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Absol by CreepyJellyfish :iconpkmn-armonia: Absol by CreepyJellyfish
Mirage College

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:cheese: NAME: Wyborn Bramblepelt

:cheese: NICKNAMES:
:bulletblue: WB [his dad]
:bulletblue: YB [Bæset]

:cheese: AGE: Introductory: 23 Current: 25

:cheese: GENDER: Male

:cheese: ORIENTATION: Heteroromantic Asexual

:cheese: SPECIES: #359 Absol

:cheese: BIRTHDAY: April 2, 1991

:cheese: ZODIAC:
:bulletblue: Western: Whimsicott [Aries ♈]
:bulletblue: Chinese: Gogoat [Sheep] (Metal Element)

:cheese: HEIGHT: 5'4" [1.63 m]

:cheese: WEIGHT: 127 lbs [57.61 kg]

:cheese: NATURE: Naïve

:cheese: SUMMARY CHARACTERISTIC: Somewhat Of A Clown

:cheese: ABILITY: Super Luck [Boosts the critical-hit ratios of moves.]

:bulletblue: Delta [Dark/Water Fusion]

:cheese: HOMETOWN:
:bulletblue: Birthplace: Route 27, Kanto
:bulletblue: Current: Lumiose City, Kalos



:bulletblue: Friendly
Wyborn loves making friends. He will often run up to someone he's just met and hug them, declaring them to be his new friend. He's willing to offer help to just about anyone, although accepting his offer may not be recommended.
:bulletblue: Intelligent
When it comes to math, computers, and all forms of geeky knowledge, Wyborn's expertise can't be beat. He may seem a bit derpy, but he's a wiz at all things electronic.
:bulletblue: Clumsy
Wyborn is the type who can trip over or bump into just about anything and everything, usually with tragic results. Hide your valuables when this absol is around.
:bulletblue: Nerdy
Whether it's video games, card games, RPGs, LARPing, Sci-Fi, comic books, or any other nerdy pursuits, Wyborn has vast knowledge on just about everything geek culture entails. His huge collection of nerdy T-shirts should be proof of this.
:bulletblue: Innocent
With a child-like disposition, Wyborn tends to be ignorant of the more unpleasant aspects of the world. Either that or he simply doesn't wish to acknowledge them. He would rather see the happier side of everything around him.
:bulletblue: Oblivious
Wyborn is generally unaware of the damage his overly friendly and klutzy nature causes. He is truely a disaster pokemon, but his shaky grip on reality won't allow him to see things the way they are. Afterall, life is an adventure and there's no time to notice that hurricane offshore when you're down to one life and you're about to beat the final boss. Gosh!

:cheese: HISTORY:
Before Armonia:
Wyborn grew up in a small settlement at the base of Mount Silver, just off Route 27 in Kanto. Since his mother had mysteriously disappeared when he was just an egg, the young absol was raised by his psyduck father, and even amid his neighbors' prejudice against dark-types and the ever-present rumors about his mother, Wyborn stayed happy in his own blissful, little world. It's not that he wasn't aware of other pokemons' superstitions; he just had his own special way of dealing with them. He decided to renounce his identity as an absol and introduce himself as a psyduck, much to the confusion of everyone he met.

Ignoring the paranoia of the ignorant villagers, Wyborn's most outstanding flaw was always his natural klutziness. When paired with his very friendly attitude, the combination was a recipe for disaster. Wyborn's father had to homeschool him because of the extraordinary amount of friendship-related injuries his son's excited glomps caused and because he was tired of being billed for all of the broken school equipment. Wyborn never did return to public school, but since his father was a computer programmer, he did become very knowledgeable in the subject of computers. He got into gaming and comic books and spent much of his time immersed in the world these things created for him.

After many years of wreaking accidental havoc on his village in the form of helpfulness and goodwill, Wyborn decided that it was time for him to find his long-lost mother. His father tried to talk him out of it, but Wyborn was excited to see the world and he just knew that his mother must be out there, somewhere, waiting for him to find her. He left home just after his eighteenth birthday and traveled far and wide, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He found a pet and guardian in Iblis the slugma, who later evolved. He found a home and many new friends in a small town where he stayed for several years. But alas, tragedy struck (totally not his fault!) and he had to move on.

Wyborn moved back home while trying to decide what to do with himself. He was sad that he had never found his mother, but he didn't intend to give up. His best of friends – Bæset and Ivan – moved to Lumiose City, and though he kept in touch with them, he missed being around them, as he had come to think of them as family. His first idea was to head to Kalos, himself. Afterall, his mother's family was Kalosian; it would be a good place to search. But before he could put this plan into action, he got the word that Bæset was planning to attend the Armonia Institute with her adopted son, Tibia. This was just the kind of news Wyborn wanted to hear. He finally had a chance to attend a real school and he'd get to do so with some of his best friends. He quickly printed out an application and got to work filling it out.

Not long after Wyborn was accepted to Armonia, the opening of the prestigious Mirage College was announced, and since he had already been home-schooled to the level of a high school graduate, Wyborn thought it was only natural that he should move on to college.

