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:iconjace-hemlock: -Jace is feeling better. He rolls cutely on the bed.- :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She's drinking something.- Vhat are you doing, liebling?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Scratching an itch... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Odd vay of doing zat. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X) There are better ways...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know. But, do you need anyzing?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I need you... X)

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ ! :heart: Mm... anyzing else?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ I'm feeling better... I just need you close...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: All right. -She lies down next to him.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He snuggles into her wing.- X) Now I feel even better than before...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Don't be a big baby, zough.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Aww.. I didn't mean to... I thought I've been pretty good...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You have. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Good... (((_^ I don't want to be annoying...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know, liebling. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He kisses her ear.-  I hope I didn't interrupt you...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I vas just having a drink. But, I zought maybe vee could go out again?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I would like to... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Good. Zere's so much to see and I vas getting zee cabin fever.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Aww... I'm sorry, liebchen... -He buries his face in her shoulder.- Thank you for letting me rest a little...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's fine, Jace. -She kisses his cheek.- :heart: I vant you better.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace:  I'll get myself cleaned up and we can go out... :heart: I would love to see a music store here... I wonder what a space guitar is like... (((_^ What would you like to see..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... I vould like to see museums and more nature. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That sounds like fun, too... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'm glad you zink so. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He kisses her cheek and stretches.- (((_^  I'll get ready...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ooh! I'll be ready too. ^//^ :heart: !

:iconjace-hemlock: -He floats off to get washed up and change.- !

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Morgana's all dressed up in an oldie, but goodie. A starry dress that gets more silver the closer to the floor it is.-

:iconjace-hemlock: -Jace emerges, wearing his usual kind of clothes.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Do you vant a drink before vee go? ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I would like that... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zere's plenty left in zee fridge. ^^ I made it fresh zis morning.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Thank you, love... (((_^ :heart: -He gets himself a drink.- I wonder if they have any super advanced antacids I could get... That might help me...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee can look for some. ^//^  I guess your antacids are all gone?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes.. I kind of went through them quickly... (((//^ :heart: Surely they have highly advanced medicine here, though...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I vouldn't doubt it. :heart: -She kisses his cheek.- You're velcome, by zee vay.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart:! -He drinks.- Shall we shop first.. or go soak up some culture..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee should shop last, so vee von't have much to drag around. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Ah, right... (((_^ So we can go to a museum.. and then take a nature walk..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat sounds like a plan.  ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Alright... (((_^ -He finishes his drink and puts the glass in the sink.- That was so good, liebchen... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ Danke, liebling. Maybe I'm getting zee hang of zis.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: You're welcome (((//^ And hopefully I'm getting more used to it... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: For cooking or eating?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: For both... (((_^ I might be moving a little faster for cooking, though...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You are really good at zat. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Aww, thank you, love... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: It's true, liebling. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's true for you, too...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: Danke, Jace.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He kisses her cheek.- (((//^ We should get going...  I've kept you stuck inside long enough...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -her ears perk up and twitch* All right. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: -He touches the door panel and it vanishes.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'll never get used to zat. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It is strange, but cool... (((_^ -He walks out.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She tries to take his arm.-

:iconjace-hemlock: -He takes her arm and walks with her.- :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Are you excited?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I am... (((_^ I enjoy museums... They're so peaceful... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... you're right about zat. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: What type of museum should we visit..? (((_^ An art museum..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'd love to see some alien artvork. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Alright... (((_^ -He searches on his phone to find a nearby museum.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Did you get a new app to help vith locations?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, I did... (((_^ It should be really helpful.. along with the translator...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'm surprised zese are compatible vith your phone. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I was surprised, too.. but they have the means to convert them so they work... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat's good. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: There's a museum close to us... This city seems to have everything... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Maybe zat's vhy ve're here. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Most likely... (((_^ -He squeezes her hand gently as they walk to the museum. It's a big building with an escalator going up to the entrance.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Already, there's some weird things to see. Odd statues outside of the building and weird colored walls on the outside and in.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Even the building itself is a work of art...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, it's so veird. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's very different.. but I've seen some pretty strange art in our world, too... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, nozing like zis.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: No, these are completely.. umm... alien... (((//^ -There are even holographic artworks and mechanical ones that move.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zey're amazing. =o

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: If this is the art here.. I wonder what their music sounds like... (((.o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... hard to say. Vill vee know vhat zee music is, if vee hear it?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((.o I don't know... That's a good question...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Just keep an ear out... mm... so to speak. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We may have heard some and didn't even realize it... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Perhaps so. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I want to visit a music store later and find out... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Anyzing you vant, liebling. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: The same goes for you... X)

