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PKMNA: Y3 App - Jason 'Jace' Hemlock
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Published: September 1, 2015
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Nidorino by CreepyJellyfish Armonia Stamp by Solarri Nidorino by CreepyJellyfish
Mirage College




:skullbones: NAME: Jason "Jace" Hemlock

:skullbones: NICKNAMES:
:bulletblack: Liebling [Morgana]
:bulletblack: Emo Kid [Stellanova]
:bulletblack: Nidoemo [Rufi]
:bulletblack: Jay-C [Ko]
:bulletblack: Jacey [Raine]
:bulletblack: J [Dimitri]
:bulletblack: Hemlock [Trent]

:skullbones: AGE: Introductory: 16 Current: 19

:skullbones: BIRTHDAY: February 13, 1997

:skullbones: ZODIAC:
:bulletblack: Western: Simipour [Aquarius ♒]
:bulletblack: Chinese: Bouffalant [Ox] (Fire Element)

:skullbones: GENDER: Male

:skullbones: ORIENTATION: Heteroromantic Heterosexual

:skullbones: SPECIES: #33 Nidorino

:skullbones: LEVEL: Introductory: 14 Current: 40

:skullbones: HEIGHT: 6'0" [1.83 m]

:skullbones: WEIGHT: 139 lbs [63.05 kg]

:skullbones: NATURE: Gentle

:skullbones: SUMMARY CHARACTERISTIC: Often Lost In Thought

:skullbones: ABILITY: Poison Point [Physical attacks cause Jace to spray venom. Handle with care.]

:skullbones: HOMETOWN: Birthplace: Hearthome, Sinnoh Current: Fallarbor, Hoenn

:skullbones: FAVORITE BERRY FLAVOR: Bitter [Top 5: Rawst, Aguav, Haban, Nanab, Jaboca]

:skullbones: HOBBIES:
:bulletblack: Guitar
:bulletblack: Singing
:bulletblack: Poetry
:bulletblack: Cooking
:bulletblack: Pets
:bulletblack: Paranormal Studies



:skullbones: NATURAL MOVES:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer (Level 1)
:iconflyingtypeplz: Peck (Level 1)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Focus Energy (Level 7)
:iconfightingtypeplz: Double Kick (Level 9)
:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Sting (Level 13)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Fury Attack (Level 19)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Horn Attack (Level 21)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Helping Hand (Level 25)
:iconpoisontypeplz: Toxic Spikes (Level 31)
:icondarktypeplz: Flatter (Level 33)

:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Jab (TM)
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Claw (TM)
:icongroundtypeplz: Dig (TM)
:iconicetypeplz: Ice Beam (TM)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Echoed Voice (TM)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Strength (HM)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Round (TM)
:iconwatertypeplz: Water Pulse (Tutored)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Cut (HM)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hidden Power [Ghost] (Tutored)

:skullbones: SPECIAL MOVES:
:iconfiretypeplz: Fiery Dance (Tutored)
:iconflyingtypeplz: Acrobatics (Tutored)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Stockpile (Tutored)
:iconrocktypeplz: Diamond Storm (Legendary Berry)
:iconfairytypeplz: Moonlight (Comet Shard)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hold Hands (Gift)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Pain Split (Comet Shard)
:iconpsychictypeplz: Teleport (Comet Shard)

:skullbones: FUSION MOVES:
:iconghosttypeplz: Phantom Force (Level 29)
:iconghosttypeplz: Trick-Or-Treat (Level 29)
:iconghosttypeplz: Destiny Bond (Level 34)
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Sneak (Level 39)



