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:iconjace-hemlock: -Jace is fixing himself up in the bathroom.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Morgana's brushing her hair while on the bed.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He comes out.- (((//^ How do I look..? I've never had so much hair before...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You're lovely, Jace. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Thank you, love...  And you look lovely, too...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Danke, liebling. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Are you ready to go out and see this new world..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You mean again? ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We can explore more of it.. and see different parts... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: All right, meine liebe. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace:  -He offers his hand.- Shall we go..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee shall. ^^ :heart: -She takes his hand.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He helps her up.-  We need to find something normal to eat... Some of this food is so strange.. and it doesn't agree with me...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Aww... you got sick? =<

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He leans his head on her shoulder.- I had some indigestion...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat did you eat? =<

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It was some kind of hamburger.. but I think the meat was weird...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You tried an exotic meat, mm? =<

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... =< It was a bad idea...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Did you at least smell it? =(

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, it didn't smell bad... =<

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat if all zee foods aren't normal?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'll be I trouble... X< But I have to try...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I vish I could cook somezing for you. =<

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: But the ingredients would still be from here... =< I'll be okay, love... I just have to find things that aren't too crazy...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know. =( But, I'll try to help if I can.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Thank you, liebchen... :heart: -He kisses her cheek.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She makes a tiny chirp.-  X) Let's go exploring.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart:! Yes, love... -He floats happily.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ -She holds his hand tight.- You're still floating.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I can float and no one here will think it's weird... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat's true.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He floats outside.- I can even make my legs disappear.. but that is weird to me... (((//^; :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Do zey disappear or retract?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: They retract... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh, zat is odd. o//o

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... (((//o; I'm not sure why I would need to do that...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... I don't know.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Otherwise I don't feel too different... Just more hair... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: And more wispy parts. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... (((//^  What about you..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat about me? :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Have you noticed anything new.. besides glowing and shooting psychic beams..? (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vell, meine hearing seems to be more keen. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: Just when mine is not...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: At least ve'll complement each ozer. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I think we always do... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  ! Aww...

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Where shall we go first..? X) To some natural spot..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Sure, liebling. ^^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Let's find an alien beach.. or some beautiful gardens... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm.. sounds good. ^^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X)  Fly with me, love... -He floats up.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Okay. ^//^ :heart: -She flaps her large wings and flies into the air.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X)  Your wings are so beautiful..!

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: I'm glad you like zem.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I do... (((//^  They really look like the moon when you hold them out...

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She proudly displays the full spread of her wings.- :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: ! So lovely..! (((//^ Should it be against my nature to love the full moon so much..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, opposites attract, ja? :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Indeed, they do...  -He flies around her .-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vill a full moon hurt you?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I don't think so... I don't feel like it is...

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She sneaks a kiss.- :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X3 ! No.. it doesn't hurt...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Good. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Even if it did, I would endure...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Still, it's best if it doesn't hurt. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Never... X)  -He kisses her ear quickly.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -Her ear twitches.- ^//^ :heart: ! I'm glad.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I wonder if your ears are as sensitive as my natural ones... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: I don't know.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: They are beautiful, either way... X)  -He flies ahead a little and then looks back, smiling.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She flies up next to him.- ^//^ :heart: Aren't vee supposed to be sight-seeing?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes.. but I have a hard time looking away from you... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: Liebling..!

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ It is amazing how the plants here are all so blue and purple... It makes everything look so different...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, zey have zeir own beauty, ja? :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, of course...  I love those colors...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I zought black vas your favorite. Fufufu... :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That and navy blue... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She flies down to take a closer look.- It's too bad I can't smell zings as vell like zis.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He flies down with her.- At least we can both still see the beauty... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zis is true. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: -He lands in a clearing with flowers and a small stream running through. The plants are all shades of blue with various shades of purple flowers.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She looks at the strange, pinkish water.- Zis is all so strange. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's like a coloring book someone went crazy on... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She lies down on her back.- X>

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He lies next to her and snuggles.- X) This grass is so soft...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mmm... ja. X> It's soft like blue grass and zis is literal blue grass. Fufufu..

