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Blue Microsoft Calendar Gadget

A Modification of Microsoft's Calendar Gadget. I hope you like it!
© 2007 - 2021 rapha2
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same as the other, I want one that I can add events and reminders to! can you do that or do you know of one? if so email me @
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where can I download it from? And thank you for making such a calendar! :D
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Any idea why my calendar just became blank? I tried a reboot, tried uninstall/install...
Any idea why the calendar just stopped working? It went Blank...
liked the blue than orange!! thanx!!
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Every october has two days 15 and the last day of the month is the same day of the first of november. I checked, and it was there next year too!
good very nice
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yay, brilliant! i hated the orange, it clashed with my hogwarts wallpaper
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Precisely what I was looking for (late Win7 adopter here)
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fantastic! Thank you :clap:
I also had a problem to install it, this it how i fixed it:

1. Download the *.gadget file
2. Rename it to a Zip-File:
3. Extract to: "Blue_Microsoft_Calendar_Gadget_by_rapha2.gadget"
4. Copy folder to: C:\Users\%YOUR_USER_NAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\
5. Maybe now its already to see under your gadgets
6. If not: go into the folder -> "Blue_Microsoft_Calendar_Gadget_by_rapha2.gadget"
7. There is folder named "en-US", make a copy of this folder
8. Rename this copy to your country code: For example Germany -> "de-DE"

Maybe this helps somebody...

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Oh, one more thing about the white box - one way I've found to make it go away (temporarily) is to click the gadget (going to the monthly view), click any date other than the current one (bringing up the white page with that date on it), then click the blue (or orange, on the original gadget) corner to bring back today's date. The white box goes away for this session, but will return next time Sidebar is launched.
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The white box around the calendar gadget (of which this blue calendar seems to be a clone) seems to be a common problem - happens in both Vista and Win7 with IE9 installed. It has been reported to Microsoft, but so far their response has been completely unhelpful.

Here's a thread that may someday contain something useful:
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I also have the white box around it - it seems to have lost the transparency ? - any ideas. (Also running IE9, windows 7 x64)
Excellent new look.
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Nce work my favorite color ^^
Very Good :). But after installing IE9 a white box appeared around it, maybe some IE compatibility problem?
I like this cuz it goes along with the Aero Clock and CPU/RAM Gauge Gadgets a guy made a couple years back so thanks, it matches those two gadgets perfectly!
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sweetness the orange annoying, do you have a green one? its my favorite color,lol :P
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Switched to this as soon as i saw it!
This is really awesome, great work! :)
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amis dedac ar vatire :D
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