:skullbones: PERSONALITY:
:bulletblack: Emotional
Jace is very sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat, whether in happiness or sadness. His highs are euphoric, his lows are devastating, and he can swing between them like no one's business. However, since Jace has discovered the joy of being in love, he's found himself feeling happy much more often.
:bulletblack: Loving
Under his dark exterior, Jace is very concerned and caring. In fact, he's a hopeless romantic as nidos are known to be, and he has a very loving, maternal side, too. He yearns to make meaningful connections with other pokemon, yet his sharp spines and inability to properly control his poisonous secretions cause him to push others away for fear of harming them.
:bulletblack: Peaceful
Jace dislikes violence, so he rarely battles, even if someone else has wronged him. He prefers to channel his frustration into his poetry and music. If he feels he's been backed into a corner, he may snap or lash out venomously, but he will regret it later. He would have to be pushed very far to physically attack, though.
:bulletblack: Sneaky
Whether he's sneaking someplace he shouldn't be or secretly planning something for a special occasion, Jace enjoys being stealthy. Becoming part ghost-type has only made him worse.
:bulletblack: Nervous
Due to his condition, Jace became very nervous about being around others and that nervousness crept into every facet of his life. He worries about everything, apologizes frequently, even when he hasn't done anything wrong, and he has a habit of pausing while speaking and trailing his sentences off. Jace speaks eloquently, but also tends to use words like "maybe," "probably," and "I think," not wanting to completely commit to what he's saying.
:bulletblack: Versatile
Jace is a completely different pokemon when he's performing. He slips into something of an alter ego on stage, and becomes comfortable, confident, and outgoing. His music truly makes him feel happy, but at least it's no longer the only thing that does.

:skullbones: HISTORY:
Before Armonia:
Jace was born in Hearthome City, Sinnoh, and raised in a church-going family of devout Arceus worshippers. His father, Gabriel – a nidoking construction foreman – and his mother, Catherine – a then nidoran female who breeds pets for shows and contests – had seven children before Catherine made the decision to evolve into a nidorina. This put Jace smack-dab in the middle of his brothers and sisters.

When Jace hatched, he emerged from his egg in a wave of his own venom. This wasn't exactly normal, but his parents didn't think it was much of a concern since he seemed to be a healthy baby. It wasn't until he was about three years old that they realized something wasn't quite right. By this age, most nidoran children are able to control their venom and no longer have accidental leaks, but Jace was still leaking constantly and was prone to spraying when he became scared, angered, or excited. Worried, his parents took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with Hyperactive Dorsal Glandular Disorder, a fairly rare condition in which the glands on a nido's back produce an overabundance of venom and the excess readily leaks out of the spines. Due to the unpredictable nature of this disorder, the doctors couldn't offer any definite solutions. Jace's condition might improve with age, evolution, or it might never improve at all. The side effects of medication outweighed the benefits and the risky surgery to remove his venom glands was out of the question. His parents decided to wait and see if their son would improve over time.

During his early childhood, Jace spent most of his time being "mommy's little helper." He was aware that something was different about him, but his mother was so kind to him, he wasn't phased too much by it. He was a fairly happy child until it came time for him to start school. Catherine wanted Jace to be homeschooled, but Gabriel insisted that Jace needed to go to school because he would never become stronger if he remained sheltered. The little nidoran was sent to school with corks on his spines and this was when he realized there was something very wrong with him. The other kids thought he was weird, so many of them avoided or made fun of him, and Jace became so afraid that he would accidentally hurt someone that even when a potential friend did approach him, he would run away and hide. School was a very lonely, miserable place. Even worse, corking his spines caused the excess venom to back up into his glands, making them swell painfully. Each day he came home crying and his mother would have to remove the corks and rub his back until the swelling went down. She would sing to him, tell him stories, and assure him that one day Arceus would answer his prayers. Jace believed every word.

The years passed and Jace continued to be faithful, but nothing seemed to be improving for him. He was only becoming more and more withdrawn. After receiving the TM Dig for his eighth birthday, Jace began to use it to escape any and all awkward situations. He became more comfortable hiding underground than he was anywhere else. One day, he dug so deep that he fell into the Sinnoh Underground, a huge network of tunnels. This new world fascinated him and he started spending all his time down there. He created a secret base for himself and learned every twist and turn the tunnels had to offer. Jace felt secure in this dark place where no one ridiculed him and he didn't have to worry about causing any harm with his spines or venom.