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... X) And it is much warmer here than back home right now...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Nein more puffy coats for you. X>

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Not for now... X) I do hope it won't snow too much while we're gone...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I hope so too.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We'll come home to a mess... -He buries his face in her shoulder.- :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's okay. Vee can handle it. -She nuzzles his head.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He nuzzles under her chin.- :heart: Yes, we can...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You're so affectionate. X>

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X) Is that not normal..? :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's normal.  X)

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X) Good... :heart: -He noses her ear.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Her ear twitches.- ^//^  !

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Hmm... X) :heart: -He nibbles it gently.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Morgana laughs softly and pushes at Jace's chest.- XD  !

:iconjace-hemlock: -His heart leaps against her hand.- X3 :heart:!

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  Your heart is still zee same.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ I'm happy to hear it... :heart: -He licks her ear softly.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She squeaks.- !!

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Oh..! X3 :heart: What a cute squeak..!

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: o//o  Oh, nein!

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ No shame in it... :heart: -He tries to squeak, but it doesn't work as well now.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  Have I turned into you?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I.. don't think so... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I have enhanced hearing, sensitive ears and I squeak. Drei zings so far. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Do you feel extra emotional..? :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... only around you. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Aww... (((//^ :heart: -He hugs her lovingly.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Morgana hugs him back and licks his cheek. It's a very different lick.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X3 :heart: Oh..! Your tongue feels a little different...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: o//o ! Oh?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... (((//^ :heart: I wonder.. do I feel different..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You feel lighter to me.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Hmm... X) I hope I don't feel colder...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Not too much. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That's good... X)  You don't feel as warm.. but still plenty warm to me...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, meine fire-type is gone again.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We're both ghost now... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee could haunt ourselves. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Maybe we are... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh? o//o

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Well, here we are... (((//^ And your beauty is truly haunting...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: You're being silly.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Maybe.. but it's also true...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: I see.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I would ask if you can read my mind, but since I'm dark... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vell, I can read your expressions and take educated guesses. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ You know me well enough...

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She makes little bat noises and sticks her face in his hair.- :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: -His hair billows and he laughs softly and rubs her back.- X)

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Your eyes are still lovely to me. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ So are yours.. and they look so exotic... (heart)

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'm glad you like zem.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I always love them... X) :heart: -He kisses above her eye.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Her third eye doesn't open, but it twitches slightly.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Is it strange to have three..? :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, very strange. o//o

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//o Can you only open it when you start glowing..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It seems so. o//o

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It must be so powerful... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Perhaps so. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Luckily, I'm immune to its power... X)  But you already have power over me...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, you have zee type advantage, for sure.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((///^ :heart: But I would never attack you...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He snuggles against her wing.- :heart: I believe my only weakness is to fairy... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It is. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I feel too OP... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: So strong! ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: -He blushes lots and buries his face. His tail wags.- :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: o//o  ! You have a tail still?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//o I suppose I do... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Interesting. o//o  -She kneads his back.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ It's part of my ghost aura... :heart: -He arches a little, but not as much as usual.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She sniffs around his head, but she can't find anything to nibble on.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Aww.. I lost all my extra parts... (((//o :heart: All I have is this weird collar.. and these little frills around my hips...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: o//o  How did you know I vas looking for parts?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ I know you well, too... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh, nein. ^//^  I vas too obvious.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'm sorry I don't have my ears... (((//^ I miss them, too... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat should I do? ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ I still have a neck.. if you can get to it... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^///^ !!  So much fluff.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((///^ :heart: My hair is so puffy.. like a cloud...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's so soft too.  X) -She nuzzles her face in it.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He shivers.- X3 :heart:! It can be your pillow...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... sounds nice to me. X)  But... vhatever happened to our sight-seeing?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We got distracted again... (((//^ But this is a beautiful spot... :heart: I have enjoyed it...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: So, have I. X)

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X) :heart: We can still go see other places...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know. X)

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: But should we go now..? I think I saw a path through these woods... It heads towards the shore... X) :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee should, ja. ^//^  -She sits up.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Before we get too comfy and fall asleep... :heart: -He sits, too.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I don't zink it vould be vise to sleep out in zee open on an unfamilar planet.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: No, probably not... (((.o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She nudges him gently.-  Let's get going.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He holds her paw and floats up.- Yes, love... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She flaps her wings a little-  ^//^ Show me zis ozer place.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Alright, liebchen... X) Walk with me... :heart: -He squeezes her paw gently and walks down the path, through the trees.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She lands on the ground and walks beside him.- Vhat is zis place, I vonder?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'm not sure... I don't think anyone's even mentioned the name of this planet...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat is veird...

