PKMNSkies: RP - Dash's Rockruff GET!

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Published: July 16, 2018

-Dash heads over to Cinder's house and rings the doorbell.-

-Cinder's nidorans start running towards the door, making little sounds.-

Cinder: I'm coming, I'm coming. -She heads towards the door and opens it.- Oh, hey Dash. I should have known it was you by the way they were acting.

-The nidos circle around Dash's legs.-

Dash: What can I say? They love me! -He pets the nidos.-

-The male nido, Brambles, tries to headbutt Dash when he tries to pet him.-

Cinder: Yeah, I guess so. -She picks up Briar.- Well, come inside.

Dash: He loves me in his own way. -He follows her in.-

Cinder: Come on, Brambles. Quit bugging him. -The male nido runs back into the house.- So, what's up?

Dash: Well, you've been kinda bummed out since you got that job. Not that I blame you. I'd be bummed out, too, if I got a job! But you're off today, right?

Cinder: Yeah. -She puts Briar down.- I probably shouldn't be feeling this way, but I just hate the idea of being... branded, you know?

Dash: You got branded? I guess it wouldn't hurt if you're a fire-type.

Cinder: I mean... I have a nametag and stuff.

Dash: Ohh, but isn't that just normal if you have a job?

Cinder: Yeah, I think so.

Dash: I'd be more worried about wasting my time working when I could be having fun.

Cinder: Gotta make some money to live on and it's in a coffee shoppe, so that's something nice.

Dash: Some extra money would be nice, but a job would still sucks. I didn't come over to whine about jobs, though!

Cinder: Oh, right. What is it?

Dash: I want to cheer you up by getting you out of here for awhile.

Cinder: Oh, all right. So... you want us to do something, then?

Dash: Yeah, let's take a trip to Sinnoh!

Cinder: Sinnoh? Just like that, huh?

Dash: Just like that! I know they have a lot of shops there with all that old stuff you like.

Cinder: -She slips her boots on.- All right, let's go.

Dash: Do you have to tell Keeta or will she try to stop us?

Cinder: Oh, right. Hang on. -She yells out.- Keeta, Dash and I are going to hang for awhile. We'll be back later.

Keeta: Oh! Dashel is there? -She peeks out of the kitchen.- Hello, there! Will you both be back before dinner?

Dash: Hi! Yeah, we'll be back by then. I never miss dinner!

Keeta: Well, all right. Be careful, you two and behave.

Cinder: -She rubs the back of her head.- Noted. Don't worry about it.

Dash: We'll be good as always! -He runs out the door.- We gotta hurry!

Cinder: Hurry? Where's the fire?

Dash: We have to catch the ferry.

Cinder: Oh, I see. -She picks up the pace a bit.- By the way, how's your moving going? Did you and your bro manage to get everything settled and unpacked?

Dash: Some of our stuff is still in boxes, but we're working on it.

Cinder: I was getting a little worried you two wouldn't make it in time.

Dash: I told you I would make it.

Cinder: I know you did.

Dash: So you shouldn't worry. Our plan worked!

Cinder: It still seems unreal, doesn't it?

Dash: Yeah, I still can hardly believe it, but I think it's gonna be great!

Cinder: I hope so.

Dash: You like living here, right? I think I'm gonna like it, too.

Cinder: The town seems pretty nice. I mean, I haven't been here long enough to know for sure. -Her tail twitches.- I'm excited to see snow for the first time, though.

Dash: Yeah, snow is fun! ^^ I remember being surprised the first time I saw some.

Cinder: I've heard mixed opinions about it. Some say it's great and others say it's awful.

Dash: Playing in it is great, but shoveling it is pretty awful.

Cinder: It couldn't be any worse than raking leaves. To be honest, I kinda liked that.

Dash: Snow's more heavy than leaves, but if you like it, you can come over and shovel my snow, too!

Cinder: I'm not doing your work.

Dash: But you enjoy it so much! What I enjoy is snowboarding!

Cinder: Yeah, well, that's still no excuse for me to do your work.

Dash: Okay, I'll do my own work.

Cinder: You're kinda lazy, Dash.

Dash: Only for things I hate doing.

Cinder: Just don't expect me to pick up your slack, is all.

Dash: Maybe we can work together. At least that might make it more fun.

Cinder: Hmm... I guess that might be okay. But, that means you have to help with my stuff too.

Dash: Yeah, we would do both together!

Cinder: All right.

Dash: That'll give us more time to mess around and I can show you how to snowboard if you want.

Cinder: Is it difficult?

Dash: It's easy to me!

Cinder: I wonder if this town has a good spot for it.

Dash: There's gonna be somewhere. We'll have to see how the snow piles up.

Cinder: Fair enough.

-They arrive at the ferry terminal and catch a boat to Sinnoh. One ferry trip later and they dock in Sunnyshore.-

Dash: Land! I dunno about you, but that boat ride seems so long to me.

Cinder: I don't know. I was busy looking at the water and the fact everyone was on their phones.

Dash: That's because the ride is boring. But I wasn't bored this time because I had you with me! And also, I was trying not to think about all the water.

Cinder: I like the water. I didn't really find it boring. -She adjusts her messenger bag.- Didn't you notice the fish trying to jump out?

Dash: Yeah, I saw them. I wish I could just leap out of the water like a fish.

