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February 6, 2008
Arctic Express 2008... by *Raphael-Lacoste
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Arctic Express 2008...

took me along time to finish this project, but now... Done for 2007!!!
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Gilapeterson's avatar
can I save your image to a collection on this site?
dominikgschwind's avatar
wow Raphael,
this is so full of energy :-)
ReaderByLamplight's avatar
Seven years old it may be, but it is still a wonderful artwork indeed. Forget about the relative sizes of the houses and the train, the village nestled against the viaduct is a masterpiece in atmosphere : still in nocturnal shadow while the steel behemoth roars past, it perfectly conveys this feeling of vulnerability lonely settlements along great railroads often have.
I also like the way the painting offers a full palette of wintry feelings, from the urge to stay indoors in the face of cold and darkness to the exhilaration of sunrise on the snowy mountains.
Lupsiberg's avatar
I used to draw trains that oversized as a kid. An adults mind now says it is turning too tightly though..
Castor1527's avatar
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO
Is the size mismatch intentional? Amazing piece, but it looks like the residents of those homes would be hard-pressed to even climb into one of the train cars!
duandutoit's avatar
nice train and background, dude
Beautiful artwork on the Arctic Express. Well done.
Beautiful work Raphael. You have a lot of talent
ElinasArt's avatar
Fantastic work. Terrific!!
profutur1971's avatar
Beautifull image!Good job ![link]
Tomas-Voracek's avatar
Amazingly detailed, as always. Now it is on my wall.
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
Skarprattare's avatar
Really nice!
If I were to make a roleplying game this is the kind of image I would like on the frontcover =)
SugaryAshes's avatar
Reminds me of the point and click adventure game "Syberia"!!
Deerdal's avatar
Looks very good. Hot stuff!
SniperK9's avatar
my god , is this real
this is superb man......
loved those mountains.....
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