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PKMNA: Y3 App - Stellanova Volantis
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Published: August 13, 2015
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Zweilous by CreepyJellyfish Armonia Stamp by Solarri Zweilous by CreepyJellyfish
Mirage College




:star: NAME: Stellanova Volantis

:star: AGE: Introductory: 17 Current: 21

:star: BIRTHDAY: May 28, 1995

:star: ZODIAC:
:bulletpurple: Western: Klink [Gemini ♊]
:bulletpurple: Chinese: Grumpig [Pig] (Wood Element)

:star: GENDER: Female

:bulletblue: Aromantic Asexual
:bulletpink: Heteroromantic Heterosexual

:star: SPECIES: #634 Zweilous

:star: LEVEL: Introductory: 52 Current: 56

:star: HEIGHT: 6'8" [2.03 m]

:star: WEIGHT: 325 lbs [147.42 kg]

:star: NATURE: Hardy


:star: ABILITY: Hustle [Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.]

:star: HOMETOWN: Blackthorn, Johto

:star: FAVORITE BERRY FLAVOR: Sweet [Top 5:  Watmel, Custap, Mago, Pecha, Kasib]

:star: HOBBIES:
:bulletpurple: Singing
:bulletblue: Battling
:bulletpink: Eating



:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle (Level 1)
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Rage (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Focus Energy (Level 4)
:icondarktypeplz: Bite (Level 9)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Headbutt (Level 12)
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Breath (Level 17)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Roar (Level 20)
:icondarktypeplz: Crunch (Level 25)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Slam (Level 28)
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Pulse (Level 32)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Work Up (Level 38)
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Rush (Level 42)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Body Slam (Level 48)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Scary Face (Level 50)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Hit (Level 50)

:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Fang (Egg)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunder Fang (Egg)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hyper Voice (Tutored)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hidden Power [Steel] (TM)

:iconsteeltypeplz: Gyro Ball (Tutored)
:iconpoisontypeplz: Sludge Wave (Comet Shard)
:icondragontypeplz: Roar Of Time (Legendary Berry)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hold Hands (Gift)



:bulletblue: Independent
Stella is convinced that there's nothing she can't do on her own. She loves her alone time, but since she evolved, that's something she very rarely gets. She has no interest in falling in love and sees such things as a waste of her time.
:bulletblue: Short-Tempered
It's very easy to tick Stella off. Any little thing can be a berserk button for this girl.
:bulletblue: Tomboyish
Stella definitely enjoys more boyish pursuits and considers herself to be on par with any man out there.
:bulletblue: Brash
There's nothing subtle about Stella. She's very vocal about her intentions and confident in her abilities. Sometimes she may be overly so, but there's not much she can't handle.
:bulletblue: Determined
Stella refuses to let any obstacle get in the way of something she wants and she never lets anyone tell her there's something she can't do. She's very stubborn about proving herself.
:bulletblue: Violent
Stella loves a good battle, but she sometimes forgets to leave the battle on the battlefield. If she starts getting irritated, she will first start throwing sarcastic insults, but it won't be long before she starts throwing punches, as well.

:bulletpink: Ditsy
Nova is extremely air-headed. If her head was any further into the clouds an airplane would probably crash into it.
:bulletpink: Boy-Crazy
Unlike her sister, Nova crushes easily on any boy she can smell. She hopes to have a boyfriend one day, but if Stella has anything to say about it, that won't be happening.
:bulletpink: Kind
For all her faults, Nova is a very sweet girl. She cares about everyone around her and always wants to be nice to them.
:bulletpink: Undisciplined
Nova really lacks a lot in the self-control department, especially when it comes to food. She'll try to taste just about anything, even things she shouldn't be tasting.
:bulletpink: Friendly
Nova considers everyone to be a potential friend and she does whatever she can to keep Stella from scaring everyone away.
:bulletpink: Dependent
Having never been alone in her life, Nova doesn't really know how to do anything for herself. She's always had Stella to take care of things for her so she doesn't have any idea of what she could accomplish if she actually tried.