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: But it is nice for the most part...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I agree. ^^ -She squeezes his hand.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^  And I do like these forms we've taken this time...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Haven't you liked most of zee forms vee take? ^^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Some more than others.. but yes I usually do once I get used to it... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zee only bad one I can remember is vhen you changed into zat eelektross. You vere unhappy.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I thought I was really gross... X\

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, I still loved you. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace:  I'm happy you did.. and I should have given it more of a chance...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Eelektross are immune to everyzing too. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: To most things, yes... (((_^ I wasn't as comfortable with myself back then...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know, but I'm happy you are now. :heart: -She kisses his cheek.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ ! I'm happy, too.. and I'm very happy with you...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'm happy vith you too. :heart: ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^  Look..! I think we're almost to the edge of the forest...

-Little will-o-wisps float around the closer they get to the outer forest.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I see. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Oh..! (((_^ How pretty..! -He wags.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat's a move I haven't learned just yet. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's not a strong move.. but very beautiful... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, it burns instantly. Zat could be useful. Fufufu... :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That is true... (((//^  But would the burn hurt forever..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I am a houndoom, so it's possible. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Oh my... (((//^ So dangerous... :heart: -He kisses her cheek.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Only to zose who deserve it. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I hope I never do anything to deserve it... (((//^ :heart: -He walks through the will-o-wisps and out of the trees where a beach with blue-green sand and pink ocean awaits them.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Like you ever vould. Fufufu... ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: This beach looks so strange.. like something from a fish tank with colored sand...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, but it's really lovely. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes.. it's nice to see something so different, yet similar to home... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I agree. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I do wonder what makes the water look pink... (((.o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Maybe it's bacteria or somezing in zee vater?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Ah, perhaps... Maybe we shouldn't touch it...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Not unless vee know vhat's in zere.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We'll just walk on the sand, then... (((_^ I would love to see the sunset here... I bet the colors would be amazing...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oooh, I hope so. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: If only I could tell time on this planet... (((//^; But it looks like it's close to sunset.. and one moon is already visible...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Assuming zat zere isn't more zan one moon and sun here. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I heard they have two moons... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh, zat vill be neat to see. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I think so, too... (((_^ And then we can go looking for some edible food...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, and make sure it'll be good for your stomach.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^ I'll try to find something normal enough...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'll help you. I can even taste test, if you like.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Aww... (((//^ That's so thoughtful... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhy vouldn't I vant to help? ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I know you want to... (((//^ :heart: -He wags a little.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Never forget it. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I never will... (((//^ :heart: -He puts his arm around her.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  Good.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ The sun is starting to go down... :heart: Look at the sky..!

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She look up.- !

:iconjace-hemlock: -The sky is starting to change colors to bright blue, purple, and pink.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oooh...! It's so trippy. Mm... for a lack of better vords.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^ I have to agree... -He snaps a picture of the sight.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I hope zat turns out nice. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I hope so, too... (((_^ It won't be a vivid as the real thing, though... It's like taking a picture of you...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: o//o Mm..? :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's never as lovely as the real thing... X) :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: ! Aww, Jace...
Amber and I have done some various Skype RPs for the current space event, so we thought why not post a few of them? ^_^ We didn't quite finish this one, but we got pretty far, so there may be more to come!

:iconmorgana-vomer: RPed by :iconpowerwing-amber:
:iconjace-hemlock: RPed by :iconrapha-chan:

Jace and Morgana decide to go for a nature walk to see what landscapes this strange planet has to offer, but as usual, they get distracted and spend a lot of time looking at each other instead of the nature! XD;

:iconmorgana-vomer: is © to :iconpowerwing-amber:
Pokemon is © to The Pokemon Company
:iconjace-hemlock: is mine! :heart:
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Buntato Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You both found 10 Star Bits!
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! =)
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
If they got distracted with their new forms, doesn't that make the title not-quite accurate? XD;
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
They still walked in the nature! :meow:
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
I guess, but I'll try to be more descriptive when they have a look around next time.
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So will I ^^ And I'll try to have Jace keep his mind on what he's doing.
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