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PKMNA: Jace's Pets - Elegy by Rapha-chan PKMNA: Jace's Pets - Elegy by Rapha-chan
Noibat by CreepyJellyfish :iconpkmn-armonia: Noibat by CreepyJellyfish

:orange: NAME: Elegy Of Emptiness
:orange: NICKNAME: Elegy
:orange: OWNER: Jace Hemlock
:orange: GENDER: Male
:orange: POKÉMON: #714 Noibat
:orange: NATURE: Quiet
:orange: CHARACTERISTIC: Very Finicky
:orange: ABILITY: Telepathy
:orange: HEIGHT: 8" (.20 m)
:orange: WEIGHT: 2 lbs (.91 kg)
:orange: FAVORITE FLAVOR: Sweet
:orange: FAVORITE BERRIES: Pecha, Mago, Custap, Watmel, Kasib

Elegy is a sweet noibat who just enjoys being happy and trying to be friends with those around him. He will cautiously approach just about anyone to see if they want to be friends or not. The only exceptions are members of the zubat family, which he is very afraid of, but he can even learn not to fear them if he's reassured by someone he trusts. Elegy also gets concerned when he thinks something is wrong ― probably something he picked up from Jace.

:orange: HISTORY:
From the time he had hatched, this little noibat's ears have been bent and floppy ― a birth defect that prevented him from being able to properly use any kind of sonar or supersonic attacks and rendered him sightless in the dark. It didn't take his noivern mother long to realize that this small, deformed baby wouldn't have a chance of surviving, so she instinctively rejected him. A baby that will die anyway isn't worth wasting energy and resources on. This is a cruel law of nature.

Left out in the cold, blind, starving, and unable to fly, the newborn soon became too weak to cling to the ceiling of the cave. His tiny claws gave out and he fell to the cave floor below. As he hit the ground, he squeaked out a plea to his mother, but she paid him no mind; he was dead to her already. His tiny cries did attract the attention of some golbats, but it wasn't the kind of attention he wanted. The larger, blue bats swooped down and attacked the hatchling, eager to drain him of blood. As the golbats squabbled over which one of them would get this prize, the baby noibat was being injured in the middle of their fight. Helpless, afraid, and in pain, he knew his end had surely come.

Or had it?

In the darkness, he could hear some unfamiliar sounds. Something was attacking the golbats and driving them off. He could just make out the shapes of two very large pokemon. They were speaking to each other in a way he had never heard. One of them bent down and scooped him up with a clawed hand. The tiny noibat feared he had been saved, only to become lunch for some larger predator, but instead he found himself being wrapped in something soft and warm. This was the last thing he remembered as he slipped out of consciousness.

Perhaps fate had intervened on his behalf.

While trying to hide from the madness that was the infamous Mew Gender War, Jace took Morgana into the caves to show her a beautiful cavern he had found. It was there that he rescued a tiny noibat from some hungry golbats. After Morgana had driven away the golbats and they had escaped from the angry mother noivern, who was afraid they would steal her other babies, Jace and Morgana made their way back to the school to get some advice from Professor Dupree on how to properly care for the baby noibat.

Once Morgana had determined that he had no life-threatening injuries, Jace tended to the wounds he did have. He put ointment on the noibat's cuts, cleaned and bandaged his wing, and fed him mashed pecha berries with an eye dropper. Jace cared for the noibat as if it were his own baby and decided very quickly that he wanted to keep it as a pet. The nidoran named his new friend Elegy and did all he could to help the little bat grow strong. Elegy would never have to worry about being unwanted again.

Since being taken in by Jace, Elegy has become healthy and strong. He's even learned how to fly and he's quite convinced that Jace, Morgana, and all of their other pets will be his family forever!

:orange: MOVESET:
:bulletpurple::iconnormaltypeplz: Supersonic
:bulletpurple::iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:bulletpurple::iconflyingtypeplz: Acrobatics
:bulletpurple::iconpsychictypeplz: Rest

:orange: FUN FACTS:
:bulletpurple: The notches on Elegy's left wing are scars from his close call with the golbats.
:bulletpurple: Because Elegy's ears are bent, when he does attempt to use them to make noise, all he produces is a feedback loop. It's an annoying sound, but nowhere near dangerous.
:bulletpurple: Being a Flying/Dragon type, Elegy is very sensitive to cold temperatures. When it's cold, he loves to keep warm by hiding in Jace's hoodie. He also loves curling up in Seraph's fluff to stay super warm.
:bulletpurple: Elegy is very picky about his food. He only likes fruit with an overall sweet flavor and he will refuse anything he doesn't deem worthy.
:bulletpurple: He eats his berries by nibbling a hole in the skin and then sticking his head in and eating the inside. If the berry is big enough, he will climb in and eat it from the inside out, leaving only an empty shell when he's done.
:bulletpurple: Elegy was obviously named after the song in Majora's Mask ― "elegy" being a term meaning a song composed for the dead.

PKMN Armonia - Blank Pet Meme - Smartphone Edition by Powerwing-Amber is © to :iconpowerwing-amber:
Pokemon is © to Nintendo/Game Freak
Elegy is mine! :batman:
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
The cute babeh that eats berries like a parasite. XD; Oh, well! At least he doesn't fly away from Jace and he and Seraph are super close. :meow:
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Such a little creeper when he does that :XD:; But he's a good babeh and I'm happy that he and seraph are such good friends ^-^
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner May 21, 2015
Me too! ^-^
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