Cinder: Can't you float with one of your moves? You kind of can leap that way.

Dash: Yeah, I can float, but only for a few minutes, so it wouldn't do me much good in the middle of the ocean.

Cinder: I guess I've never seen it for long periods of time. -She's looking around the city as they walk.-

Dash: I wish I could float for long periods of time. So, have you ever been to Sunnyshore?

Cinder: Can't say that I have. I've only been to Celestic here. I'm sure you remember.

Dash: I sure do! Sunnyshore is cool for beaches, but we'll have to take a bus to Hearthome for all your old school shopping needs. Jubilife and Eterna are good, too, but they're kinda far.

Cinder: Hearthome is fine. And I suppose there's stuff in that city for you too?

Dash: It's a big city, so there's a lot.

Cinder: Does it seem strange? We just moved and we're already traveling.

Dash: It's not that weird to me.

Cinder: Oh, I guess not. You're used to moving around.

Dash: Yeah, and I just lived in Sinnoh not that long ago. It's like coming home.

Cinder: Heh... I bet everywhere is home to you.

Dash: Yeah! The whole world is my home and I want to show you around it. -He perks as he sees the bus coming.-

Cinder: Damn, Dash. Is that your life philosophy now?

Dash: My life philosophy is just to enjoy life.

Cinder: That's a pretty average thing to want.

Dash: Hmm, I don't wanna be just average. -When the bus stops, he gets on.-

Cinder: -She hops on too.- Then, you know what that means?

Dash: I gotta make a much more bold statement?

Cinder: If you want.

Dash: -He sits down.- What do you think it means?

Cinder: I figured you would say something like that. -She sits, too.-

Dash: I guess most pokemon want to enjoy life, but how many actually do?

Cinder: Probably not much.

Dash: But I do, so I guess I'm not so average after all!

Cinder: I'll say.

-Dash looks pretty satisfied with himself and he watches out the window as they drive down the road. His spikes twitch sometimes.-

Dash: Just thinking of all the restaurants in Hearthome makes me hungry already! =d

Cinder: You already have one in mind?

Dash: I have a lot of them in mind.

Cinder: Maybe I can pick one if you can't make up your mind.

Dash: Sure. What are you in the mood for besides coffee?

Cinder: Something crispy. Probably pork or something.

Dash: What about crispy fried pork on ramen?

Cinder: Yeah, that'd be fine. Honestly, I'll have pretty much anything that isn't fish. Not that I dislike fish, but that's just a common staple in my house.

Dash: Makes sense. Your dad probably brings home fish all the time.

Cinder: Boy, does he ever.

Dash: But Keeta probably makes a lot of different stuff now, right?

Cinder: Yeah, she does. I think she's experimenting a little. -She pulls on the signal cord, telling the bus to stop. Their city's up.-

Dash: I'll probably be over for dinner a lot! -He gets up and stretches.-

Cinder: Don't tell me you and your bro can't cook. -She stands and heads out.-

Dash: Reg can cook, but he's busy, and I don't like to cook. I just like to eat!

Cinder: I bet he's a great cook.

Dash: He's pretty good. Better than my mom, but not as good as Keeta.

Cinder: I'll have to see about that sometime. -She's looking around the city.- This place is much bigger than Celestic, that's for sure.

Dash: Yep, waaaaaaay bigger! I wish I had lived here!

Cinder: And yet, you chose to live in a tiny town with me.

Dash: Yeah, okay, but it seems like a pretty interesting town, even though it's small.

Cinder: I agree.

Dash: Should we eat first or look for shops? You probably know what I vote for, but I brought you here to cheer you up!

Cinder: We can eat first.

Dash: Thanks! I know just the place!

Cinder: A place you've been to before?

Dash: Yeah, it's like a traditional ramen shop.

Cinder: I didn't think you'd like that kind of thing.

Dash: Reg got me into it. And I like all kinds of food.

Cinder: -She winks.- But, try not to overindulge.

Dash: What would be the fun in that? -He heads toward the small restaurant.-

Cinder: I don't know. You tell me.

Dash: I can't. It wouldn't be as fun.

Cinder: All right, but it might be fun to hear you make the attempt.

Dash: Fun to torture me, you mean?

Cinder: Yep.

Dash: That's not fun for me. -He goes into the ramen shop and sits at the counter.-

Cinder: It might, if you embrace it.

Dash: I'd rather embrace lunch -He looks at the menu.-

-They both enjoy delicious bowls of ramen and then they're ready to be on their way.-

Cinder: -She might have overstuffed herself, because it was so delicious!- Ugh... I'll definitely have to walk this off.

Dash: And you told me not to overindulge.

Cinder: Yeah, yeah... don't rub it in. I don't get that kind of stuff much.

Dash: I'm just glad you liked it. We can work it off shopping.

Cinder: Yeah. By the way, you have a little smutz on your cheek. -She points to the ever-so-cliche-stuck fishcake.-

Dash: I do? -He touches his cheek and finds the little, swirly slice.- Oh! I wondered where that went. -He eats it.-

Cinder: So... you said there's a store here that I'd like?

Dash: Yeah! It's kinda like that store we went to in Celestic, but I think it's bigger. They just sell all kinds of old, retro stuff.

