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PKMNSkies: Dash Selfie!

Character  Daschel Berliner
Just a little selfie of Dash for :iconpkmnskies:

Knowing Dash, he's probably just about to do the milk crate challenge or some other dumb thing. I am a dummy!

Pokemon is © to The Pokemon Company
Dash is mine! Meow :3

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Dash, don't do the milk crate challenge! There's so many people in the hospital now because of that! ^^;

Nice selfie, Dash. Did he use the stick? =P I thought Cinder tried to shove that up his... ahem...

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It's exactly that type of stupidity that calls to him!

He got a new one and he's right back at it! :)

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He gets upset at Cinder smoking, yet he's perfectly okay with this? Okay, I see how it is. XD;

I like how you didn't even miss a beat and it's implied he did get the stick stuck up there. LOL

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Smoking doesn't get views on MewTube! =P

LOL I'm not gonna deny that he probably did.