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PKMNSkies: Doggo Get!

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Meet Dash's new rockruff pupper, Shamira!

:iconpowerwing-amber: and I did an RP about how he got her, but we went a bit overboard and it ended up having so much extra stuff that it wasn't focused enough on him getting his dog, so here's a pic of the two of them to seal the deal!

PKMNSkies: RP - Dash's Rockruff GET!-Dash heads over to Cinder's house and rings the doorbell.-
-Cinder's nidorans start running towards the door, making little sounds.-
Cinder: I'm coming, I'm coming. -She heads towards the door and opens it.- Oh, hey Dash. I should have known it was you by the way they were acting.
-The nidos circle around Dash's legs.-
Dash: What can I say? They love me! -He pets the nidos.-
-The male nido, Brambles, tries to headbutt Dash when he tries to pet him.-
Cinder: Yeah, I guess so. -She picks up Briar.- Well, come inside.
Dash: He loves me in his own way. -He follows her in.-
Cinder: Come on, Brambles. Quit bugging him. -The male nido runs back into the house.- So, what's up?
Dash: Well, you've been kinda bummed out since you got that job. Not that I blame you. I'd be bummed out, too, if I got a job! But you're off today, right?
Cinder: Yeah. -She puts Briar do

Upon further thought, the RP might have counted if I only posted the part where he actually got the puppy. ^^; Oh well. Basically, he and Cinder took a trip to Hearthome City and Dash saw an ad for a rockruff puppy that was free to a good home. Of course he impulsively went and adopted her, much to Cinder's dismay!

Pokemon is © to Game Freak/Nintendo
Dash & Shamira are mine!#777 Togedemaru#744 Rockruff
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AAhhhh! Shamira's so cute! She really likes to lick people, doesn't she? :XD:

I'm glad you finally finished this! owo
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Rapha-chanHobbyist General Artist
Thank you, friend! ^^ Yeah, she loves to lick, so hopefully she didn't eat anything nasty prior to this. XD;

I'm glad, too! :meow:
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She better not be eating piles of poop. XD; If so, Dash better start putting pineapple in her food.