Cinder: I'm glad you remembered it.

Dash: I wouldn't forget!

Cinder: Well, I mean... you remembered it even before you knew I liked that stuff, right? Or, was this after?

Dash: I knew of the store before that, but I never went in it. I guess it was just in the back of my mind.

Cinder: Good memory.

Dash: I do have a pretty good memory. -He walks down the street towards some shops.-

Cinder: So many pidoves and pidgeys here... -She's watching them gather in huge flocks.-

Dash: Yeah, watch out. They sometimes like to play poo poo bombardiers!

Cinder: How is that any different from the wingulls?

Dash: It's about the same, but the wingulls are louder.

Cinder: Speaking of, did you notice there's a bunch of them in Springleaf?

Dash: Yeah, I noticed that, but there's a beach there, so it makes sense.

Cinder: Yeah, a little beach.

Dash: Maybe someone fed a wingull and it told all its friends and they all came looking for handouts.

Cinder: That's usually how it goes.

Dash: But you should check out this shop and see if there's anything you like.

Cinder: I'm on my way. -She heads inside the totally not hipster store. It's vintage!-

Dash: I'm not the biggest expert on old stuff, but what do you think?

-The place has a familiar feel to her, even though she's never been in it before. Lots of vintage posters are hung on the wall, some old cardboard cutouts are placed here and there and there are many rows of various vinyl records, cassettes, video tapes, DVDs, and the like, as well as other things like 'vintage' snacks, trinkets and toys. The place even smells familiar... a mix of dust, coffee and and a strange, sweet, earthy scent.-

Cinder: It looks pretty good to me. I'm glad you remembered this.

Dash: I wouldn't forget. -He's looking around the store.- Look, they even have old skateboards! Look how big those things are!

Cinder: Yeah. And the old-timey roller skates that required a key are here too.

Dash: -He laughs.- A key to lock them on your feet?

Cinder: It's not like a normal key. They were used for adjusting the bolts to fit the skate shoe. At least, that's what I remember reading about.

Dash: Ohh! Woah, some of this stuff is ancient! Like from the 80s!

Cinder: The 80's isn't that ancient.

Dash: Seems like it. Maybe some of it is even older! -He's looking at an old reel-to-reel film projector.-

Cinder: Yeah, there's much older stuff here too. -She's looking at some weird magazines under glass with UFOs on the cover.-

Dash: Did you find anything cool?

Cinder: Yeah, a lot of things.

Dash: Nice! I don't even know how people lived back in the days -He looks at some old floppy disks.- You can't even fit one MP3 on one of these!

Cinder: I know. Technology really marches on. -She's picking through the vinyls.-

Dash: So you really think those records have better sound than digital music?

Cinder: Yeah. I even let you listen to some of mine. Didn't you think so?

Dash: Some of the songs were cool, but they have those weird pops and scratchy noises.

Cinder: Aren't they lovely?

Dash: I guess, if you like the sound of that.

Cinder: I do. But, they're really not that noticeable.

Dash: You probably got used to it.

-Cinder shakes her head and takes a few vinyls. She also grabs an interesting figure of a flying saucer with a bunch of lights on it.-

Dash: -He checks out some old ads from magazines that have been framed.- This stuff's not really for me, but I'm glad you like it.

Cinder: Yeah, I like it. Thanks for bringing me here. -She decides on the items she wants and goes to pay for them.-

Dash: You're welcome! That's the point if it makes you feel better.

Cinder: I barely remember what I was bummed out about.

Dash: Good! You shouldn't have to even think about it.

Cinder: I guess not.

Dash: So what did you get?

Cinder: A few vinyls, a saucer figure, and a band poster I didn't have.

Dash: Awesome! I wonder what we should do now.

Cinder: Hmm... I don't know. You're more familiar with this city, right?

Dash: Yep! I'll find something.

Cinder: -She stretches.- We could go sightseeing in the meanwhile. Maybe we might find something you'll want.

Dash: Yeah! I'm sure there's lots of stuff I want if we look in the right place. -He leaves the store.-

Cinder: The city is huge. I'm sure there will be other interesting things.

Dash: -As they walk down the street, a flyer on a phone pole catches his eye. He perks up and gets closer to read it.- Hey, look! I already found something I want!

Cinder: That was quick. -She takes a look.-

-On the flyer there's a picture of a rockruff puppy. It says "Free to a good home" and has more information at the bottom.-

Dash: -His spikes are twitching excitedly.- Look!

Cinder: -She laughs nervously.- A uhh... dog?

Dash: Yeah! A puppy just like I want! And it's free!

Cinder: I wonder if there's a catch.

Dash: I don't know. It says to contact Dr. Jason Hemlock at the Hearts & Paws veterinary clinic. That place must be right around here somewhere. -He's already looking it up on his phone.-

Cinder: Jason... Hemlock? That name sounds familiar.

Dash: Oh? -He looks at the map on his screen.- It's just a couple of streets over!

Cinder: Oh, great...

Dash: Yeah, it is! Let's go see! -He runs off down the street.-

-Cinder sweatdrops and trails a bit behind.-

Dash: Hurry up, Cinder! I don't wanna lose you.

Cinder: I'm coming. Where's the fire?

Dash: What if someone else gets there first?

Cinder: If they haven't yet... I doubt they will right this instant.

