awesomeness in art!!
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So Masi Oka is playing in some new film that's popular in India? :)
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I love stuff like this, the way the new stuff is still there and it makes the future feel not too distant.
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I think it's mattle painting, not purely painting from scratch?... that based on actual photo resource right?
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