:star: HISTORY:
Before Armonia:
Being born a deino, living in a world of darkness was never strange to Stellanova. She didn't consider herself to be disabled because being blind was natural for her and she had many other senses to compensate for her lack of sight. However, it was hard to convince others of that fact and Stellanova was constantly having to prove that she could do things on her own. Because of this desire to show her independence, Stellanova developed a tendency to push others away, even as a young deino. It became apparent to her that this was going to go on until she had fully evolved.

Her mother, a hydreigon, understood her daughter's frustration very well, having gone through it herself. Her father, a salamence, had a similar understanding, for what bagon doesn't dream of that far-off day when it can spread its wings and fly? But Stellanova had no patience for waiting on evolution. She went out and did whatever she wanted, snapping (literally) at anyone who tried to help her. This behavior guaranteed that any potential friends would keep their distance.

Stellanova's mother warned her not to take her evolution lightly. She believed that once a deino became a zweilous it was a race to become a hydreigon as quickly as possible because the zweilous stage was an unpleasant state to be in. Little Stellanova pushed herself as hard as she could, getting into battles with every pokemon she came across, even the ones who didn't want to battle her. If anyone ever refused to battle her, she kicked their butts even harder. Because of all the experience she gained, she evolved into a zweilous at the relatively early age of 15. It was only then that she realized what her mother had had been warning her about.

As expected, Stellanova's evolution made her bigger, stronger, and of course, caused her to produce a second head — a second head that had a personality the first head just couldn't tolerate. The two heads began to go by Stella and Nova in order to distinguish between them, but her mother didn't approve of this, saying that a zweilous should never think of itself as two different pokemon. Stellanova's father thought much differently. Not being of the deino line himself, he was delighted to now have two daughters and always treated them as individuals.

Stella wanted to evolve again, and soon, but Nova made this difficult because she didn't much like fighting. The two of them arguing with each other caused them to lose more often than not, and everyone knows you don't get experience by losing. To make matters worse, Nova was a habitual eater. She would sniff and taste just about anything. Even though Stella tried to keep her from eating too much, Nova would often gorge herself, causing indigestion for them both and a lot of weight gain.

Stellanova began venturing into the dragon caves, looking for feral pokemon to fight, since they were much easier to beat than her fellow dragon-types who lived in the city. Nova protested, but Stella dragged her along and even without her sister head's help, she trained by fighting zubats in the darkness of the caves. It was there that Nova befriended a woobat which she named Lilith. Nova loved her fluffiness and thought she must be so cute. Stella gave in and let her keep Lilith as a pet. She worried she may be developing a soft spot for her other half, but she quickly shoved that thought to the back of her mind.

As time went on, Stella did find herself becoming more protective of her silly, simpleminded sister, even though she would never admit it and Nova still gave her no end of aggravation. Stella started to think about what kind of effect further evolution would have on their relationship and came to the conclusion that she should never evolve, even if it meant she would never be able to see or fly, but she couldn't tell anyone that it was because Nova was the only friend she had and she didn't want to lose her in any way. She even asked her father for an everstone, knowing her mother wouldn't approve of it. He was happy to obtain an everstone choker for her to wear. Not wanting Nova to feel left out, he gave her a pretty heart necklace fit for a princess.

The only problem now was that Stellanova still couldn't stop disagreeing with herself, so when she heard about Armonia and how they taught about harmony, she knew she wanted to attend school there. Harmony was something she felt she could use in her situation, not to mention going off to a private school would be a challenge and she was ready to accept it. Her mother tried to disuade her, but it was useless to try and change her mind once it was made up. She sent in an application and hoped that the experience would help her come to terms with herself and that she would maybe even make some friends.

After Armonia:
After studying at Armonia for a few years, Stellanova has been through many things and even made a few friends along the way. She's even changed species on multiple occasions and Stella has learned what it's like to see, but she still refuses to evolve. Stella has also developed an intense hatred of fairy-types and has collected a few new moves to use against them. Now she's decided to move on to Mirage College to further her education.

:bulletpurple: In order to improve her weakness to cold, Stellanova used to go training in the Icy Path. Once when she was younger, she got lost and nearly froze by the time she was found, but it never stopped her from trying again. Once she had recovered, she went right back in.