Dash: I don't want to risk it!

Cinder: All right... -She picks up the pace a little.-

Dash: This dog would be my dream pet!

Cinder: Dogs are common. How are they your dream pet?

Dash: But I specifically wanted a rockruff!

Cinder: Any reason why?

Dash: They're cute and strong and they're awesome when they evolve! You get three different choices.

-She shivers a little from the thought of it.-

Dash: Hey, there it is! -He points at the building.-

Cinder: Hmm... A black-painted vet.

Dash: The place kinda stands out, though. It's eye-catching.

Cinder: It's certainly different from a normal veterinary place.

Dash: I still wanna check it out! -He heads inside.-

-Cinder peeks inside. There's already other pokemon in there with their pets either in carriers or by their sides. They seem to waiting on their turn to be seen by one of the doctors.-

-Dash is already at the front desk, showing the secretary the flyer. She asks him to wait for a moment and she disappears into the back.-

Cinder: Dash, are you sure you want to do this now? You don't have any food, toys, or brushes for it. You don't even have a leash. What are you going to do? Carry it?

Dash: If I have to. And we can get that other stuff at a pet store or maybe even here.

Cinder: O-oh.

Dash: It'll be fine! -His spikes twitch as he waits excitedly, trying to peek behind the counter.-

-Cinder tries to hide in the corner. There's a few other dogs in the waiting room and they're making her really nervous in addition to Dash getting one soon.-

-After a few minutes, the secretary returns along with a nidorino in a doctor's coat who might be familiar to Cinder.-

Jace: ^_^ Hello, I'm Dr. Hemlock. I hear you came to see the puppy.

Dash: Yeah, I did!

-Cinder notices Jace and her eyes widen. It's the same guy she met in Alola.-

Jace: Come back with me and I'll introduce you...

Dash: Can my friend come, too? Hey, Cinder!

Cinder: -She perks up.- Eh?

Jace: -He looks at Cinder and perks, too.- Cinder..? Hey, it is you...

Dash: You know Cinder?

Cinder: -She blushes slightly.- Oh... hey. I didn't think I'd see you again.

Jace: It has been awhile... What are the chances..?

Dash: Wow, you guys really met before?

Jace: Yes, I met Cinder in Alola when I was on vacation...

Cinder: Back then, he and his girlfriend were still in college. I guess that isn't the case now?

Jace: Yeah, when the school closed, we graduated... We both work here now...

Cinder: Oh. Congratulations.

Jace: Thank you...

Dash: Umm, can I see the rockruff, now?

Jace: Oh, right... Of course...

-Cinder looks very uneasy.-

Dash: Yay! C'mon, Cinder! -He follows Jace.-

-Cinder trails behind them.-

Jace: -He takes them to one of the rooms in the back.- Just wait here, please... I'll be right back... -He leaves.-

-Dash is practically hopping around in anticipation.-

-Cinder nervously clutches her bag close to her as her eyes scan the room.-

Jace: -A few minutes later, he returns with a wriggly puppy in his arms.- Here she is...

Dash: She's so cute!

-Cinder's ears perk and her tail and whiskers flare out as she backs herself into the wall.-

-Jace puts the puppy on the floor and Dash starts playing with her. Jace smiles, watching him, but then he noticed Cinder is acting strangely.-

Jace: Are you okay, Cinder..?

Cinder: Y-yes... I'm fine.

Jace: Are you sure..? You look nervous...

Cinder: D-don't... worry about me.

-The puppy runs over to say hi to Cinder.- Ruff!

-Cinder presses up against the wall even more, lifting up one of her feet behind her as if the rockruff was something disgusting she didn't want to get on her boot. Some frightened, uneasy sounds escape from her too.-

Dash: She just wants to play, Cinder. She's really nice!

Jace: Hmm... -He picks up the rockruff and gives her to Dash.- Cinder, you don't have to be scared of the puppy... She's harmless...

Cinder: R-right... harmless....

Dash: Cinder, you're not scared, are you?

Cinder: M-me? Scared? Does... does it look like I'm scared?

Dash: You're all smashed up against the wall.

Cinder: -She glances behind her.- Oh... -She tries to unstick herself from the wall.-

Jace: It's alright if you want to leave the room...

Cinder: Look, I'm fine, okay.

Jace: Well, if you say so...

Dash: I hope you like the puppy, Cinder, because I really love her!

Cinder: I can tell...

Jace: I can tell, too... I found her abandoned and I can't keep her because I have a lot of pets already... I wanted to find a good home for her...

Dash: I'll give her the best home!

-Cinder's still eyeing the rockruff warily.-

Jace: I'll give you some things to get you started. I have a leash for her and I've been training her to walk on it... I'll also give you some puppy food...

Dash: Thanks!

Morgana: -She calls from another room.- Oh, Jace?

Jace: -He perks.- I'm in here, Morgana...

Morgana: Are you busy vith someone right now? -The lady houndoom peeks into the room.- Hmm, it seems so.

-Cinder perks her ears, seeing Morgana.-

Jace: We're almost finished... I think I found a home for the puppy... And you remember Cinder from Alola, right..?

Morgana: Oh, of course I do. Long time nein see.

Cinder: H-hey there.

Morgana: Are you living in zee area now, or just visiting?