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  Danke. -She doesn't have a tail to wag, so her ears just twitch.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: We have plenty of time to see all the things we want... -He looks at a painting that was done in some kind of shimmery paint. The whole thing shines and the colors shift.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh... it's almost like glitter painting.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes.. this one is very beautiful... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'm pretty sure zat isn't glitter, I'm not sure vhat it is. It's very lovely, ja. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Something like this would look nice in our house... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Meine liebe. =p

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ You don't think so..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I just know you'll say zat for almost every picture. XD

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ For many of them...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Jaaace... ^//^;

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: But I can't buy these... (((//^ They're probably worth millions...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I'm sure zey're not for sale anyvay. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Maybe they have some posters in the gift shop... We could get them framed... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vill zey even match our decor?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We can pick some that do... There are so many...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee need to see more. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: And we will... (((_^ -He keeps walking, looking at all the different art.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Morgana looks at some of the interesting art that looks like eyeballs, swirls of shadows walking and other strange things.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He looks at those, too.- Ooh, I love that shadowy one...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, but it's hard to tell vhere zee horizon is. Mm... assuming zere is one.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Hmm... I think it's abstract.. maybe..? -He tilts his head a little.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I believe so. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I just like how the shadows move and swirl.. even though it's a painting... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... ja, it's really interesting. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: These artworks feel inspiring... I want to use that inspiration for a song... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat kind of song?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'm not sure what will emerge from my feelings... Something ethereal, perhaps... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Much different from zee darker undertones you used to do.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I must write from my heart.. and my heart doesn't feel that way anymore...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: Aww...

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: I hope my music may inspire others, too...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I feel like it does when you play it in public.  ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He wags his wispy tail.- (((//^ :heart: Thank you, liebchen... I'm happy you think so...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know it tends to inspire me. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: That's probably the best compliment I could get for my music...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Probably?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It is the best... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  Aww...

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He holds her hand.- :heart: You are my number one inspiration... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^  ! You flatter me, meine liebe. -She squeezes his hand lovingly.-

:iconjace-hemlock: -Jace floats happily as they go through a room of various sculptures. Some are abstract and some are recognizable as certain species.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Oh, zese are interesting too.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, very... (((_^ Isn't it strange how there are some pokemon here that we know of.. but some we've never seen before..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat might be zee strangest zing... familiar pokemon.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Perhaps some species came to our world long ago.. or left it...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Is zat creepy?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I find it more thought-provoking than anything... (((.o

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Just vondering. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^ I would like to know how it happened...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You vould need to ask zee artist. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I was thinking more of the history of these pokemon.. and if they traveled to our world or if they came from it originally... I wonder if they even know anymore...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee could check zee library, if zey have one.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, that's a good idea... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, one zing at a time, meine little sponge. ^^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^  Am I absorbing too much information..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I don't zink so, but you'll vant to not overload yourself. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'm just so curious about this place... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know you are, meine liebe. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Maybe I can download info on my phone to read later... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know, liebling. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He stands in front of a painting of a darkrai.- Does this look familiar..? (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... it does. ^^ I remember I dressed up like zat once. =p

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He laughs softly.- Oh, you did..? (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat's right. ^^ I might have danced vith one too.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: You did..? (((.o When was that..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I never told you? O.O

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I don't think so... (((.o I don't remember that...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She frowns and gives Jace a hug so he won't be upset. A pre-emp hug, if you will.- I'm sorry. I could have svorn I did.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He perks up and hugs back.-  It must have been before we met...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: :heart: Ja, it vas. It vas during meine first year at zee school. Zee darkrai came around on Halloveen and danced vith some students.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I see... But now you realize that we will have to dance... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vee dance a lot. :heart: ^//^ -Her ears twitch.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: We must dance while I'm a darkrai... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You vant to compare? Fufufu... :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat seems unfair. ^//^ :heart: You already know who is better.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I do..? (((//^  -He wags.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: You better. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Okay, liebchen... (((//^ :heart: But I still want to dance with you...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I vould love zat.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: X) We will dance later, then... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: All right. X)

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^ :heart: I'd rather look at this, myself... -He sees a painting of a Lunala in front of the two moons.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zan dance?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: No, no... I prefer it over the darkrai... (((//^  Dancing with you tops them all...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: ^//^ :heart: Aww...

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ Is there anything else you wish to see here..?