:star: HOUSE: Selva Stamp by Solarri

:star: SCHOOL: Physical Culture & Sports [Amity]

:star: MAJOR: Physical Culture & Sports

:star: MINOR: Culinary Arts

:star: CLUBS:
:bulletpurple: Glee
:bulletpurple: Wilderness

:star: BADGES:
:bulletpurple: Major - Physical Culture & Sports
:bulletpurple: Minor - Culinary Arts
:bulletpurple: Wilderness Club Member - Term 6
:bulletpurple: Glee Club Member - Term 5-6
:bulletpurple: Newspaper Club Captain - Term 3



:bulletblue: Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging [ESTJ]
:bulletpink: Extroverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving [ESFP]

:bulletblue: Dominant Extroverted Concrete Thinking [DECT]
:bulletpink: Submissive Extroverted Concrete Feeling [SECF]

:star: FRIENDS:
School Friends:
:bulletpurple: Morgana Vomer
:bulletpurple: Rufi McLean
:bulletpurple: Ko

:star: PETS:
:bulletpurple: Lilith [Woobat]
:bulletpurple: Bulldozer [Shieldon]

:star: FAMILY:
Immediate Family:
:bulletpurple: Albion Volantis [Father ~ Salamence ~ Gentle]
:bulletpurple: Eidelweiss Volantis [Mother ~ Hydreigon ~ Adamant]

:star: FUN FACTS:
:bulletpurple: Stellanova's name is Latin. Her given name means "new star" and her family name means "flying."
:bulletpurple: Stellanova may not be able to see, but all of her other senses are extremely keen.
:bulletpurple: Even though Stellanova doesn't have many facial features to work with, her moods can be determined by other means. Her fur, wings, antennae, and even her stubby tail (if you can see it) can be used as indicators.
:bulletpurple: My idea for Stellanova came about because I had noticed several deino characters around (in this group and others) and none of them were portrayed are blind, even though the Pokédex states that they are. Evidence points to zweilous being blind, as well. At the time I had never seen anyone use a blind character and having two heads to work with just seemed fun.
:bulletpurple: Stellanova's mother is German and though neither head is fluent, both Stella and Nova can speak a bit of the language. Stella is a little more proficient.


PKMNA: Stellanova's Locker by Rapha-chan


Mirage College Y3 PNG by Buntato
Pokemon is © to Nintendo/Game Freak
:iconstellanova-volantis: is mine! :meow:
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bichlieulythi|Student Digital Artist
What will they do if they evolve into Hydreigon?
Reply  ·  
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Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not planning to ever evolve them and Stella has an everstone in her choker to prevent that from happening ^^
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Stella and Nova still look as cute as ever.

(And when's the y3 Jace app gonna appear? I want to see it so badly!)
Reply  ·  
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Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, but they probably look as cute as ever because I used the same art form my old app =P I wanted to draw a new pic, but there was too much happening this month, so maybe I'll update the image at some point.

Jace's will be updated before the deadline. When I post it, you'll see why it's taking longer than the others ^^
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I don't know if someone already had this idea, but with the wishes event, have you had an idea for Stellanova to evolve into 2 hydreigons? (One being Stella and the other being Nova) That way, she/they would evolve without missing each other. :)

(That would be crazy... :))
Reply  ·  
Rapha-chan's avatar
Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
That is a good idea, but I'm just not sure if I ever want to evolve them because I really like zweilous. I've tried drawing her as a hydreigon and I wasn't too crazy about it. Maybe if I came up with a design I really liked, but for now she'll stay the same ^^
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Finally, Stellanova goes to college! :lol: Why do I have a feeling she'll have a more laid-back time there?

Also, I wonder if Nova hates fairies as much as Stella does.
Reply  ·  
Rapha-chan's avatar
Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
She'll be more laid back because Rufi isn't there ^^; But I'm afraid Rufi will be expelled from school entirely. Who will be Stella's punching bag?! 8c He's so rubbery and easy on the knuckles.

Nova likes fairies. She thinks they must be very pretty :XD:
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Powerwing-Amber's avatar
Umm... just get her a punching bag. ^^; Or, Morgana can give her a toy, or something to hit.

And then, the fairy bites her and she dies! :nuu: OH NOOOO!!
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