When Jace was twelve, just before he started junior high, his father announced that they would be moving to Hoenn. There were some new construction jobs available in that region and the nidoking hoped it would allow him to provide more for his family. They ended up settling in Fallarbor Town, a peaceful place near a volcano, but this made Jace more unhappy than ever. He was forbidden to dig because of the pockets of magma that flowed under the town, so he spent most of his time in his room, which he unfortunately had to share, so he rarely had privacy. Jace began writing poetry to express all of his emotions. He discovered the Internet and started making accounts on all the popular social networking sites. At school, he did meet a few friends – poison and dark types – outsiders like himself. His parents were happy to discover he had finally made some friends, but unhappy at the sort of kids they seemed to be. They were happy when he took up playing the guitar, but unhappy at the type of music he played. He and his friends formed a band – Tears & Venom – and began practicing in the Hemlock's garage, annoying his parents and neighbors. His style of clothing changed. He stopped corking his spines and began dying his hair black midnight violet, wearing dark make-up, and getting piercings.

The further he got into his teenage years, the more dark and rebellious his attitude became. All the time spent feeling that his prayers were falling on deaf ears caused him to turn away from Arceus and refuse to attend church. At school, Jace was still pushing everyone away except for his small group of friends. There were a few girls he would have liked to talk to, but he was far too scared and shy to do anything about it. He was denying himself love – an important necessity for a nido – and this took its toll on him. Deeply frustrated, he began to snap angrily at everyone. Jace's change in behavior was especially hard on his mother, and though she would never cry in front of her children, she often cried in her husband's arms, expressing her sorrow and worry for Jace. Seeing his wife's sadness, caused by her own son, Gabriel began coming down hard on Jace for everything he felt the boy was doing wrong. This effectively redirected Jace's anger, but created a rift between him and his father. It eventually became so bad that the two of them could no longer be in the same room without getting into a heated argument, which usually ended with Jace running off for a few hours.

In spite of the pain he caused them, Gabriel and Catherine still worried about Jace and felt as if they were losing their son. He barely even said a word to either of them, anymore, unless he was arguing. Some of their friends told them he was just going through a phase. Others said that they should do something about his behavior before it was too late. One day his mother came across one of his notebooks while she was cleaning and she couldn't help but take a peek inside. She was shocked at some of the dark and sad imagery in the poems, but there were also some very deep and beautiful things written there, too. She could tell that her sweet, sensitive little boy was still in there, somewhere, and that he needed help.

It was around that time that Gabriel came home with an advertisement for the Armonia Institute. He and his wife discussed it and though Catherine was worried about Jace going to such a far-off place, it was decided that sending their son to a school like this would be beneficial for him. Jace refused to believe that his parents were sending him away for his own good. Instead he accused them of trying to get rid of their shameful, black mareep son. His arguments didn't change their minds, however, and Jace soon found himself in Slateport, waiting for the train to Faraway Island, armed only with a suitcase, his guitars, and his little aron, Astaroth, who was a gift from his mother to keep him company while he was so far from home.

After Armonia:
When Jace first entered Armonia, he was a complete, emotional mess, but since he met Morgana, things have been gradually improving for him. Though they had a bit of a rocky start, they kept running into each other and Jace miraculously summed up the courage to continue talking to her. They eventually became friends and their friendship blossomed into something very special. Jace started helping Morgana to overcome her fear of touching and she taught him about her work with spirits, even rekindling his faith a little. The two of them began to confide in each other and trust each other with their darkest secrets. After about six months of becoming closer and closer, they finally began dating officially. Because of Morgana, Jace's broody attitude has been changing back into a loving one, at least where she's concerned. He's still rather wary of others getting too near to him and he hasn't made many close friends, but he is becoming a bit more confident. He has even become a ghost-type fusion and evolved into a nidorino, so perhaps more good things will be in store for his future.

:bulletblack: Once Jace had gotten a taste of the guitar, he longed for one of his own. His parents did buy him an acoustic guitar because they wanted to encourage him to play, but they refused to get him the electric guitar he really wanted. In order to buy the guitar of his dreams, Jace went without lunch and saved his lunch money, along with his allowance, until he had enough to afford it, himself. It took him over a year to save enough.
:bulletblack: When Jace was 15, he and his friends decided to experiment with some stolen beer. Eager to impress his older friends, Jace got himself completely smashed. At first they thought it was funny the way the alcohol caused Jace to dribble a constant stream of venom, but when he passed out in his own puddle, it wasn't so funny anymore. Luckily Jace is immune to alcohol poisoning, but the ensuing hangover made him so sick, he's never touched the stuff again.