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I vant to see everyzing. ^//^ -Her wings open a little.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Of course... (((_^ :heart: -He wants to get folded in her wings.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She kisses his cheek.-  Let's go to zee next floor.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Alright... (((//^ :heart:! -He puts his arm around her and gets on an anti-gravity elevator platform that takes them up.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ooh...!  -She feels strange from the anti-gravity.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: :heart: (((//^ Oh.. that made my stomach feel weird...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Not bad, I hope.  -She sneaks and touches his belly.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ ! No.. it was only a brief feeling...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Okay. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Hmm.. what is on the second floor..? (((//^ -He floats beside her.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: More art, of course. Zey seem to be more on zee energy and electronic side, it seems.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Ooh..! (((_^ Look at this holographic model of this planet's solar system...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ooh... o o You zink it's accurate?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^ I think so... I looks realistic...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Very much so. ^^ It's lovely.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((_^ I wonder how far we travelled...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... let's see. -She puts her finger on where they started.-

:iconjace-hemlock: -The model zooms in on their home planet.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: o o !! Oh... but I vasn't pointing zere. How did it know?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'm not sure... (((.o The technology is so advanced... I wonder if we can see our house...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zey better not be tracking me. ^//^; I vant our house to be private.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^; I don't think it zooms in that close...

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She tries to find her way from their planet to the one they're on now.-

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's so far... (((.o We must have been travelling so quickly...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I don't even remember going anyvhere.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's a little frightening to think about...

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She twists her ears towards him.- !

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((.o I mean.. They just took us.. just like that...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana:  I know. >.<

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -He noses her cheek quickly.-  It's amazing.. but a little scary...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I feel like vee vere kidnapped a little. -Her ears perk.- :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace:  I believe we were... I'm glad we're together, though...

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She wraps her wings around Jace protectively and makes angry bat sounds.-

:iconjace-hemlock: -He snuggles a little and nuzzles to calm her.- :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: -Her angry noises change to happier ones.-  !

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ :heart: We're safe as long as we're together...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zis is true.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I'm certain they'll return us to our world... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I know, but just zink... once ve're done vith school, vee von't need to vorry about zat anymore.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes.. but we'll also have all these experiences... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ve've had so much, I vouldn't mind a little normalcy for zee rest of meine life.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, that would be nice... X)

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: But, ve'll still keep our pets. :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Of course... (((_^  They're happy to be with us...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ve'll need to keep some a secret from zee public.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, we'll protect them... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: -She smiles.-  Mm... vee got a bit distracted.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: -His heart flutters.- (((//^ Again... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I felt zat.  Heard it too. ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: (((//^ You did that to me... :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Vhat did I do? ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: You smiled at me... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I alvays smile at you.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: And it always makes my heart go crazy... (((//^ :heart:

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Alvays, mm?  ^//^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Every time... (((//^ :heart: -He holds her hand and walks.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: -She holds his hand and smiles, albeit forgetting to play around with the holograph some more. Oh well!-

:iconjace-hemlock: -His heart flutters again and he floats up without realizing.-

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Stay vith me, liebling. ^//^ :heart:

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Oops... (((//^  -He floats back down.- Look at some of these old machines... Even the old ones look advanced to me...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: I don't even know vhat zey're for. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Umm... I can't tell, either.. but they look impressive... (((//^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zey are, ja. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It's strange to think they were once at our level.. and someday we'll have tech like this... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Or maybe our technology might be nozing like zis.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: That's true... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Look at zese floating screens. Zey look like pieces of paper.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: And now they have those holographic screens that you can touch... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Ja, but nozing like zis. ^^

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I mean those floating displays they have here.. that are just projected in the air... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Mm... I guess so. But, I do vonder how zis is art.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I think it's more like history... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: So, it's an art and history museum?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: Yes, I think so... (((_^

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zat, I didn't know.

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: I wasn't sure... It's hard to read the signs...

:iconmorgana-vomer: Morgana: Zee translator didn't help?

:iconjace-hemlock: Jace: It does, but I didn't use it on the sign outside... (((//^
Amber and I have done some various Skype RPs for the current space event, so we thought why not post a few of them? ^_^ We didn't quite finish this one, but it's pretty long, anyway!

:iconmorgana-vomer: RPed by :iconpowerwing-amber:
:iconjace-hemlock: RPed by :iconrapha-chan:

For the last of our space RPs, Jace and Morgana visit an alien museum to learn about the local art and history of this new planet ^^

:iconmorgana-vomer: is © to :iconpowerwing-amber:
Pokemon is © to The Pokemon Company
:iconjace-hemlock: is mine! :heart:
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