Cinder: Umm... Dash and I were just visiting and then, well... that happened. -She motions to the rockruff.-

Morgana: Mm, I am happy zat zis little one vill finally have a home. Is zis a pet for zee both of you?

Dash: She's just a pet for me. Cinder already has some nidorans. I bet they're gonna be friends!

Jace: Of course… How are your nidorans, Cinder..?

Cinder: They're... doing well. They're adjusting to their new home.

Morgana: Mm... I assume you have a big back yard for zee rockruff? Zey require a lot of room for exercise. Zey also need somezing rough to rub zeir little stone spikes on.

Dash: I have a pretty big yard and I'll take her out to play with me every day! Can she rub on big rocks? I have some in my yard.

Morgana: Mm, ja. Big rocks are fine. In fact, zat vould be zee most natural for her.

Jace: You can always call here if you have any questions... She's already had all her shots.. and If you want to bring her back here, we can give her one free check-up...

Dash: That would be worth it!

Morgana: -She puts her hand on Jace's shoulder.- Since it seems you're busy for now, I'll leave you to zem vhile I look for some more hot spot cream. -She sneaks a kiss on his cheek, then turns to Dash and Cinder.- It vas nice seeing you again, Cinder and meeting you as vell, Dash.

Jace: -He perks.- There should be some in the back... I'll come help you look in a few minutes if you can't find it...

Dash: I think we're ready to go!

Morgana: All right, liebling. -She leaves the room.-

Cinder: Th-that's good.

Jace: -His ears are twitching and he's trying not to blush.- Alright, it looks like I have some work to do.. so you two can go if you're ready... Don't hesitate to call if you have questions...

Dash: I won't! ^^ -He's already putting the leash on his puppy.-

-Cinder gives a slight nod and is already heading towards the door.-

Dash: Thanks a lot! -He takes his stuff and follows Cinder outside.-

-Cinder's not saying anything. She just heads down the sidewalk and tries to maintain a 'safe' distance from the scary puppy.-

Dash: Hey, Cinder, wait up! -He runs after her and the puppy runs with him.-

Cinder: -She glances behind her a little, trying not to look scared, but her fur is already starting to stick up.- I'm not moving that fast.

Dash: Yeah, but it kinda seems like you're trying to avoid us. I know that can't be true.

Cinder: I'm not avoiding you.

Dash: I didn't think so. -He walks next to her.- Sorry your day got interrupted, though. I didn't expect this to happen!

Cinder: It's okay. I'm not mad, or anything. -She makes sure to stay on the opposite side of where the rockruff is.-

Dash: Good! I can't wait for my rockruff to meet your nidorans!

Cinder: Heh-heh.. Yeah.

Dash: But do you wanna do anything else before we go home?

Cinder: I can't think of anything.

Dash: Okay, then we can head back to Springleaf. Reg is gonna be so surprised!

Cinder: Heh, I bet. -She gets a calmer look on her face.- I wonder how he's doing.

Dash: I'm sure he's fine.

Cinder: Yeah, he is fine. -She smirks.-

Dash: Right! He'll probably be home by the time we get there.

Cinder: Oh, I see.

Dash: We'll just have to catch the bus back. I hope they let pets on. I can't really hide her in my backpack.

Cinder: I guess we won't know until we get there.

Dash: If not, then I'll just say I'm blind!

Cinder: I think they would be able to tell.

Dash: I can close my eyes and stumble around!

Cinder: -She shakes her head.- I don't think it works like that.

Dash: I just thought it would be worth a try. -They approach the bus stop.-

-It seems like having a pet on the bus is okay as long as Dash's rockruff is on a leash and kept on his lap.-

Dash: -He happily boards the bus and sits down, holding his puppy.- I'm glad I didn't have to pretend I was blind or beg for them to let me on.

Cinder: -She sits in the chair across from Dash.- Yeah, me too. (That would have been retarded.)

-They take the bus to the ferry terminal and board the ferry back to Springleaf. After awhile, they finally make it home.-

-Cinder steps off and looks around the town again.-

Cinder: Well, we're back here again.

Dash: Yep, so you wanna go to your house or mine first?

-The puppy is sniffing all over. This new place is full of new smells.- Ruff!

Cinder: Your place is fine.

Dash: Alright! Man, I need to think of a name for her, too.

Cinder: You going to think of something unique?

Dash: -He walks toward his house.- I want to, but I'm not the best at thinking of names.

Cinder: -She peeks in the house and immediately starts scanning the place for Reg.- Soooo... what are you suggesting?

Dash: I'm suggesting that someone else probably can think of a better name. -He goes inside.- Hey, bro, I'm home! I got a surprise!

Reggie: A surprise? -He peeks out of the kitchen.- Oh, what now?

Dash: Look what I got!

-The puppy barks.-

Reggie: Ah, you brought home a rockruff?

Cinder: -She peeks from the hallway and tries to speak as cooly as possible.- Hi, Reginald...

Reggie: Hello, Cinder. -He eyes the puppy.- So, where did you get the dog from, Daschel? I know you wanted one, but I didn't expect you to bring one home today.

Dash: I didn't, either, but I saw this ad on a pole! She was free! I can keep her, right?

Reggie: It seems a bit too late to be asking.

Dash: Well, I didn't want to give you a chance to say no!