:skullbones: HOUSE: Fable Stamp by Solarri

:skullbones: SCHOOL: Science [Tesla]

:skullbones: MAJOR: Veterinary Medicine

:skullbones: MINOR: Culinary Arts

:skullbones: CLUBS:
:bulletblack: Pet
:bulletblack: Drama

:skullbones: BADGES:
:bulletblack: Major - Science
:bulletblack: Minor - Culinary Arts
:bulletblack: Coder Badge
:bulletblack: Fable Prefect - Term 5
:bulletblack: Student Council - Term 5
:bulletblack: Drama Club Member - Term 6
:bulletblack: Pet Club Member - Term 5-6
:bulletblack: Glee Club Member - Term 3



:skullbones: VOICE ACTOR:
:bulletblack: Johnny Yong Bosch (Speaking Voice) [Firion ~ Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy]
:bulletblack: Chino Moreno (Singing Voice) [Lead Singer ~ Deftones]

:skullbones: MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE: Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging [INFJ]

:skullbones: JUNG PERSONALITY TYPE: Submissive Introverted Abstract Feeling [SIAF]

:skullbones: FRIENDS:
School Friends:
:bulletblack: Morgana Vomer
:bulletblack: Rufi McLean
:bulletblack: Ko
:bulletblack: Jonah "JJJ" Johnson Jr.
:bulletblack: Quinn Salabog
Band Members:
:bulletblack: Trent Thorne [Bass ~ Cacturne ~ Male ~ Quiet ~ Strong Willed]
:bulletblack: Raine Trueblood [Keytar ~ Zubat ~ Female ~ Lonely ~ Highly Curious]
:bulletblack: Dimitri Black [Drums ~ Gengar ~ Male ~ Lax ~ Mischievous]

:skullbones: PETS:
:bulletblack: Astaroth [Aron]
:bulletblack: Elegy of Emptiness [Noibat]
:bulletblack: Peluda [Tyrunt]
:bulletblack: Razor's Edge [Skarmory]
:bulletblack: Dasani [Manaphy]
:bulletblack: Ziggy [Jirachi]
:bulletblack: Axl Rose [Weedle]
:bulletblack: Mourning Glory [Shaymin]

:skullbones: FAMILY:
Immediate Family:
:bulletblack: Gabriel "Gabe" Hemlock [Father ~ Nidoking ~ Adamant ~ Somewhat Stubborn]
:bulletblack: Catherine "Cathy" Hemlock [Mother ~ Nidorina ~ Gentle ~ Alert To Sounds]
:bulletblack: Gabriel "Gabe" Hemlock Jr. [Older Brother ~ Nidoking ~ Serious ~ Strong Willed]
:bulletblack: Elizabeth "Liz" Hemlock [Older Sister ~ Nidoqueen ~ Hardy ~ Sturdy Body]
:bulletblack: Bartholomew "Bart" Hemlock [Older Brother ~ Nidorino ~ Naughty ~ Somewhat Vain]
:bulletblack: Alexander "Alex" Hemlock [Younger Brother ~ Nidorino ~ Jolly ~ Somewhat Of A Clown]
:bulletblack: David "Davy" Hemlock [Younger Brother ~ Nidoran ♂ ~ Hasty ~ Highly Curious]
:bulletblack: Rebecca "Becca" Hemlock [Younger Sister ~ Nidoran ♀ ~ Sassy ~ Hates To Lose]
Extended Family:
:bulletblack: Miriam Hemlock [Sister-In-Law (Gabe Jr.'s Wife) ~ Delcatty ~ Modest ~ Good Perserverance]
:bulletblack: Charity Hemlock [Niece (Gabe Jr. & Miriam's Daughter) ~ Skitty ~ Calm ~ Nods Off A Lot]

