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PKMNA: Jace's Pets - Mourning Glory by Rapha-chan PKMNA: Jace's Pets - Mourning Glory by Rapha-chan
Shaymin by CreepyJellyfish :iconpkmn-armonia: Shaymin by CreepyJellyfish

:shamrock: NAME: Mourning Glory

:shamrock: OWNER: Jace Hemlock

:shamrock: GENDER: Genderless [Female Identity]

:shamrock: POKÉMON: #492 Shaymin

:shamrock: NATURE: Jolly

:shamrock: CHARACTERISTIC: Likes To Relax

:shamrock: ABILITY: Natural Cure

:shamrock: HEIGHT: 8" (0.20 m)

:shamrock: WEIGHT: 4.6 lbs (2.09 kg)

:shamrock: FAVORITE FLAVOR: Sweet/Sour

:shamrock: FAVORITE BERRIES: Wacan, Payapa, Grepa, Qualot, Salac

:shamrock: PERSONALITY:
Contrary to what her name may indicate, Mourning Glory is a very happy, friendly shaymin baby. She will trot up to just about any pokemon and try to make friends with them. Glory loves to play, but if her playmates become to loud and rough for her, she'll quickly get overwhelmed and scared. When stressed or frightened, she may start to cry, and she will either curl in a ball or run to seek comfort with Jace or someone else she trusts. Once she feels safe, she will quickly perk up again.

:shamrock: HISTORY:
Jace bought Glory's egg from the Relic Shop, where a few abandoned shaymin eggs had appeared after many of the Niji Island shaymin decided to migrate. He kept his precious egg in a carrier and protected it all throughout the spring break Sinnoh trip fiasco. Fortunately the egg didn't hatch until Jace and Morgana had returned to Armonia, but not long after they were safely back in their dorm, Mourning Glory was born. Being a bit unprepared due to the hectic month before, Jace and Morgana had to quickly buy some formula for her, but once she was fed, they introduced her to all of their other pets, hoping that she would be happy with her new family.

:shamrock: MOVESET:
:bulletpink::icongrasstypeplz: Energy Ball TM
:bulletpink::iconfairytypeplz: Dazzling Gleam TM
:bulletpink::iconnormaltypeplz: Safeguard TM
:bulletpink::icongrasstypeplz: Synthesis Tutor

:shamrock: FUN FACTS:
:bulletpink: Her usual nickname is Glory, but Morgana also calls her Morgen, which is German for "morning."
:bulletpink: When Glory is scared, she cries like this.
:bulletpink: Glory may not want to be pet along her back, but she loves having her belly petted. She will often roll over and beg for belly rubs.
:bulletpink: She also loves snuggling up and burrowing in blankets and clothes.
:bulletpink: If Glory senses something toxic, she may try to sniff it out and purify it, but it's not a good idea to let her do so. Because she doesn't know Seed Flare yet, she has no way of expelling the toxins and would become very ill if she were to absorb them.

PKMN Armonia - Blank Pet Meme - Smartphone Edition by Powerwing-Amber is © to :iconpowerwing-amber:
Pokemon is © to Nintendo/Game Freak
Glory is mine! Shaymin Sippy Sippy Plz by TheNerdWhoSaysNI
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016
Awww! => I'm glad little Glory's all finished now. It seems all the pets love her too (even if Seraph tried to eat Glory's flower. XD; ). I didn't know she disliked her back being pet. I thought Jace was petting her back before. =o

Wow, now Jace has three legendary babus! 8o
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Me, too, friend! ^-^ Maybe now Jace will take a break from getting more pets XD;
I think they'll all get along with each other ^^ Glory forgives Seraph for trying to eat her flower.
I don't remember =o I might change that little fact.

8o I always give Jace all the good stuff. He's so spoiled!
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