Cinder: -She gets the vapors from Reg saying her name, but she tries not to let that show... not yet, anyway.- !! Heh, yeah. Funny how things work out. So, umm... how's your day been, Reginald

Reggie: My day? Daschel brought home a surprise puppy, so it's been pretty standard.

Dash: Yeah! I get to keep her! -He hugs the puppy and she licks his face.-

Cinder: Well, that's nice to hear. -Her tail twitches.- Umm... aside from the surprise rockruff, umm... I actually got you a little something while Dash and I were out.

-She pulls something from her messenger bag and initiates... THE LOVE PUSH!™ It's a book! A bit on the mature side (mature as in, it has big words in it), part philosophy, part pop science. It's called: As She Climbed Across the Table.-

Reggie: A gift for me? You certainly didn't have to. -He looks at the book.- Hmm, I've definitely never heard of this one before. -He doesn't seem that enthusiastic, but still trying to be nice.-

Cinder: -She rubs the back of her head.- Well... you know... I saw it and couldn't help myself. -She's really feeling the pressure, but is trying not to let it show, either.-

(Man, does he hate it? I hope not... Body language doesn't look too good, though. Ehhhh.... Maybe I should sweeten the deal somehow?!?)

 Dash: -He's playing with his puppy on the floor.- It just looks like a boring book to me. Reg should love it!

Reggie: I'll just save it to read later.

Cinder: -She tries not to hiss at Dash as she says.- It's not boring, Dash. -She clears her throat.- I hope you like it. Would you... would you like me to make you something? Coffee? Tea? Or...? -She can't bring herself to say 'Or me'. She completely clams up and trails off.-

Reggie: Well, I just barely put on a pot of coffee, but you're welcome to help yourself to some of it. Thank you for the offer, though... and the book.

Cinder: Oh. -A ghost knife stabs her in the heart.- Well... maybe next time. You're welcome, though.

Reggie: I'll just head upstairs, so you two can have your fun. -He starts heading out of the room.-

Dash: But, Reg, I wanted to ask you something. I need help thinking of a name for my puppy. I can't just keep calling her puppy all the time and I already used the name "Rocky" on my pet rock! You're good at words and stuff!

Reggie: -He stops and thinks.- Hmm...

Cinder: I still think maybe something associated with rocks, or perhaps rocky terrain would be suitable and easier for you to remember, Dash. -She tries to sound SO SMART! Well, she is, but now she's trying to show off.-

Reggie: Yes, something to do with rocks, but simple.

Dash: If I like the name, I'm going to remember it. I'm not stupid.

Cinder: -She crosses her arms.- I might have some ideas.

Dash: What've you got for me?

Cinder: Well, there's Gravel Pup and Rubble. I also thought of Kimberlite and Stalagmutt.

Dash: Hmm, those are some pretty good ones! I dunno what Kimberlite is, though.

Cinder: It's a type of igneous rock formed by volcanoes. They can contain diamonds sometimes.

Dash: Ohh! What about you, bro?

Reggie: Well, maybe Sappho, which means sapphire, but was also the name of a Greek, female poet. Or maybe Shamira, which means precious stone or guardian.

Dash: Also good ones!

Cinder: -She looks over at Reg.- They're very exotic sounding.

Reggie: Thank you. I suppose they would be, being Greek and Hebrew in origin, respectively.

Dash: I think I really like Shamira! I think that would be perfect for her! -He looks at the rockruff.- Do you like your name, Shamira?

-Shamira barks and chases her tail.-

-Cinder bristles and takes a step back from the bark.- !

Dash: She likes it a lot! Shamira it is! Thanks, bro!

Reggie: You're welcome. I do think it fits her well.

Dash: Thanks, too, Cinder! All the names were good. I just really like the meaning of Shamira.

Cinder: No problem. I understand.

-The coffee maker has started dripping and the coffee is already filling up the pot.-

Reggie: I guess I won't have to come back for my coffee, after all.

Cinder: -Her nose twitches.- It does smell really good.

Reggie: -He gets a mug.- Would you like some? There will be more than enough for me.

Cinder: Sure, I'd love some. -Her mind wanders to the happy thought of how they could have coffee together like an official couple.-

Reggie: -He gives her a mug and pours himself some coffee.- You may help yourself to whatever you like, then. I'll be going upstairs to work on some assignments.

Dash: Okay, bro! I'll have some hot chocolate and then we'll probably go to Cinder's.

Cinder: Oh, work, huh? You're not worried about getting it on anything?

Reggie: I'm not going to set my cup where it can spill on my laptop, if that's what you mean.

Cinder: Yeah... -Her ears flatten slightly.- Something like that...

Reggie: Thank you for your concern for my homework, but I'm sure it will be fine.

Dash: He drinks coffee in his room all the time! -He gives Shamira a bowl of water and she laps it up while he makes hot chocolate.-

Cinder: -She tries not to sound too disappointed.- Yeah... of course.

Reggie: Have fun, kids. I'll see you later. -He goes to his room.-

Cinder: -She slumps a lot when Reg leaves.- (K-kids...?)

Dash: -He drinks his hot chocolate, but his ears twitch a little.- You okay, Cinder? You still look a little down.

Cinder: -She sighs and straightens up a little.- I'm fine.