:skullbones: FUN FACTS:
:bulletblack: Jace has recently discovered that he's developing the ability to see and communicate with spirits without any assistance from Morgana. The reason for this is unknown to him, but could it be related to why ghost-types seem to be drawn to Jace and how Jace has always felt a bit ghostly, himself?
:bulletblack: Of course, now that Jace is part ghost-type, it's even easier for him to interact with the spirit world. However, spirts both good and evil may be even more attracted to him.
:bulletblack: Jace loves skulls and is always wearing at least one somewhere on his body.
:bulletblack: Jace is left-handed. His handwriting is messy and his hand tends to smear whatever he writes.
:bulletblack: Jace is never without his Leppa mPhone, which he uses to post online messages, make notes, take pictures, and for listening to music.
:bulletblack: Being a nido, Jace has extremely keen hearing, so he can hear even the quietest sounds from very far away. He usually wears a small, wireless earphone to drown out some of the ambient noise and he even wears it when he sleeps, sometimes. He tends to turn his music up loud when he's trying to ignore something... or someone.
:bulletblack: Jace's ears are the most expressive part of his body. They can move in every direction and they convey his emotions effortlessly.
:bulletblack: Jace is practically a vegetarian, but it's not due to lifestyle choice so much as a natural nidoran preference for eating fruits and vegetables. As he gets nearer to evolution, he craves meat more and more, but digesting it is hard on his nidoran system. Now that he's evolved, he can handle meat much more easily. He still loves his veggies, though.
:bulletblack: Because he is a nido, Jace does enjoy eating poisonous plants. Many plants that would make other pokemon sick can actually have a soothing effect on his sensitive stomach.
:bulletblack: Jace is often seen with some kind of drink, usually a bottle of Blk water, but he also enjoys juice, especially that expensive vending machine lemonade. He drinks a lot because his body is constantly using up water to produce venom so he can become dehydrated easily. He can't handle alcohol or caffeine since both have a negative effect on his condition.
:bulletblack: Jace will literally worry himself sick. He tends to get stomachaches when he's very nervous, upset, worried, or otherwise stressed out. He may throw up if it becomes severe.
:bulletblack: Jace is not without a sense of humor, although it can be a little dark. If he's comfortable with someone, he may even crack a smile or a joke. As he opens up, his humor might also become a little corny.
:bulletblack: When Jace gets nervous, he's prone to blurting out awkward things that he instantly regrets.
:bulletblack: Contrary to rumors, Jace does not cut himself to feel alive or for any other reason.
:bulletblack: Jace's personality is what Wyborn's was originally going to be before he underwent a complete (and kind of accidental) overhaul.


PKMNA: Jace's Locker by Rapha-chan


Mirage College Y3 PNG by Buntato
Pokemon is © to Nintendo/Game Freak
:iconjace-hemlock: is mine! :heart:
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birdmir|Student General Artist
I keep forgetting to comment, so I am sitting down and COMMENTING before I forget again. D : 
I had a feeling you were planning something like this! I saw your comic and was all like "ah HA!".  He's a big Nidorino now, huh? -v-
J will miss him not being in high school, but is a little in awe of Jace, haha.
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Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
That's alright ^^ I obviously have the same thing happen to me quite often like replying to comments. ^^;

I usually can't help but give away a few hints when I'm planning something big XD Yes, Jace is now a six-foot nidorino. He'll miss high school, too, but he still lives in the same dorm so he'll be on Faraway Island often ^^ J will still see him around and they can still hang out.
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birdmir|Student General Artist
Then we're a pair. <v<;

I know the feeling. :'D  But that's good, he'll appreciate the visits!
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Oh my gosh. Jace evolved! Totally worth the wait. I mean, I love the new artwork of Nidorino Jace. So cool! Love all the nice touches on him. Love the new information in his description as well.

And he now learns Diamond Storm. That could make things flashy whenever he plays his guitar.

Well done!
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Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! Amber and I worked pretty hard on the comic and I did quite a lot of work on his app update, so I'm glad you like it =)

He learned Diamond Storm by using a legendary berry he found while treasure hunting ^^ And yeah, he'll mostly use it for special effects :XD: He tends to find ways to use his moves that have nothing to do with battling.
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¬w¬ Hellooooo, handsome!

Nidorino Jace looks amazing, friend! ^-^ I love all the little touches on him and his new app & description.
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Rapha-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
:iconohohoplz: You'll make him blush so much!

Thank you, my friend! ^-^ I'm very happy with his new look and app. I better be for as much as I messed around with it all this time :XD:; I'm glad everything got done before the deadline so Jace won't get expelled!
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Good! >]

That would never happen! I wouldn't let it!

And btw, Jace, your badges are out of control! Just look at them all! :nuu:
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