After Armonia:
Since enrolling in Mirage College, Wyborn has had his share of adventures, including becoming a water-type fusion. Unfortunately, he still can't swim, but at least he no longer has to worry about drowning.

:bulletblue: When Wyborn was seven, it was discovered that he was deathly allergic to bug bites (much more so than other dark-types would be) when he was bitten by a venomoth while playing outside. The bite caused him to go into anaphylactic shock and he nearly died. He was in the hospital for three days and it frightened his father so badly, that after the experience, he made Wyborn eat tanga berries every day to help build up his immunity. It seems to have worked because although bug bites will always make him feel sick and dizzy, they're no longer likely to put his life in danger. He still has an intense fear of bugs, though.

:cheese: HOBBIES:
:bulletblue: Comic Books
:bulletblue: Gaming
:bulletblue: Science Fiction
:bulletblue: Computers
:bulletblue: Dancing [Carlton Banks style!]

:cheese: FAVORITE BERRY FLAVOR: Spicy [Top 5: Tanga, Enigma, Spelon, Lansat, Starf]



:cheese: LEVEL: Introductory: 20 Current: 29

:cheese: LEARNSET:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Perish Song (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Me First (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Razor Wind (Level 1)
:iconfightingtypeplz: Detect (Level 1)
:icondarktypeplz: Taunt (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Scratch (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Feint (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer (Level 4)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack(Level 7)
:icondarktypeplz: Pursuit (Level 10)
:icondarktypeplz: Bite (Level 16)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Team (Level 19)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Slash (Level 22)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swords Dance (Level 25)

:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunderbolt (TM)
:iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower (TM)
:iconpsychictypeplz: Zen Headbutt (Egg)
:iconpsychictypeplz: Role Play (Tutor)
:iconfightingtypeplz: Superpower (Tutor)

:cheese: DELTA MOVES:
:iconwatertypeplz: Surf (Level 20)
:iconwatertypeplz: Water Shuriken (Level 20)
:iconwatertypeplz: Scald (Level 25)

:iconnormaltypeplz: Techno Blast (Legendary Berry)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hidden Power (Coach)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hold Hands (Gift)

:cheese: HIDDEN POWER:
:bulletblue: Dark-Type
:bulletblue: Night Slash
:bulletblue: Greninja



:cheese: HOUSE: Idenn

:cheese: CLUBS: Unknown

:cheese: SCHOOL: Science [Tesla]

:cheese: MAJOR: Software Engineering

:cheese: MINOR: Nanotechnology



:cheese: VOICE ACTOR:
:bulletblue: Jeffrey Rath (Speaking Voice) [Link ~ The Faces Of Evil]
:bulletblue: Alfonso Ribeiro (Singing Voice) [Carlton Banks ~ Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air]

:cheese: MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE: Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving [ENFP]

:cheese: JUNG PERSONALITY TYPE: Submissive Extroverted Abstract Feeling [SEAF]

:cheese: FRIENDS:
School Friends:
:bulletblue: Bæset
:bulletblue: Spinny

:cheese: PETS:
:bulletblue: Iblis [Magcargo]
:bulletblue: Phar Fignewton [Aerodactyl]
:bulletblue: Terrabite [Porygon]

:cheese: FAMILY:
:bulletblue: Melvin Bramblepelt [Father ~ Psyduck ~ Mild ~ Good Perseverance]
:bulletblue: Giselle D'Argent Bramblepelt Roché [Mother ~ Absol ~ Lonely ~ Quick To Flee] (Currently MIA)

:cheese: FUN FACTS:
:bulletblue: Wyborn was originally planned to be an emo character, but due to a miscommunication, he evolved into the derpy absol he is today. Destiny?
:bulletblue: Wyborn's "guyliner" is natural pigmentation, not makeup.
:bulletblue: Wyborn, having been raised by a psyduck, has a certain fascination with other absols. He doesn't understand what it means to be one, but he somehow senses there's something important about it.
:bulletblue: Wyborn is never cold because he's well-insulated with thick fur. He never wears anything heavier than a hoodie even in the coldest conditions, but he fries in hot weather.
:bulletblue: Wyborn is named after the kid from 'Coraline' because the name was suggested to me by Powerwing-Amber, but any other similarities are purely coincidental. I never saw that movie until after I created this character.
:bulletblue: Wyborn's birthday is 4/2. 42 is an unlucky number in Japanese culture because 4 and 2 can be pronounced "shi ni," which means "unto death." It's also the "answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything," but no one knows what the question is.


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:iconwyborn-bramblepelt: is mine!#359 Absol by Kaizoku-no-Yume
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Aww! :meow: I'm so happy to see Wyborn's app is finally updated to the new one. And he's just as derpy as ever!

Water Shuriken? More like Water Sure-U-CAN'T! :bucktooth:
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Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad I got him done, too! Now two more to go! :dummy:
Don't underestimate his sweet ninja moves!
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And Jace's is the hardest one of all! But, I know you can do it! ^^
But... but... he'll break everything!

Btw, I realized that Wyborn's level is abnormally low for a college student. o o I thought the minimum was much higher.
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