Dash: I know we don't have that fancy coffee you like so much.

Cinder: It's okay, Dash.

Dash: So, when we're done, you wanna go see what your nidos think of Shamira?

Cinder: -She sighs and gets some coffee.- Yeah, I guess.

Dash: Hmm... You sure you're okay?

Cinder: Why do you ask? -She's sort of looking into her mug, but hasn't touched the coffee yet.-

Dash: Because you keep sighing and you have coffee in your hand and you haven't drank it yet.

Cinder: Hmm... -She drinks her coffee and looks away.-

Dash: Aww, c'mon. You can tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help!

Cinder: -She looks up.- You?

Dash: Yeah, me! Who else?

-Shamira barks.-

Dash: Shamira will help, too!

Cinder: -Her tail bristles.- I... I doubt it.

Dash: Well, not it you won't tell me what's wrong.

Cinder: I don't think she could do anything about your brother.

Dash: What about my bro? He's great!

Cinder: Yeah, he is. .... .... .... -She sips and thinks for a moment.- Dash, tell me something... what exactly does your brother like the most?

Dash: Hmm, he loves reading! Don't you think he'll like that book you gave him?

Cinder: I hope so, but I was wondering if that was the type of subject he enjoyed.

Dash: Well, I know he likes learning different languages.

Cinder: Hmm... anything else?

Dash: He likes those weird, foreign movies with subtitles. How come you wanna know what Reg likes?

Cinder: -She looks away.- Hmm... I was just curious, that's all.

Dash: Well, if it cheers you up to know stuff about Reg, I'll tell you!

Cinder: -She slightly clears her throat.- That's a... funny way of putting it.

Dash: You think so? But I thought it was kinda funny that you wanted to know stuff about my bro. I'll tell you whatever, though.

Cinder: Is it really so strange to know stuff about a friend's family?

Dash: Nah, I guess not. You've known Reg almost as long as you've known me.

Cinder: Yeah, exactly. So, doesn't it seem weird that I don't know everything about him?

Dash: Not really. He didn't hang out with us when we were kids.

Cinder: Kids... yeah... -She frowns a bit, recalling that name.-

Dash: But we don't need him, right? We can have fun together!

Cinder: Hmm...

Dash: Right? -He grins and looks hopeful.-

Cinder: -Her ears twitch.- Hmm... we can... have fun.

Dash: Yeah!

Shamira: Ruff!

Cinder: -She bristles again.- So, umm... okay.

Dash: -He puts his empty mug in the sink.- And if you wanna ask me stuff about Reg, that's fine, too.

Cinder: I might have a few more questions, but I won't dump them all on you now.

Dash: Okay, whenever you feel like it.

Cinder: -She puts the mug in the sink.- I think I'm done here...

Dash: So am I. Let's get going! -He puts Shamira's leash back on.-

Cinder: -She sighs a little.- Hmm... all right. So you wanted the mutt to meet my nidos, right? -She brushes her mustache back.- Just make sure she doesn't try to touch their spines.

Dash: I won't, but Cinder, you shouldn't call her a mutt. That doesn't sound very nice.

Cinder: Oh, so she's a pure-breed, then.

Dash: I dunno. But she looks like a pure rockruff, don't you think?

Cinder: -She doesn't want to look at the dog.- I wouldn't know. I'm not a feral breeder.

Dash: I just don't want her to think you're being mean, since someone was already mean to her and left her all alone. -He pets the puppy.- I want her to know she's loved now!

Cinder: -She still doesn't look.- .... I just... I'm not used to this.

Dash: But you have pets.

Cinder: Yes, but they're nidorans.

Dash: But they run around and play. Are they that different?

Cinder: Of course. Nidorans are completely different from rockruffs. They're poison-types, for starters.

Dash: Wouldn't that just make them more dangerous?

Cinder: Not my nidorans. They're very well behaved.

Dash: I know yours are nice. And I know Shamira will be well-behaved, too.

-Shamira is tugging at her leash.-

Cinder: All right. -She leaves the house, picking up her bag along the way.-

Dash: -He leaves with her.- I wonder if that vet guy taught her any tricks. I should have asked him.

-Shamira is running back and forth, trying to sniff everything.-

Cinder: You mean Jace? He's probably too busy working.

Dash: Maybe. It looked pretty busy in there. Well, I'll make sure to teach her all kinds of stuff!

Cinder: Just as long as she doesn't bite... -She makes it to her house.-

Dash: She's too sweet to bite! I love how close our houses are now. Even closer than when we were in Alola!

Cinder: Heh, yeah. -She heads inside and can smell something in the air.- Hmm... smells like Keeta's cooking something. Tacos, maybe?

-Suddenly, Cinder's nidorans rush to the door to greet their master, but stop short when they see the new rockruff. Brambles puts himself between Briar and Shamira.-

Dash: Oh man, that smells great!

-Shamira perks when she sees the nidorans. She barks and pulls on the leash to try and get closer, but Dash holds the leash tightly.-

-Brambles sticks his spikes up and flaps his ears at Shamira. Briar sort of peeks over the male's butt.-

Cinder: Better not bite them, or everyone will be in a world of hurt.

Dash: I don't want anyone to get bitten.

-Shamira inches closer, crouching playfully.-

-Brambles creeps closer, folding his ears back a little and sniffing.-

Cinder: Brambles seems curious, though.

-Shamira sniffs, too, and Dash lets her slowly move closer to Brambles.-

-Brambles hops once and makes a little nido noise, while sniffing more. Briar also tries to come closer, her whiskers twitching.-

-Shamira gets her nose close to Brambles' nose, sniffing and wagging her tail.-

-They boop noses! Briar gets jealous and tries to push Shamira out of the way with her body.- !

-Shamira gets pushed back, but she also tries to sniff Briar.-

Dash: Woah, I thought for sure Brambles would do something like that, not Briar!

Cinder: Briar, be nice. She's not going to take Brambles away.

-Briar boops heads with Brambles and he does the same back and makes little noises at Shamira. Briar is kind of ignoring the pup's sniffing.-

-Shamira makes a little woof and jumps back a forth, excitedly.-

-The nidorans make nido sounds and seem a bit more friendly to Shamira.-

Cinder: You want them to go outside in the backyard?

Dash: Yeah, so I can let her off the leash. It looks like they're making friends.

Cinder: Yeah and I'm sure they'll play nicely.

Dash: I knew they'd be nice! -He walks Shamira around to the backyard gate.-

Cinder: Come on, you two. -Her has her nidorans follow her.-

-He goes into the backyard and sets Shamira free once the gate is closed.-

-The rockruff runs around in the grass.-

-The nidorans start running too. They're trying to chase Shamira around.-

Cinder: At least they'll tire your pup out.

-Shamira runs from them and tumbles in the grass, rolling over, before springing back up.-

Dash: I bet they'll all be tired out by the end of it!

Cinder: Definitely. -She sits on a little swing that Keeta tied to a tree limb.-

Dash: -He pulls up a patio chair and sits on it.- I can still smell those tacos =d

Cinder: I guess you're wanting to stay for dinner?

Dash: If you insist!

Cinder: That was insisting?

Dash: Close enough ^^ I'd love to stay for dinner!

Cinder: I guess your brother doesn't feed you well?

Dash: He does, but he doesn't cook like Keeta.

Cinder: I can't recall having his cooking, so I don't know what to compare it to.

Dash: Maybe you can eat over at our house tomorrow!

Cinder: -Her ears perk up.- ! He wouldn't mind?

Dash: I'm sure he'd be fine with it.

Cinder: All right.

Dash: I'll make sure to tell him, so he'll know to make more food!

Cinder: Yeah, I would hate to just barge in.

Dash: You wouldn't be barging in cuz I invited you!

Cinder: Well, if you didn't.

Dash: Then you can tell Keeta how we do actually eat food in my house!

Cinder: I'm sure she knows you both eat. She just doesn't think you eat as much as she would like, I guess.

Dash: Well, I can always eat more!

Cinder: I figured you would say that. -She watches their pets continue to play and run around.-

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© 2018 - 2019 Rapha-chan
Word Count: 7305

:iconpowerwing-amber: as Cinder Kalaupa & Morgana Vomer
:iconrapha-chan: as Dash Berliner, Reggie Berliner, & Jace Hemlock

I wanted Dash to get a puppy, so Powerwing-Amber and I RPed him getting his rockruff, Shamira! :meow: I'll have her official profile up soon. ^^ We RPed this so long ago, but it took me forever to get around to editing it :XD:; Oops, but it's done now!

With guest appearances by Jace and Morgana, Hearthome's newest veterinarians.

Cinder is © to Powerwing-Amber#725 Litten 
Dash is mine!#777 Togedemaru 
Recommended Literature
Attack on Cravat! Chapter 2
"_____." "______." "Oh gosh... ______!" "_______!" "Five more minutes..." you mumbled sleepily, burrowing further into the soft covers of your bed. "Ah, please ______, wake up!" You waved a tired hand at the voice that tried to summon you from beyond your cozy bed. "I'll get up in a sec, okay?" "No, you don't underst-...Ymir!" Abruptly, you were torn from your covers. You gasped as your skin was exposed to the cold air. "Noooo~~!" you moaned as you were unceremoniously dumped onto the cold hard wooden floor. You opened your eyes just a tiny bit, to find Ymir standing above you, a death glare painted across her face. Behind her, Christa looked
 Setting her suitcase down she looked around her new room, it was bleak and bland. One bed, one dresser, two drawers, one closet and a desk and a window over the bed, curtains closed. They were all the same color, white; her room was a light shade of blue and the carpet shag white. She sighed and couldn’t wait to decorate it to look like her old room back at her old home, which was across the country. Oh how she missed it so, her two friends gave her a goodbye party that still gives tears to her eyes, and her classmates did the same. It surprised her so much they didn’t even show signs of liking her in the beginning but said that
Stalker Alert: Shiratorizawa II (Various x Reader)
Oh no, what were you going to do? “Come on, pick up,” you mumbled to yourself as you once again tried to contact your brother. “Pick up, pick up.” You had been running some errands and before you knew it, it had gotten dark outside. Deciding to call it a day, you started heading home but soon noticed the man following you. When you turned a corner, he followed; when you picked up your pace, so did he. There was no doubt that he was following you and something told you that he had ill intentions. You were currently in a convenience store desperately trying to contact your older brother but with no luck. Both of your p
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